Call of Duty: United Offensive review
United Offensive

The good:

Good graphics
Good gameplay
Nice sound effects
Nice weapon models

The bad:

All automatic weapons sound nearly the same
Short single player campaign
Gets repetetive after a week or so
Unacceptable storyline


This game is a great expansion pack, I actually enjoyed the single player missions, as they were all well laid-out, and it was obvious that some thought went into the AI. The main selling feature of this game is that you fight with your comrades. Unlike other FPS games, you don't get inserted into the middle of an enemy base on your own, to blow up a few radios and kill some rogue general. No, this game is all about fighting as a team. But it also has its bad sides. Aren't games like this supposed to have some sort of storyline? Well this one doesn't. As I was playing through the missions, it occurred to me that there was no real purpose behind them, and I found myself fighting for an unknown cause. All there is that even resembles a storyline are the journal entries you see during the loading screens, which are corny and offer no real information regarding the purpose of the mission at hand.

Multiplayer mode also disappointed me. There aren't many maps to choose from, and you find yourself playing the same thing over and over again, which is boring and repetitive. Also, there are too many tanks. At the start of each map there are about 7-8 tanks you can take control of. There's usually about 7-8 players on a team whenever I'm there, which means one tank per person. Once those tanks are destroyed by your enemy's tanks, they respawn again, ready for usage. That is an annoying feature, which just turns the whole thing into tank battles, never any traditional shoot-it-outs on foot, like Medal of Honor.

All in all, I thought it was decent for the money, but if you are aiming to buy this for the MP mode, then I suggest you save yourself the disappointment and not get it. Medal of Honor Spearhead would get my vote over this anyday.

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