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Call of Duty: World at war

The good:

The Russians were my favorite group to fight as. We all know they were the country that truly defeated Hitler.

I loved nazi zombies. It was really cool but, kinda creepy.It was okay if you were playing it on multiplayer, but just downright creepy alone.

I liked the fact that there were so many nazis and a lot less Russians fighting them and they were still able to push threw there lines and defeat them. that is real funny in my opinion.

I loved that you got to use bayonets to stab the crap out of the Japenese soldiers cause I rushed them a lot. I liked the flamethrowers and the fact that you never run out of mm for them, especially love the ones on the tanks for close range.

The bad:

I didn't really like the mission "Blood and Iron" where your operating the tanks because you die way to easy for being in a tank.

For some weird reason a couple of the marine missions were really short. And I really don't like short missions cause it doesn't really have a lot of action and objectives in them.

I wish you could have used the swords that the Japanese used. I mean it isn't that important but it would have still been pretty darn awesome.


The story line in my opinion was very great. You stayed with one goal all the whole time and didn't have new objectives all the time.

The graphics are awesome. The fact that you even see limbs get blown off is so cool like when you blow off heads with a double-barrel shotgun and be able to see the end of your spine except it would have been better that if you actually got to see the head lying there on the ground then just the helmet. But still the graphics are awesome and look as if your actually there during world war two.

The soundtrack is fantastical. I love the one song when your stormin...


A great campaign with not-so-great multiplayer.


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, which was released one year prior to Call of Duty: World at War was heavily praised for its valiant approach on modern weaponry and warfare. The game received very positive reviews and received a multitude of rewards and honors. Treyarch, the development team that created Call of Duty 3 brought World at War to shelves. Call of Duty 3 was not well liked at all throughout the gaming community. Many saw it as a step down from Call of Duty 2, which is why many gamers were skeptical of World at War as a whole. Was their skepticism justified?


Even though thi...


Call of Duty World at War:Fighting a Different War

The good:

More perks that let you customize your character more, this includes things such as flamethrowers and tank perks.

More game modes such as capture the flag and war, a game type where you try to capture strategic positions

Co-op campaign, you can play the campaign with a friend over live or with a friend on the same console unlike Call of Duty 4

The campaign is fun to play and it makes you want to keep playing until it's done.

Great graphics that are very in depth

The guns are much more diverse then in COD4. There is more of a mix of bolt-action guns and automatics which makes the game more fun.

The bad:

The maps are a bit smaller and less diverse. They seem the same after the while and they grow boring.

The spawning system in multiplayer is very flawed and needs to be fixed.

For all it's worth, the campaign is rather short


Call of Duty 5 meets hype and maybe goes over the expectations. For many gamers, the prospect of another Word War II game was disheartening. After taking a step forward with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the franchise went back to the setting of Call of Duty 1, 2, and 3 but with a twist. This game takes place in the Pacific and Soviet fronts. This had some gamers wondering if the game would be as good as Call of Duty 5, or if Treyarch was taking a step backwards.

Well, Treyarch delivers with a pretty good game. In the midst of the releases of Gears of War 2 and other attractive games, Wo...


I think that they did it right!


When I learned that the new Call of Duty game on the DS had Wi-Fi, I became very interested in picking up the new game. Well release day came, and I picked it up. Let's see what we have here.

Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare was released on the Nintendo DS one year prior to this title, Call of Duty: World at War. The game was fun, but very limited. It had a fun-filled campaign, but no online multiplayer, which would have made the game amazing. Without Wi-Fi, and a lacking multi-card multiplayer, Call of Duty 4 was not the best start for a name like Call of Duty on the DS. However, one year la...

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