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Call of Duty: Roads to Victory surprised me. I didn’t bother getting it when it came out, but waiting quite a while. I actually didn’t get it until a week or so ago. A new feature that I wasn’t used to was the lock-on. When you have any type of gun, you will automatically lock-on to an enemy who is nearby, within the range of the gun. It’s a good and bad feature. It decreases your accuracy, but since there can be lots of enemies on you at a time, you can just keep shooting, without moving and you’d be able to shoot them all because of that feature. Anyways, I figured I’d point that out because it’s probably the more unique feature in the game compared to other First Person Shooters for the Playstation Portable. I’ll move onto the gameplay, storyline, etc.

There’s basically no story to this game, as most First Person Shooters, but you’ll be able to do a number of missions in the United States, a few less for Canada and even less for Great Britain. In all of these missions, you’re fighting against the Germans. In this game, there is one mission where you can fight in plane, manning various turrets to destroy other fighters. There’s also something different in this game. The weapons. You cannot whip out a pistol and/or cycle through your weapons, for like, Medal of Honor. You cycle through two secondary weapons and you have to cook a weapon immediately instead of pulling one out to hold. You can also automatically melee if you’re close enough. You can also destroy tanks, half-tracks and others. Anyways, the controls are all the same as most First Person Shooters. Face buttons to look up, down, left and right. Analog stick to move around, R to shoot and melee, hold L to zoom in, down to crouch and lay down(I do love the fact where you can lie down and crawl), left to reload, right to switch secondary weapons and hold up to cook and throw a grenade. Yet another unique feature is that you’re fighting with other people that actually fight with you, rather than stand there and shoot thin air. They actually kill people, etc. You’re usually with a captain/private and you need to stick with them as they kick down doors for you and the such. As for your health, you don’t actually have a health bar, but your vision turns red when you’re near death. It also states to ‘take cover, you’re dying’. Luckily, you can rest for a short few seconds before you’re relieved. I also like a realistic feel it gives when you’re sniping. When you zoom in, your scope moves around, unlike other games where it stays extremely still. Like said, it makes it feel ‘real’.

The graphics are up to par in what should be for the Playstation Portable. I’d say they’re about the same for Medal of Honor, but they have really good smoke effects. There’s minimal blood in the game, unlike Medal of Honor and the textures on houses and things are rather good. I like how your vision gets blurred and dims red when you’re hurt and dying. Character models are average, but for the graphics on the PSP, it’s hard to get rid of those hard edges. The gun and fire effects are rather good and it seems that the sky/scenery graphics are getting really good for all PSP games. For sound, it’s rather good. Your captain or someone can be constantly talking to you and they motion and their mouth moves in tune, unlike other games. You can hear explosions from shells falling(which are constant and should be in war games, however, if one falls on you, it usually doesn’t hurt you, unless it’s meant to) tanks shooting and gunfire in the distance. Sometimes, there’s even planes flying above and things like that, which makes it very real.

The ups and downs…well, an up is that there are many checkpoints that you hit so if you die, you don’t have to go back to the very beginning. A down is that the game actually glitched once on me during the end of the last mission and I had to re-do it all over again, but I guess all games glitch. Another up is that the game can last quite a long time. Each mission will range an approximate 7-14 minutes and the difficulties go from the classic easy, normal and hard. I disappointed that you can’t handle a pistol and there are minimal weapons. I also don’t like how you can’t run. You’re always at the same speed unless you’re crouching or laying down. It doesn’t add a sort of, rush, if you will. When you pick up ammo and weapons, I think it worked better for other games, like Medal of Honor. In this game, there’s a little icon and a yellow glow surrounding the weapon and whatnot. The case in point is that you can’t see what it is, aside from something like a grenade. There’s a shape of a gun, but you don’t know if it’s the same gun as you(thus, you’d gather ammo) or a separate gun until you walk up to it. It’s not a huge disadvantage, but I’d prefer something like, an ammo box, to give ammo to any weapon, like Medal of Honor. I also don’t like how you can’t kill an enemy from far away with any type of weapon, only a sniper. It sucks since you’re trying to shoot some guy, but you just can’t, so you keep trying, decreasing your accuracy. I do like the graphics in this game. They are not like Medal of Honor, where there’s mostly no destruction, no smoke coming from buildings, etc. In this game, everything is in chaos. Buildings are ripped and blown apart, shells are falling out of no where, the road is littered with debris and the such. It puts you right in the game.

Now, I’ve never been online, but I’m not exactly sure how it’d work out with those lock-on features. It might turn out for the worse. The opening menu is…rough, but to the point. A simple image and plain text, but not in one of those good ways. Anyways, the loading times make up for it. They are very short.

This is my first review in a little while, so I’m rather rusty, but I’m going to have to end it here since the game, being a First Person Shooter, is rather brief, not only time-wise. It might last you a few days if you span it out. Better than Medal of Honor? Hard to say. Medal of Honor is brilliant for the online. Call of Duty has that realistic feel, with destroyed cities and the such. I like the idea in Medal of Honor with simple ammo boxes and you can switch between secondary, primary and grenade. Not a fan of the Call of Duty style with two secondary weapons and a totally new look on grenade control, but it works. Lock-on, as I mentioned is an average feature, having positive and negative aspects. In the end, I’m going to have to go with a positive aspect. It just brings down your accuracy. In the end, Call of Duty’s storyline, graphics and gameplay are better, whereas Medal of Honor delivers a great online(also skirmish) and the ability to run, along with the ability to see yourself cook a gun and hit people with your gun at will. I’m going to have to give Call of Duty the winner. One more thing I’d like to stress is how it might be hard to get good accuracy with that lock-on feature, since you will probably tend to spray rather than zoom in and shoot them. It’s more fun being a run-and-gunner. So in this game, you can unlock things like info on weapons, armor, artillery and some others. You can also unlock wallpapers that you can save to your PSP to set as your background. That’s all I got for this game. Fantastic gameplay, storyline and graphics and it has some very nice aspects like being able to mount varies large weapons and call in air strikes from time to time. Have fun fighting those Germans with your secret auto-lock technology!

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