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Fun for a short time


It's going to be very hard to write a long review for such a small game.

Calling All Cars is a fun, hectic and fast paced game guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The principal is simple.
An escaped convict is on the run and it's your job to get to him before the other cars and bring him back to jail to score points while being chased by the other cars on the same warpath.
Sounds easy? It kinda is.
In the single player game each of the 5 maps starts out with a little cut scene showing a criminal on the run. When the gameplay resumes it's a mad dash to traverse the map to get to him first. Once you hit him with your car he bounces into the air and falls into your car. Now the race is on to get him back to jail as fast as you can while avoiding the other players. If another player rams your car the criminal bounces out of your car and into their car.

To win you need to score more points then the other players. Points can be earned by bringing the fugitive back to jail. However you can get more points if you choose the more difficult jail. For example you get 1 point if you just deliver the fugitive to the local jail house. You'll get 2 points if you jump a ramp and deliver him at the more hard to reach jail. 3 points for delivering him to the even more difficult to reach jail.
Some levels have special drop-off points such as a Paddy Wagon and Helicopter which give you 5 points.
The Paddy Wagon is simply a case of driving into the back of the van and for the helicopter you need to drive under the winch for a few seconds to get the score.

This game is made by the creators of Twisted Metal so of course the cars all have weapons by picking up power-ups. Unfortunatly though all the cars use the same 3 weapons.
Hammer: A giant hammer appears on top of your car, when you get close to another car you can hit them with the hammer stealing the criminal from them in the process.
Magnet: A giant magnet appears on the front bumper, you can steal the criminal from an opponent by using the magnet at a short distance away.
Rocket: A rocket appears on the front bumper. Shoot it at an opponent to cause the criminal to fall out of their car.

Unfortunatly you can only have 1 weapon at a time. If you use it you have nothing to replace it. Driving over a pick up also replaces your current weapon.

Like most games these days there is of course a Multi Player game present. This can be 4 Player split screen if you happen to have 4 controllers or you can take it online for some multi player mayhem with players from around the globe. Calling All Cars is the first game on the PS3 to feature Split Screen online so you and a friend can challenge other players to a battle using splitscreen.

The graphics are nothing special but they suit the game well. They are cell shaded and really add to the quirky personality of the game.

The sound is also nothing spectacular. The criminal have the cliche criminal dialogue and the cars sound as they should.

The replay value is pretty bad. You can complete the single player mode within an hour and apart from unlocking more cars that simply look different but feel the exact same there is no real reason to play through it again. Unless you simply enjoy playing it.

Calling All Cars is great for a quick play with some mates or for some light gaming after playing something intense like Warhawk.
It's definitely not going to eat away at your free time though.

All in all this is great fun game in short bursts.

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