Carnival Island Trophies

Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Any Way (Bronze)Play one Party Time multiplayer game.
Bird Watcher (Bronze)Wake up all Bird Pets.
Extinction Distinction (Bronze)Wake up all Extinct and Mythological Pets.
Funky Trunks (Bronze)Wake up the Baby Mammoth and the Elephant.
Magic Mirror (Bronze)Magic Mirror completely unlocked!
Midway Tour (Bronze)Play each of the seven basic Carnival games.
My Way (Bronze)Play one Pick and Play multiplayer game.
Restoration (Bronze)First Carnival building fully restored!
Seaside Set (Bronze)Wake up the Goldfish, the Jellyfish and the Lake Monster.
Up And Comer (Bronze)First challenge complete!
Animal Friend (Silver)All pets woken up!
Boardwalk Reopened! (Silver)All buildings reopened in Boardwalk!
Chotchkies! (Silver)All souvenirs won!
Every Way (Silver)Play one of every multiplayer game.
Ferris Park Reopened! (Silver)All buildings reopened in Ferris Park!
Gossip Hound (Silver)Listen to all the gossip Granny and the Carnies know.
Pass It (Silver)Play 10 pass-the-motion controller multiplayer games.
Shell Beach Reopened! (Silver)All buildings reopened in Shell Beach!
Side-By-Side (Silver)Play 10 Side-by-Side multiplayer games.
Tree House Way Reopened! (Silver)All buildings reopened in Tree House Way!
Carnival Master (Platinum)All Trophies Won!
Secret Trophies-
All Wet (Bronze)Use the Dancing Fountains.
Cannon-Aid (Bronze)Use the Confetti Cannon.
Engage! (Bronze)Get the Carnival moving again!
Fly the Flags (Bronze)Raise the Carnival's banners!
Flying Champion (Bronze)Use the Bubble Flyer.
The Way Home (Bronze)Restore the Lighthouse and bring the Carnival home.
Up and Away (Bronze)Launch the Carnival into the air!
Balloon Boon (Silver)Buy one of each kind of balloon from the Balloon Vendor.
Casual Challenges (Silver)All Casual Challenges defeated!
Film Roll (Silver)Save 36 images from the Magic Mirror!
Hero Challenges (Silver)All Carnival Hero Challenges defeated!
Boardwalk Master (Gold)All challenges beat in Boardwalk!
Ferris Park Master (Gold)All challenges beat in Ferris Park!
Shell Beach Master (Gold)All challenges beat in Shell Beach!
Tree House Way Master (Gold)All challenges beat in Tree House Way!