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: : : : Canary: Kono Omoi wo Uta ni nosete (Import) Concise Guide

Canary: Kono Omoi wo Uta ni nosete (Import) Concise Guide

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This walkthrough was originally written for Canary: Kono Omoi wo Uta ni nosete (Import) on the PC, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the DC version of the game.
     Canary -Kono omoi wo uta ni nosete- (Dreamcast, Windows)
     Concise Guide (Version 1.0 - Text Version)

     Current Update: Saturday, 18 September 2004
     Previous Update: Sunday, 5 September 2004
     Created: Saturday, 28 July 2001

     By Don "Gamera" Chan (crs1219@h_tmail.c_m)

     Note: This FAQ is based on the Windows version of
     Canary -Kono omoi wo uta ni nosete-, not the Dreamcast
     FYI, I don't have a Dreamcast.

     "anata ni sunao ni narenakute..."
     - Canary -Kono omoi wo uta ni nosete- for Dreamcast
       (NEIC, 2001.08.23)

1.   Acknowledgements
2.   Nutrition Information
2.1    1st Impression
2.2    2nd Impression
3.   Links
4.   Solution
4.1    1st Play (Saeki Ayana)

"Setsunasa!" (*1)

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     Title:    Canary -Kono omoi wo uta ni nosete-
               (KANARIA -Kono omoi wo uta ni nosete-)
     Genre:    Renai adventure (18 kin)
     Rating:   Adult Only (Windows), non-adult (Dreamcast)
     OS:       Windows 95J/98J, Dreamcast
     Maker:    FrontWing
               NEC Interchannel
     On Sale:  4 August 2000 (Windows), 23 August 2001 (Dreamcast)

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