Call of Duty: World at War (Xbox 360) Cheats

Call of Duty: World at War cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Carlson's RaidersComplete 'Semper Fi' on any difficulty. [Solo only] (10)
Stormed PeleliuEstablish a beachhead on the island of Peleliu on any difficulty. [Solo only] (15)
The Last StandSurvive the land and air conflict surrounding Okinawa on any difficulty. [Solo only] (20)
Stabbed in the HeartComplete all missions on the Eastern Front on any difficulty setting. [Solo only] (20)
Get Your Hands DirtyComplete 'Semper Fi' on Veteran difficulty. [Solo only] (30)
Saved Private RyanSave the soldier before he burns to death. [Solo or co-op] (10)
Bloody PeleliuComplete 'Little Resistance' on Veteran difficulty. [Solo only] (30)
Weapon of Mass DestructionRadio in a naval bombardment that kills at least 4 Japanese soldiers. [Solo or co-op] (15)
The Sword Is BrokenComplete 'Hard Landing' on Veteran difficulty. [Solo only] (30)
No Safe PlaceBurn an enemy out of a tree with the flamethrower in 'Hard Landing' [Solo or co-op] (15)
ArchitectComplete 'Vendetta' on Veteran difficulty. [Solo only] (30)
The ProfessionalShoot all of Amsel's henchmen, including their attack dog, without reloading. [Solo only] (15)
GunslingerAssassinate General Amsel with a pistol shot. [Solo only] (15)
The Hammer StrikesComplete 'Their Land, Their Blood' on Veteran difficulty. [Solo only] (30)
Scorched EarthComplete 'Burn`em Out' on Veteran difficulty. [Solo only] (30)
FirestarterComplete a mission using only the flamethrower. Melee, grenades & explosives are OK. [Solo or co-op] (15)
FearlessComplete 'Relentless' on Veteran difficulty. [Solo only] (30)
Hell on WheelsComplete 'Blood and Iron' on Veteran difficulty. [Solo only] (30)
Iron FistDestroy all towers and bunkers in 'Blood and Iron'. [Solo or co-op] (15)
Secret AchievementContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement. (0)
No ReturnComplete 'Ring of Steel' on Veteran difficulty. [Solo only] (30)
RuthlessKill 15 enemies while mounted on a tank in 'Ring of Steel'. [Solo or co-op] (15)
When It Rains, It PoursComplete 'Eviction' on Veteran difficulty. [Solo only] (30)
Shot in the DarkKill 10 enemies while the lights are out in the subway in 'Eviction'. [Solo or co-op] (10)
One Bad GatoComplete 'Black Cats' on Veteran difficulty. [Solo only] (30)
The Sum of All ZerosDown 45 Japanese Zeros in 'Black Cats'. [Solo only] (15)
Lights Out!In 'Black Cats', blast out all of the spot lights in the Japanese cargo convoy. [Solo only] (10)
Blowtorch & CorkscrewComplete 'Blowtorch & Corkscrew' on Veteran difficulty. [Solo only] (30)
Setting of the SunComplete 'Breaking Point' on Veteran difficulty. [Solo only] (30)
Mortar-domKill 8 Japanese with thrown mortars in 'Breaking Point'. [Solo or co-op] (10)
Guardian AngelIn the final battle for Okinawa, save Sergeant Roebuck. [Solo or co-op] (10)
For the MotherlandComplete 'Heart of the Reich' on Veteran difficulty. [Solo only] (30)
Bearing the BurdenComplete 'Downfall' on Veteran difficulty. [Solo only] (30)
