Call of Duty: World at War Tips

How to be invincible on nazi zombies-tip not cheat
First thing you have to do is buy the BAR rifle (the gun on the wall next to the metal bar wall thing, its kind of like a prison cell door) then you have to kill enough zombies to open the help door then go to your immediate left and there is a chest on the floor, this is random weapon, and keep trying until you get a ray gun which is, depending on where you hit, a 1-shot kill. You then go and get 1000 points to open upstairs by clearing the debris then once again you go immediate left and go over to the shape on the wall then turn around and crouch down. Here you can see the two places where the zombies come from, up the stairs and out of the window way in front of you. Hope this helps. I have used this strategy and it works well. By the way on early levels if you knife then to death you get more points than shooting them in the head.