Call of Duty: World at War Tips

Location of all Death Cards
1. Eight of Hearts - Thunder (Semper Fi)
- Located inside of a helmet next to a rifle sticking out of the floor. This is in a shack to right of the shack you are escaping from early in the game.

2. Four of Clubs - Hard Headed (Little Resistance)
- Outside of the final building to the right of the entrance

3. King of Hearts - Suicide King (Hard Hitting)
- On the lower level of the building, in a room on the player's way outside

4. Five of Diamonds - Cold Dead Hands (Vendetta)
- This is the first Russian death card. It's sticking out of a helmet behind a bar in the first building you're guided through

5. Joker - Sticks and Stones (Their Land, Their Blood)
- In one of the stalls in the barn next to some dead cows and a soldier

6. Queen of Hearts - Vampire (Burn 'em Out)
- In some shadows in the back of a bunker on the way after the first mortar

7. Nine of Diamonds - Flak Jacket (Relentless)
- Down the hallway after the two paths meet

8. Jack of Spades - Body Armor (Ring of Steel)
- After entering the asylum, head left to the outside quad area, it's near the left wall

9. Ace of Spades - Undead Soldier(Eviction)
- After killing everyone on the balcony, jump down a hole in the floor and search around

10. Ten of Clubs - Painkiller Cheat (Blowtorch and Corkscrew)
- On the left wall after the first bunker, next to a dead Japanese soldier

11. Three of Diamonds' - Berserker (Breaking Point)
- In a shack to the south after the four mortar pits

12. Six of Clubs - Paintball (Heart of Reich)
- In a subway entrance on the other side from where the player starts

13. Two of Spades - Victory (Downfall)
- The last one is through a door that some of the player's allies break down. the door is between the staircase and the theater