Car Battler Joe review
Destruction derby RPG?

The good:

-You customize cars of destruction and go around blowing up stuff.

The bad:

-The only thing you do is customize cars of destruction and go around blowing up stuff.


Alright. I personally love this game.

Great graphics, great sound, etc. The more enemies you destroy in your "Gun Vehicle," the more experience points, just like an RPG and you level up. Fighting bosses is fun and upgrading your garage is a plus, along with being able to build tons of different cars and outifit them with crazy powerful weapons.

However, the game is relatively short. I beat this game in two days. No RPG should ever be that short. You can also take driver's license tests for different rankings, and I got the highest ranking on my second try. You will also reach Lvl. 99 in an incredibly short amount of time and will spend most of your time collecting cargo to upgrade your garage. Towards the end, you will gain levels exponentially and the bosses will just die in the blink of an eye. It took me less than 10s to defeat the last boss's final form.

Sum Up: Really easy; Ridiculously fun! Overall, despite the bashing I gave it, I still love this game and the thought of building tons of different cars will keep you playing this game long after you've beaten it. I highly recommend this for any fans of Vigilante 8 and RPGs.

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