[edit] Background

Call of Juarez is a first person shooter game set in a fictional Wild West. The two protagonists are Billy and his Ungle Ray. Billy discovers that his mother and stepfather had been murdered with the words “Call of Juarez” written on the wall in blood. Billy is also known as Juarez and must fight for his life as he seeks out the real killer who slaughtered his family, all the while his Uncle Ray believes that Billy is responsible.

It was developed by Techland and published by Focus Home Interactive and Ubisoft for the Windows PC in 2006, it was then published by Ubisoft for the Xbox 360 in 2007.

[edit] Gameplay

The player controls two alternating main characters who are both seeking the same thing; Billy and Ray both have different gameplay styles and different abilities to reflect this. Billy is stealth-based whereas Ray has more shooter based levels ,while the gameplay style is different, both characters use almost identical controls and HUDs. Billy also wields guns however, Ray uses more of a shooter-up style as opposed to Billy's stealthy approach. Billy is able to hide himself in shadows and bushes to sneak up on enemies; he is also able to hide again when detected, in order to escape permanent detection from the enemy.

The weapons in the game can be used by both characters; they include rifles and shotguns, they can both throw dynamite and start fires with oil lamps. While both characters can fight in melee combat, Ray can also throw items at enemies to use them as melee weapons. Ray is able to enter concentration mode, this causes the game to move into slow motion and allows the player to target enemies while they remain motionless.

Both characters can ride horses to travel around the game and the player can engage in combat also from horseback by shooting enemies. The horse can also be made to gallop at the expense of fatiguing the horse.

There is a multiplayer mode which can be played online or through a LAN connection; there are several gamemodes which specific rules such as team deathmatch modes and also modes similar to capture the flag. There are “Famous Events” which are based on real-life events and robberies.

[edit] Features

Two characters – Fight through the story to discover the killer with two unique characters

Stealth – Use Billy to sneak up on the enemy and to take them down

Shooter-up – Play as Ray and blast through enemies

Variety of weapons – Kill enemies with guns, dynamite and fire

Multiplayer – Compete with other players online across several gamemodes

[edit] Players liked:

  • Entertaining story
  • Decent replay value
  • Good gameplay mechanics

[edit] Players didn't like:

  • Short story
  • Linear skill system
  • Small open world

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