Cartoon Network Speedway Cheats

Cartoon Network Speedway cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see GameShark Codes for more Cartoon Network Speedway cheat codes.


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Character/ Level passwords
Enter this in the password screen on the main menu.
UnlockableHow to unlock
12761357Farm Frolics
25731079Down on the Farm
52681314Johnny 2x4
68851752Scary Speedway
81821475Desert Drive
81821475Little Suzy
84891097Hot Rod Johnny
98761719Alpine Antics


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Best Racer
Courage is the best racer. He has the best speed, grip, and lowest weight.
Quick Start
When START apears during a race, press A+UP.
Unlockable Characters
To unlock the following characters, complete the following:

Johnny 2x4- Complete Easy Tracks 1&2 challenge
Little Suzy- Complete Medium Tracks 3&4 challenge
Muriel- Complete Easy Tracks 3&4 challenge
Red Guy- Complete Hard Tracks 1&2 challenge
Supercow- Complete Hard Tracks 1&2 challenge
Swanky- Complete Medium Tracks 1&2 challenge

Unlockable PowerUps
To unlock the following powerup, complete the following:

Custard Pie Mine x3- Come in first it The ACME Axel Award

Homing Wiener x3- Get over 40,000 point ratings on The Fender Bender Frenzy

Leader Missile- Come in first in The Manic Motorway

Magnetizor- Come in first in Kartoon Krunch Challenge

Mr. Kevins Tonic- Come in first in The Fender Bender Frenzy

Phase Out- Come in first in The Cartoon Speedway

Rocket Fuel x3- Get over 20,000 point ratings on The Cartoon Speedway

Thermo Bomb- Get over 60,000 point ratings on Kartoon Krunch Challenge

Tornado Missile- Get over 50,000 point ratings on The Manic Motorway

Wiener Missile x3- Get over 30,000 point ratings on The ACME Axel
Unlockable Tracks
To unlock the following track, complete the following:

Desert Drive- Gain 14,000 points on Hot Rod Johnny Challenge

Down on the Farm- Gain 7,000 points on Edopolis Challenge

Edopolis- Gain 6,000 points on Bravo Burbs Challenge

Farm Frolics- Gain 8,000 points on Down on the Farm Challenge

Hot Rod Johnny- Gain 12,000 points on Alpine Antics Challenge

Movie Mayhem- Gain 18,000 points on Scary Speedway Challenge

Scary Speedway- Gain 16,000 points on Desert Drive Challenge

Alpine Antics- Gain 10,000 points on Farm Frolics Challenge

Construction Derby- Gain 20,000 points on Movie Mayhem Challenge
Unlockable Trophies
To unlock the following trophies, complete the following:

ACME Axel Award- Place in the top 3 in The ACME Axel Award

Cartoon Speedway- Place in the top 3 in The Cartoon Speedway

Kartoon Krunch Challenge- Place in the top 3 in The Kartoon Krunch Challenge

Manic Motorway- Place in the top 3 in The Manic Motorway


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Unlock All Bonuses
Enter 96981951 at the start screen.
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