Rough EconomyKill 3 enemies with a single bullet. [Solo or co-op] (15)
Close ShaveSurvive a Banzai attack. [Solo only] (10)
Snake in the GrassTake out a Japanese soldier while he is lying in wait in the grass. [Solo or co-op] (15)
Grave RobberCollect all Death Cards in the game. [Solo only] (15)
KamikazeComplete any level on Regular difficulty or higher using only melee and grenades. [Solo only] (15)
Throw a Six and a HalfOn Hardened or Veteran difficulty, complete a level without dying. [Solo only] (15)
Purple HeartWhen staring into the face of adversity, show courage and persevere. (5)
War HeroComplete the game on any difficulty. [Solo only] (40)
Hardened War HeroComplete the game on Hardened or Veteran difficulty. [Solo only] (100)
Get Your Left Foot WetComplete a match in Campaign Co-Op mode over Xbox LIVE. [Online co-op only] (30)
Get Your Right Foot WetComplete a match in Competitive Co-Op mode over Xbox LIVE. [Online co-op only] (30)
Blue RibbonComplete a 4-player Competitive Co-Op match in 1st place over Xbox LIVE. [Online co-op only] (25)
It's All about PrestigeYou achieved the first level of Prestige. Only 9 more to go. (0)
Go Get Some SunYou achieved the highest level in the game. Time to go outside and find some things to do... (0)
DLC AchievementsMap Pack 2
Soul Survivor (50)Reach round 15 in Nazi Zombies without getting revived.
Hammer Time (10)Repair 200 window boards in a single game.
Weapon of Minor Destruction (20)Kill no more than one zombie with a nuke.
Big Baller (30)Earn 75,000 points in a single Nazi Zombie game.
Perk-a-Holic (20)Have all four perks simultaneously active in a game of Nazi Zombies.
Big Brawler (30)Get 10 consecutive zombie melee kills before Insta-Kill expires.
It's a Trap! (20)Kill at least one zombie with three different traps in a single round.
Fertilizer Man (30)Kill 200 zombies in a single game.
Deadhead (30)Get 150 zombie headshots in a single game.
DLC AchievementsMap Pack 3
Locksmith! (25)Open all doors in the map.
The Might of the Monkey! (25)Use the Monkey Bomb.
Wacker Packer! (25)Upgrade any weapon in Pack A Punch.
Frequent Flyer! (25)Use the teleporter 8 times.
40 Knives! (25)Kill 40 zombies with the bowie knife.
Der Electrician! (25)Link all teleport pads before round 7.
Acquire Waffle Weapons! (25)Obtain the Ray Gun, DG-2, and Monkey Bomb at the same time.
Perkaholics Anonymous! (25)Survive until round 20 without buying a single Perk.
Pack Addict! (25)Upgrade 5 weapons at the Pack a Punch Machine.
Elevate Your Senses! (25)Activate the Fly Trap.
secret achievement- Nazi Zombieson the left side of the comm room walk towards the phone and keep tapping x until you hear the phone dial (map pack 2 only)
Multiplayer Rewards
Achieve the rank [listed below in table] for the respective reward(s).
UnlockableHow to unlock
Trench Gun(shotgun), Walther Level 2
1911 Colt, Springfield(sniper) Level 3
Arisaka, BAR Level 4
Gewehr 47 Level 6
Molotov Cocktail, MP40 Level 10
Clan Tag Level 11
DP-28 Level 13
M1 Garand Level 17
Mosin-Nagant Level 21
Type 100 Level 25
Double-Barreled Shotgun Level 29
MG42 Level 33
