Call of Duty: World at War Tips

Ray Gun
Ray Gun in Little Resistance

When you start this mission, radio in a naval bombardment over the beach to eliminate any enemies. Then go on the right side of the beach and notice the crater that looks like an "8". Walk through the upper part, then go immediately to the left and you should see a similar shape, only smaller. Walk in the upper part and stay there. Look towards the see and you should see another crater on your right; it looks a little different from the others. Now keep moving forward and to the right (facing the sea) until you come across the last crater. Walk into it and wait there. Now make sure you're facing away from the sea while you're in the crater. After a few seconds several stone statues (gargoyles) will rise from the ground. Walk to one of them and hold SQUARE to pick up the Ray Gun. This works in the Solo campaign and Co-op.

Ray Gun in Nacht Der Untoten (Nazi Zombies)

When you have enough points, open the HELP/HELL room and on your left should be a box. When you walk up to it you get a message saying something like "Press SQUARE for a random weapon". Do that and if you're lucky enough you might get the Ray Gun which is very useful against the zombies.