Call of Duty: World at War Tips

Nazi Zombie Help [4 Player] pt.2
Can't get past a wave on Nazi Zombies? Well, perhaps this will help.

Just like part 1, you buy yourself a Carbine. After that, try holding off until around wave 8-9. Then, head straight for the Help room. Begin attempting for good weapons as your not going to be in the Help room for long. Once everyone has good enough weapons, head upstairs using the stairway in the help room. Head over to the grenades area and have 2 people man the grenades. Meanwhile, 1 person holds the window to your right (Next to the unlockable stairs). The remaining person will either stand in a corner where the Zombies will go after him, or stand near the guy at the window to help him from getting attacked by Zombies. The Grenade people need to begin throwing grenades constantly.

This got myself and others to about wave 18. Although, with this strategy, I've seen people make it to wave 35.