STG-44 Level 37
Kar98k Level 41
FG42 Level 45
.357 Magnum Level 49
PPSh-41 Level 53
PTRS-41 Level 57
Browning M1919 Level 61
M1A1 Carbine Level 65
Custom Class Slot 6 Prestige Level 1
Custom Class Slot 7 Prestige Level 2
Custom Class Slot 8 Prestige Level 4
Custom Class Slot 9 Prestige Level 7
Custom Class Slot 10 Prestige Level 10
Unlockable Stage
Press and hold any buttons to unlock features.
UnlockableHow to unlock
unlock all Nazi Zombies mapsTo unlock at the level selection screen: first hold the LT and RT Buttons then press Left Left ,➡➡on the dpad,XX,YY
Weapon Upgrades
Get a certain number of kills with the weapons listed below for the desired upgrade(s)
UnlockableHow to unlock
Aperture Sight for Gewehr 43 75 kills (Gewehr 43)
Aperture Sight for M1A1 Carbine 75 kills (M1A1 Carbine)
Aperture Sight for MP40 75 kills (MP40)
Aperture Sight for PPSh-41 25 kills (PPSh-41)
Aperture Sight for STG-44 75 kills (STG-44)
Aperture Sight for SVT-40 75 kills (SVT-40)
Aperture Sight for Thompson 75 kills (Thompson)
Aperture Sight for Type 100 25 kills (Type 100)
Bayonet for Arisaka 75 kills (Arisaka)
Bayonet for Kar98K 75 kills (Kar98K)
Bayonet for M1 Garand 75 kills (M1 Garand)
Bayonet for M1897 Trench Gun 75 kills (M1897 Trench Gun)
Bayonet for M1A1 Carbine 100 kills (M1A1 Carbine)
Bayonet for Mosin-Nagant 75 kills (Mosin-Nagant)
Bayonet for Springfield 25 kills (Springfield)
Bayonet for Type 99 75 kills (Type 99)
Bipod for BAR 25 kills (BAR)
Bipod for Browning M1919 25 kills (Browning M1919)
Bipod for DP-28 25 kills (DP-28)
Bipod for FG42 25 kills (FG42)
Bipod for MG42 25 kills (MG42)
Bipod for Type 99 25 kills (Type 99)
Box Magazine for M1A1 Carbine 150 kills (M1A1 Carbine)
Dual Magazines for MP40 150 kills (MP40)
Extended Clip for Type 100 25 kills (Type 100)
Flash Hider for M1 Garand 25 kills (M1 Garand)
Flash Hider for M1A1 Carbine 25 kills (M1A1 Carbine)
Flash Hider for STG-44 25 kills (STG-44)
Flash Hider for SVT-40 25 kills (SVT-40)
Grip for Double Barreled Shotgun 25 kills (Double Barreled Shotgun)
Grip for M1897 Trench Gun 25 kills (M1897 Trench Gun)
Rifle Grenade for Arisaka 150 kills (Arisaka)
Rifle Grenade for Gewehr 43 150 kills (Gewehr 43)
Rifle Grenade for Kar98K 150 kills (Kar98K)
Rifle Grenade for M1 Garand 100 kills (M1 Garand)
Rifle Grenade for Mosin-Nagant 150 kills (Mosin-Nagant)
Rifle Grenade for Springfield 75 kills (Springfield)
Round Drum for PPSh-41 75 kills (PPSh-41)
Round Drum for Thompson 150 kills (Thompson)
Sawed-Off Shotgun 75 kills (Double Barreled Shotgun)
Sniper Scope for Arisaka 25 kills (Arisaka)
Sniper Scope for Kar98K 25 kills (Kar98K)
Sniper Scope for M1 Garand 150 kills (M1 Garand)
Sniper Scope for Mosin-Nagant 25 kills (Mosin-Nagant)
Suppressor for Gewehr 43 25 kills (Gewehr 43)
Suppressor for MP40 25 kills (MP40)
Suppressor for Thompson 25 kills (Thompson)
Suppressor for Type 100 25 kills (Type 100)
Telescopic Sight for FG42 75 kills (FG42)
Telescopic Sight for STG-44 100 kills (STG-44)
Telescopic Sight for SVT-40 150 kills (SVT-40)
Telesopic Sight for Gewehr 43 100 kills (Gewehr 43)


