Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001 User Reviews


Capcom vs. SNK 2

The good:

- Awesome fighting game
- Nice, fun gameplay
- Lots of characters
- Tons of grooves to use
- Fun even in single-player mode
- 2D game with 3D backgrounds

The bad:

- Not much new from the last game
- Some characters are favored, and stronger
- Can get too hard at times, making it hard for younger players


Capcom vs SNK 2 is instantly one of my favorite fighting games. As you can see before, it has a lot of different characters, nice gameplay, there are some cool looking graphics because of the 3D environments, and just downright fun gameplay.

Now although there are all those great things, we also found those great things in the regular one. That kinda brings down the entire game because instead of going out and buying this one, you could have easily bought the regular one for a cheaper price and be happy with that. Although, it does seem like its a better game because of the grooves that you...


Good game. Not as good as Marvel vs. Capcom 2 but still good.

The good:

It's a Capcom/SNK crossover fighting game.

Some unlockable characters.

A good variety of difficulty levels to choose from.

Big character roster

Changing costume color feature

The stages have nice backgrounds.

The bad:

Shin Akuma (Although not as cheap as he is in Street Fighter Alpha 3) and Ultimate Rougal are just too cheap (The computer version uses it's teleport to much and their moves do too much damage)

Some super combos are too hard to do.


Difficulty: Medium

Good game it's nice to have a Capcom/SNK crossover. Although most of the Capcom characters are Street Fighter character while most SNK character are King of Fighters characters. And their's only like 1 or 2 Dark Stalkers character in this game. Shin Akuma and Ultimate Rougal are cheap and may give you alot of trouble. The stages have nice backgrounds because theirs moving stuff in the backgrounds unlike in most 2D fighting games

Do you like Capcom or SNK fight game? Like crossover games? Then this is the game for you. This is probably the 2nd best 2D fighting game on the Pl...


Fast and frantic... just nothing new

The good:

Devastating special moves and attacks.
Jaw dropping graphical effects.
Massive range of varied characters from the SNK and Capcom games.
Different grooves affect how your character performs in battle.

The bad:

No new characters.
Not many arenas.
The characters are very unbalanced. Some characters are too unfair for words (Shin Akuma can kill you with as little as three blows).
Boss Mode is a neat idea, but is poorly executed.
The plot is very unclear and wastes arcade mode.


Now I may be being overly critical with this game, but I was very disappointed with it. Firstly, It adds nothing new to 2D beat-em-ups. Games like Mortal Kombat are constantly adding new features, and game modes. However the "Capcom vs... series seems to be doing the absolute minimum in terms of game modes and features.
Second, this is too hard unless you play it on the lowest game setting. There are some characters you fight near the end, like Shin Akuma, that can pound you into the ground again and again. Fights against these characters usually revolve around abusing a combo, and hoping th...


capcom vs snk 2

The good:

well first off the game is one of the fastest beat em ups ever secondly the game had over 40 characters and thirdly it kicks ass but this is not what makes the game so good its the fact that it has a brillaint 2d animation combined with a 3d background with this effect the game looks brillaint even on next gen consoles

The bad:

it is a hard game for newbies of the capcom vs snk games. if you are a newbie to this type of fighting game it is very hard to do the SUPER COMBOS as people who are used to the street fighter games will be able to pull them off with ease


i got this game for £20 which is a definent bargain the game has lots of features and u can make your favourite character look like spiderman the hulk god etc etc

The game is one of the best beat em ups on any console and if you do get the game cheap you are getting value for your money


This game rocks

The good:

well let's see.... There are many many characters. And this time there aren't many unpopular ones. Now there are those long awaited characters like Yun or Eagle. And on top of that, there are many grooves to choose from. So you can customize your battling. A very good party game and a good single player game also.

The bad:

some character sprites look completely horrible. Especially Morrigan. UGH!!


This game is mainly for the 2-d fans. Other people will just see this as another low-rate fighting game. Which is completely untrue!! If you want to try it out, at least give it a rent. It surely deserves it. And even if you're unfamilliar with, SNK, you don't have to use them. You can always go for the classics like Ken or Akuma or Guile, hell, you can even learn to use the SNK characters. Just don't run into me at the arcades....


Best Fighting Game Ever

The good:

Lost of charecters to choose from, a lot of modes!

The bad:

Some of the graphics are a bit old school. Nothing real bad.


This game is my most favorite Fighting Game since the Street Fighter 2 Series for Super Nintendo, lots of modes, good gameplay, and lots of charecters and different fighting styles! I love this game. If your looking for a fighting game or a great multiplayer game to play with your friends, SNK vs. Capcom 2 is the game for you!

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