Call of Duty: World at War Tips

Nazi Zombie Help [4 Player] pt.3
Can't get past a wave on Nazi Zombies? Well, perhaps this will help.

Just like part 1 and 2, grab a Carbine and stay in the main room until about wave 8-9. After that, go into the Help room and get all of the good guns or at least enough to hold off the waves. Once you have your weapons, head up the stairs using either of the stair cases and head over to where the sniper is. Go to that window back there and have 1 person man the window and have the other 3 hold the zombies coming. The person at the window must have at least 1 Zombie sitting there with him. This will ensure for you to run around and build up windows / Walls / and get supplies. Even lets people get go's at the Random Box if they haven't gotten them already.

This technique I have only gotten to 16 with because we had only 2 people playing out of the 4. If we had the 4, we would have had at least wave 27+.