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Amazing-Yet-So-Dreadfully-Obvious Hiding Spot on Outskirts
This hiding spot works best while playing Search and Destroy or Sabotage with the player preferrably wearing a ghillie suit.
Near the northern bomb site by the wall directly across from the tunnel, there is a bush that is just large enough to camoflauge an entire person. If you step into this bush and crouch, you will be practically invisible to any would-be planters who would come into the vicinity. This works great as they'll plant thinking no one's there only to get jumped as soon as they do.
Complete Weapons & Perks List

Bolt Action Rifles -

- Springfield
- Arisaka
- Mosin-Nagant (Level 21)
- Kar98k (Level 41)
- PTRS-41 (Level 57)

Rifles -

- SVT-40
- Gewehr 43 (Level 7)
- M1 Garand (Level 17)
- STG-44 (Level 37)
- M1A1 Carbine (Level 65)

Sub Machine Guns -

- Thompson
- MP40 (Level 10)
- Type 100 (Level 25)
- Ppsh (Level 41)

Shotguns -

M1897 Trench Gun
Double Barreled Shotgun (Level 29)

Machine Guns -

- Type 99
- DP-28 (Level 13)
- MG 42 (Level 33)
- FG 42 (Level 45)
- Browning M1919 (Level 61)

Side Arms:

- Colt M1911
- Nambu
- Walther P38
- Tokrev TT-33 (Level 21)
- .357 Magnum (Level 49)


- MK2 Frag Grenade
- N 74 ST
- Molotov Cocktail (Level 10)
- Smoke Grenade
- Tabun Gas
- Signal Flare

Perk Set 1:

- Special Grenades x3 (3 Special Grenades. No smoke)
- Satchel Charge x2 (2 Remote Detonation Explosives)
- M9A1 Bazooka x2 (Bazooka with 2 Rockets)
- Bomb Squad (Can see enemy Claymores and C4) (Level 16)
- Bouncing Betty x2 (Similar to Claymores) (Level 24)
- Bandolier (Extra Ammunition) (Level 40)
- Primary Grenades x2 (2 FRAG Grenades) (Level 44)
- M2 Flamethrower (Flamethrower with limited amount of fuel) (Level 65)

Perk Set 2:

- Stopping Power (Increased bullet damage)
- Fireworks (Explosives cause more damage)
- Flak Jacket (Decreases damage taken by explosives)
- Gas Mask (Ability to withstand Tabun Gas)
- Juggernaut (Increased Health)
- Camouflage (When Enemy deploys a recon plane, you'll be invisible) (Level 12)
- Sleight of Hand (Faster Reload) (Level 28)
- Shades (Decreases Intensity of Signal Flares) (Level 32)
- Double Tap (Quicker rate of fire) (Level 36)
- Overkill (Ability to bring 2 primary weapons, no pistol) (Level 56)

Perk Set 3:

- Deep Impact (Deeper Bullet Penetration)
- Extreme Conditioning (Ability to Sprint Longer Distances)
- Steady Aim (Increased hit-fire accuracy)
- Toss Back (Resets fuse on tossing back enemy grenade) (Level 6)
- Second Chance (Ability to revive allies) (Level 9)
- Martyrdom (Drop a live grenade when killed) (Level 20
- Fireproof (Ability to withstand Fires) (Level 48)
- Dead Silence (Make less sound when you move) (Level 52)
- Iron Lungs (Hold breath longer) (Level 60)
- Reconnaissance (Shows Artillery and Tanks on map) (Level 64)

Vehicle Perk:

- Water Cooler (Decreases turret overheat)
- Greased Bearings (Increases turret rotation speed)
- Ordnance Training (Less time between rockets) (Level 12)
- Leadfoot (Tank drives faster) (Level 28)
- Coaxial Machine Gun (Driver can fire rocket and machine gun) (Level 40)
How to be invincible on nazi zombies-tip not cheat
First thing you have to do is buy the BAR rifle (the gun on the wall next to the metal bar wall thing, its kind of like a prison cell door) then you have to kill enough zombies to open the help door then go to your immediate left and there is a chest on the floor, this is random weapon, and keep trying until you get a ray gun which is, depending on where you hit, a 1-shot kill. You then go and get 1000 points to open upstairs by clearing the debris then once again you go immediate left and go over to the shape on the wall then turn around and crouch down. Here you can see the two places where the zombies come from, up the stairs and out of the window way in front of you. Hope this helps. I have used this strategy and it works well. By the way on early levels if you knife then to death you get more points than shooting them in the head.
Location of all Death Cards
1. Eight of Hearts - Thunder (Semper Fi)
- Located inside of a helmet next to a rifle sticking out of the floor. This is in a shack to right of the shack you are escaping from early in the game.

