Carnival Games Cheats

Carnival Games cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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hide n seek
hiding little prizes. one player( carnival games )
UnlockableHow to unlock
gogglespush A on the gopher popping out of his hole in rodent row.(sometimes he doesnt come out)
monkey(s) hatpush A on the monkey in fortune way(in a barrel next to the fortune teller)(sometimes isnt there)
winner sashpush A on the bird on top of the push a prize game in luck pass. (mostly isnt there)
zapperpush A on the UFO flying around the top of the screen in claw alley(mostly there)
i have no idea yetpush A on the female monkey on top of the love o meter in love lane (mostly there)
joker hatpop all of the green baloons in baloon darts (love lane)
Monkey Maskpush A on the female monkey on top of the love-o-meter in love lane
army hatwhile playing pigskin pass, throw the ball at the army hat on the ground[rodent row]


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Always win Bowler Coaster!
There is an exact number of flicks of the wrist to get the ball in the zone every time!! On the first round count evenly 6 flicks of your remote... for round 2 flick 7 times...and for the final nearly impossible looking one, count evenly to 16! Thats it, you will win every time as long as you dont do it too fast or count to fast, but once you get the rhythym down, i promise those numbers work!
More random tips...
On lucky pass, the push a prize game can actually be pretty rewarding if done correctly. When the little opening scene begins, you can clearly see what is actually in the machine for you to work with, green coins are worth 10 tickets and red are only worth 3, there is also a bonus gold coin in there, but silver get you nothing. So look for lots of color (namely green) and more so on the bottom layers, and only drop coins when there is space behind the others so they wont stack up!


On Kapow in Claw Alley, its kind of weird but since you are standing to the left of the clowns, if you barely hit on the right side of the clown it will not work, but almost to the hair on their left it will work and more likely to hit the clown beside it to get two in one shot!! This is not guaranteed but sometimes it helps.


When you unlock super ring toss, do not move from the starting position at all, just be patient and wait for the bottles to cluster together right in front of you and lightly throw the giant ring around as many as possible. I have scored nearly 900 points with this!!!

Please don't be mad if these all don't work for you, if you work at them based on these hints I know you'll get the hang of it like i did!! Good luck and have fun at the Carnival!!! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Rack up the points on Collection Plate!
Aim for the plates closest to you and throw gently, and you'll eventually get the hang of it. This technique is great when you're trying to rack up the prizes.
Secret game prizes
In Dunk Tank, throw the ball at the sombrero in the top back, you can now wear it (this might work with the scuba gear down there, but I'm not sure). In Nerves o' Steel, the yellow sphere on the left will have an electric charge, but not the right. Press 'A' on the right and you'll get something, can't remember what. MORE COMING SOON (possibly)
Test Your Strength Tip
When building up the meter on the "Test Your Strength" game, try moving the wii remote in a circle formation. Do quick circles, and the meter will go up faster.
Unlock Army Helmet in Pigskin Pass
At the bottom of the screen in Pigskin Pass, there is an army helmet. Hit it and you can wear it.
View the Credits
When your at the main selection screen (where you chose between single player and multiplayer) click on the word "Games" above the Ringmaster's head.


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secret clothing
if you hit all three green ballons in ballon darts you get a prize(can't remember what) In the star shotting game shoot the cowboy hat to win it and in the dunk tank hit the sombraro and scuba gear to win that. For the super games if you get a highscore you win a new piece of clothing.
Some cheats and counting glitch
GLITCH: When the narrator is counting off a game, pause it and he'll continue counting, but when you un-pause it, the numbers will still count down. For example, if the narrator had just said '2' and '2' was on the T.V., pause it, and he'll say '1, GO!' when it's paused, but, when you unpause it the text will have yet to change from '2'.

In every place (Lucky Pass, Fortune Way, ect.) there will be things you can press 'A' on and will unlock something (normally a piece of clothing).

Lucky Pass: Bird - On top of the Push a Prize game
Fortune Way: Monkey - Inside a barrel beside the fortune teller.
Love Lane: (female) Monkey - On top of the Meter o' Love.
Rodent Row: Gopher - Burrows in front of the Going Nuts game.
Claw Alley: UFO - Fly's above every thing else.
NOTE: These things will not be there perpetually, they come at random.

Super Games: To get a super game (Super Day at the Races, Super Baloon Darts, Super Spilled Milk, and some more I haven't gotten), keep playing one game (you'll know it's the right one because there'll be a question mark under it), until you get the big prize from that game. So if I kept playing Day at the Races until I got the big prize, I would get Super Day at the Races.

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