Capcom Fighting Evolution review
More a fighting Devolution than Evolution

The good:

Over 20 playable Capcom characters from 5 classic Capcom fighting titles. Online gameplay available via Xbox Live.

The bad:

Many really good and popular characters were left out. Outdated graphics. Complex gameplay.


The latest in a seemingly endless barrage of Capcom fighting games released recently, Capcom Fighting Evolution goes in a slightly different direction: This title boasts over 20 fighters from 5 Capcom fighting game series: Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter 3, Street Fighter Alpha, Darkstalkers (aka Night Warriors), and Red Earth-a fighter previously unreleased in the U.S. You can mix and match any combination of 2 characters each with their original unique fighting styles.
The graphics look very poor and outdated. While some of the characters look fairly decent, overall they really have not much more than a 32-bit feel to them, lacking details and looking too blurry or rough-edged. The backgrounds look dull and uninspired, with no real interaction. Sounds are hit-and-miss; While the character voices are generally very good and the sound effects haven't changed much, the music is not very good and the announcer's voice is slightly off. When a match goes to a final round it's so slow that at some points it gets cut off mid-word. The controls are fairly reaponsive if you're using an Xbox controller, but you're probably better off trying to find an arcade stick-type controller for better reliability. You can use both the thumbstick and the D-Pad, whichever is more comfortable. Gameplay is another big disappointment here: It is billed as being 2-on-2 battles but unfortunately it is not a "tag battle" system like in Capcom's Vs. fighting games. You can only switch your fighters between rounds, and even then you don't have to-logically you could just use one fighter and pick another simply because you have to. This takes a ton of replay value and playability out of the game. It's nice that each fighter has their own system, but generally this is limited to how you do Super Combo attacks and the type of gauge used-you do not get to choose. Additionally, the 4 fighters for each game are generally one really good character (like Ryu from SF2), one popular character, and two crappy characters-many notables like Ken, Akuma, Morrigan, and other great and popular characters were omitted, a serious mistake on Capcom's part. Being able to play on Xbox Live is nice but if your connection speed isn't fast enough there will be problems with lag time and dropped connections mid-game.
Basically this game is more deceptive advertising than anything else based on the title-it looks like a good formula but the gameplay really fails to live up to the hype and the graphics look more like a PS 1 or N64 game than one for a next-gen console. Only fans who must have every Capcom fighting game made should check this one out, and even then wait until it reaches the bargain bins-and even then rent this one first to see if it's worth your money. Don't go out now and waste $40 or more on this because you will be severely disappointed.

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