2. Four of Clubs - Hard Headed (Little Resistance)
- Outside of the final building to the right of the entrance

3. King of Hearts - Suicide King (Hard Hitting)
- On the lower level of the building, in a room on the player's way outside

4. Five of Diamonds - Cold Dead Hands (Vendetta)
- This is the first Russian death card. It's sticking out of a helmet behind a bar in the first building you're guided through

5. Joker - Sticks and Stones (Their Land, Their Blood)
- In one of the stalls in the barn next to some dead cows and a soldier

6. Queen of Hearts - Vampire (Burn 'em Out)
- In some shadows in the back of a bunker on the way after the first mortar

7. Nine of Diamonds - Flak Jacket (Relentless)
- Down the hallway after the two paths meet

8. Jack of Spades - Body Armor (Ring of Steel)
- After entering the asylum, head left to the outside quad area, it's near the left wall

9. Ace of Spades - Undead Soldier(Eviction)
- After killing everyone on the balcony, jump down a hole in the floor and search around

10. Ten of Clubs - Painkiller Cheat (Blowtorch and Corkscrew)
- On the left wall after the first bunker, next to a dead Japanese soldier

11. Three of Diamonds' - Berserker (Breaking Point)
- In a shack to the south after the four mortar pits

12. Six of Clubs - Paintball (Heart of Reich)
- In a subway entrance on the other side from where the player starts

13. Two of Spades - Victory (Downfall)
- The last one is through a door that some of the player's allies break down. the door is between the staircase and the theater
Nazi Zombie Help [4 Player] pt.1
Can't get past a wave on Nazi Zombies? Well, perhaps this will help.

First, buy yourself Carbine as soon as possible. You use that Carbine until around wave 8-9 and then run into the Help room. Have one person open the staircase that leads up top in the main room. Not the one in the Help room. Have everyone in your party / team go into the Help room and hold it off as much as possible. Continue attempting for extremely good weapons (Will be listed below) and hold it off. 2 men on the door leading to the main room and the other 2 watching the 3 other entrances. This technique has gotten myself to Wave 22 with bad teammates.
Nazi Zombie Help [4 Player] pt.2
Can't get past a wave on Nazi Zombies? Well, perhaps this will help.

Just like part 1, you buy yourself a Carbine. After that, try holding off until around wave 8-9. Then, head straight for the Help room. Begin attempting for good weapons as your not going to be in the Help room for long. Once everyone has good enough weapons, head upstairs using the stairway in the help room. Head over to the grenades area and have 2 people man the grenades. Meanwhile, 1 person holds the window to your right (Next to the unlockable stairs). The remaining person will either stand in a corner where the Zombies will go after him, or stand near the guy at the window to help him from getting attacked by Zombies. The Grenade people need to begin throwing grenades constantly.

This got myself and others to about wave 18. Although, with this strategy, I've seen people make it to wave 35.
Nazi Zombie Help [4 Player] pt.3
Can't get past a wave on Nazi Zombies? Well, perhaps this will help.

Just like part 1 and 2, grab a Carbine and stay in the main room until about wave 8-9. After that, go into the Help room and get all of the good guns or at least enough to hold off the waves. Once you have your weapons, head up the stairs using either of the stair cases and head over to where the sniper is. Go to that window back there and have 1 person man the window and have the other 3 hold the zombies coming. The person at the window must have at least 1 Zombie sitting there with him. This will ensure for you to run around and build up windows / Walls / and get supplies. Even lets people get go's at the Random Box if they haven't gotten them already.

