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Carnivores 2 Cheats

Debug mode
During game play, type debugup and at the top left screen it will say "debug mode on". When debug mode is enabled, dinosaurs can't see you until you shoot at them.

In Debug mode, you can use the following cheats:

display frame rate[shift]+T
full map[tab]
run faster[ctrl]
slow mo[shift]+s
super jumps[ctrl]+n
toggle fog[shift]+f
flight mode[shift]+l
toggle 3d mode(turns thetrees on and off)[shift]+m

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Easy Way to Kill T-Rex
Enable the "Debug mode" code. Get a T-Rex to follow you into deep water (shoot at him and hold [Ctrl]). While holding [Space], take out your gun. The T-Rex cannot kill you in deep water.
submitted by TJ madman


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Rapid Fire
if you hold down the home key you get rapid fire.


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Debug mode
Type in debugup and you can hit one of the 2 ctrl buttons on the keyboard fro superspeed which can give super jumps and goes with the fly cheat,and you cannnot drown underwater.
Hit shift and F and you will begin to fly
No trees
Hit shift + M and the trees will dissappear.
Slow motion
Hit Shift and S at the same time and it slows everything down.