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I think that they did it right!


When I learned that the new Call of Duty game on the DS had Wi-Fi, I became very interested in picking up the new game. Well release day came, and I picked it up. Let's see what we have here.

Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare was released on the Nintendo DS one year prior to this title, Call of Duty: World at War. The game was fun, but very limited. It had a fun-filled campaign, but no online multiplayer, which would have made the game amazing. Without Wi-Fi, and a lacking multi-card multiplayer, Call of Duty 4 was not the best start for a name like Call of Duty on the DS. However, one year later, Activison tried to turn it around with Call of Duty: World at War.

First Looks

When I picked up the game, I was greeted by a very welcoming box. The graphic on the cover was pretty awesome looking, and it made the game look cool. However, the cover isn't what I am reviewing, so let's move on.
The menu screen looks improved over Modern Warfare with a few new features over the Single Player and Multiplayer tabs. World at War gave us some awesome new features to the game. They are, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, which brings the game online, and War Room. War Room is basically your extras page. They threw everything like the options and credits and put it here. I guess War Room is just a fancy name for it. A big part of the War Room is your Statistics page. I find this superior over any DS ranking system that I have seen so far. There is a single player statistics page, multiplayer statistics page, and Award Stars. If you are familiar with the achievement system on the Xbox 360, this is basically it. That is an awesome addition to the Call of Duty series in my opinion.

Single Player

Instead of a simple campaign mission, World at War gives us three single player options to play. There is Campaign, Quickplay, and Challenge.


World at War's Campaign has more to offer than Modern Warfare's. There are three separate campaigns that you are able to complete. There are also three difficulties to choose. They are Easy, Normal, and Hard. Each Campaign allows you to take the role of a soldier in a fighting country during World War II. There are 26 different missions in Campaign, so you will definitely be kept busy here. Thrown into your missions are little "minigames" so to say, where you have to accomplish certain small tasks like defusing a bomb. Honestly, they are more of a hassle then fun, and can take numerous tries to successfully beat.


This is mode is basically for people who would like to replay a mission. In Campaign if you finish a mission, you move on. If you want to replay it, you must start your game over. So this a nice addition, and can make for hefty speed runs, and just replaying the fun missions.


This is one of my favorite game modes. Here you move through a list of difficult scenarios to gain Awards, and to just be challenged. For example, the first scenario is to get 20 kills in three minutes. On my first attempt, I failed. These missions can be quite challenging, hence the name.


The biggest difference between Modern Warfare and World at War is that World at War has online multiplayer. An online multiplayer match can host up to four players with multiple different modes of battle. They are split into two categories. Free for All, and Team Games. Each category has three modes. You can play Death Match, Hunter/Prey, and Capture the Flag. Hopefully you are familiar with Death Match, and Capture the Flag. However, you are probably puzzled by the Hunter/Prey game type. It is similar to Capture the Flag in a way. At the beginning of the match, a flag is placed at the center of the arena. Your goal is to get ahold of the flag first. The holder of the flag gains a point for every second the flag is in their possession. If they are killed, the killer automatically gets the flag, and their timer begins running. Whoever reaches the Score Limit first wins the game. The default time is set at 100 seconds. It is a pretty fun game type. I really like it.
The Wi-Fi in this game is nothing short of amazing. If you have ever played Metroid Prime: Hunters, you probably remember how laggy the game was, but this game is completely different. I have yet to experience a laggy game on Wi-Fi. I am loving it.
My only problem with this multiplayer is the friend matches. To actually play with your friends, you need to search for them to be online. You can't just look for an available game and click join. I'm not sure what Activison was thinking here, but this was not a good idea, at all.


If you compare this game to Metroid Prime: Hunters, the graphics aren't very good, but they are decent. You can play the game, and that is all that matters, right? If you are that crucial about graphics, go buy an Xbox 360.


The sound in Word at War is pretty impressive. Everything is very crisp, and the gun shots sound real. The explosions sound real. It's great. The sound in this game definitely prevails.


-The game has online multiplayer via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
-There are three action-packed Campaigns that span over 26 missions.
-The sound quality is great.
-There is an online stats system.


-The friend matches are way too complicated and difficult to arrange.
-The minigames are more annoying than fun.


Should you buy this game? If you are looking for a thrilling and action-packed shooter on the DS, I think that this is your best bet. You will be playing this game for a long time, with everything that there is to do.

Campaign: 8/10
Multiplayer: 9/10
Graphics: 7/10

Call of Duty: World at War receives an 8/10

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Synyster Feb 1, 09
Is the Zombies mode included?
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Frost Feb 1, 09
No, not on the Nintendo DS. However, Nazi Zombies is included on the Xbox 360, and PS3 versions of the game.
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