This technique I have only gotten to 16 with because we had only 2 people playing out of the 4. If we had the 4, we would have had at least wave 27+.
Nazi Zombie Strategy
Okay, first off, using only the pistol can get you enough points the first two rounds to open the help door. After that in between rounds, open the random box to collect the two 100/500 weapons (one of them is the Browning M1919). Now only opening the second set of stairs, stay in the far corner where the other stairs and grenades are. Now you only have to focus on the upstairs door-way and the window to your right. The last zombie to come through into the building will be the slowest one. This gives you an opportunity to grab ammo or board up windows. Using this strategy I've been able to get as far as round 12 by my self, hopefully you can do the same or further.
Nazi Zombie Survival
The first thing you should do is first gather enough points so you can open the door labeled "Help" then go and buy the Trench gun (Shotgun) this works good for multiple zombies coming after you the bullet will even go through a zombie and hit another. The only bad part about the shotgun is long reload times. Next,use molotovs to burn the zombies if close then buy the rifle "Bar" and prepare for fast firing but each level zombies get faster so make sure you move around while reloading.

Good Hunting!
Ray gun on Little Resistance
When you get to the beach go right and stand in a puddle that is pretty deep for about 15 second, then do that again in the middle of the beach. Next you do that again on the left of the beach but this time don't get out till you see lions come out of the ground. They will be holding ray guns in their mouths, take one.
saved privat ryan
in the mission semper fi go on ahead of the group untill you are at a cabin wait for the group to catch up and you'll hear a battle cry
and see a flaming japaneese warrior shoot him with a rifle or at the beginning if you picked up a 'type 100' use that if the warrior lights private ryan on fire you have failed the acheivment if the warrior doesn't get to light him on fire ryan will pat his arms and you get the acheivment
Using Dogs to Get You More Dogs
After getting 7 kills to use the dogs. You will not get the Recon Plane, Artillery Strike, and Dogs again. However, if you save them you will be able to do it. Just wait until you die and press the button to use them. As long as you stay alive and manage to kill a few enemies by yourself, the dogs will count towards your kills for getting a new set of dogs.
Zombie Mode
Successfully complete Campaign mode to unlock Zombie mode, which is a four-player Co-op mode against endless waves of Nazi zombies.


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Corporal to Sergeant in seconds!
At the end of the second mission, when Sgt. Sullivan is stabbed by the Banzai warrior, if you hover over Roebuck he is Sgt. Roebuck, whereas this is only confirmed after the mission.
Erasing Match Data
If you are in a match and you are about to lose or your kill to death ratio is not what you want, you can erase the data and it will not affect your stats. To do this, just hold down the Xbox Guide button, and choose the "shut down console" option. This will turn off your Xbox and erase the data. When you turn it back on you will see that your stats are unaffected.
Go under the castles map.
Okay, first go to the map castle and go near the bridge that has a pond under it. Now jump on the rail on the bridge and run and jump to this little black spot on the right and you will be under the map.
Nazi Zombie Survival
Starting at about wave 5 open the help door and use the random box to handle the attacks until wave 10 and open the upstairs. Then, have one player jump into the glitch while the other mans the window in the far back, and the rest help with the heavy crowd up front. The glitch is on the broken wall in front of the trench gun, with a piece of wood leaning against the wall. Get a running start and jump into that corner between the beam and the wall. Then lay down and turn towards the shotgun all the way around until facing the bar. You should feel the turn slow down once your view is at the dirt in front of the glitch to know its activated. I have done this multiple times and every time i have been to 28 before the zombies broke the glitch from behind.
Zombies can't hurt you glich
In Nazi Zombies, find the corner next to the window to the left of were you start(only works in 2 players). Have player 1 or 2 lay down by the crack of the wall and have the other person jump on him and lay down, the zombies can't get you.
zombies glitch
In the first room at th stairs go right up against the debris and turn around. Look in the corner and jump and crouch and if done correctly you should
Be floating.

Easter eggs

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4 ray guns
in the mission where you storm pelilu there is 3 puddles and 1 ditch what you have to do is go to the far end in which the tank is near then do this

1 pudd:wait 5 secs then move to next to left
2 pudd:same as 1
3 ditch wait 5 secs
4 pudd: wait five secs

next wait a little and 4 lion statues should appear with ray guns in thier mouths.

it actually works!
private guzzo
in the first mission you get to use a flamethrower play through the level normaly until before you use the bazooka look at all the people and one of them might be private guzzo if you have the call of duty 3 demo in the beginning a person says his name is private guzzo