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A decent game at best


I will start this review with a small background. In contrast to Black Ops, I actually purchased this game fairly close to its release. Despite the negative hype towards some of the aspects of the game, I actually wanted the game. Most of my friends online on the PSN also had bought the game so it was easy to find a party. As with all games, the honeymoon period is always the best, but once that wears off, a different shade of the game appears. I bought the game on the weekend just after its release and played it solidly until the beginning of December where I took a break of gaming until t...


No Disappointment Here

The good:

There are a ton of things to list here, the graphics are great. The new concepts for three different types of killstreaks, or in some cases, point streaks, make for a nice variety in options when creating classes. There are really no bad maps on this game, just some that are okay. The story line is easy to follow, and the perks go on and on.

The bad:

There are a few things, for starters, you some really bad ideas for attachments. Bad death streaks can lead to frustration when your in early levels, even when you have prestige, and some bugs in Call of Duty's Elite that is designed mostly for use with Modern Warfare 3 really need to be worked out.


For you Call of Duty fans out there, this is another instant classic in the books for you. Infinity Ward has done it again brining yet another good game for you, from the campaign mode, to special ops, to the infamous multiplayer mode.

Let's begin by talking about the ideas in the campaign. Soap and Price are back, and they start the campaign mode right where they left of in Modern Warfare 2, making it easy to follow from people who have played Modern Warfare 2. However, this could be a negative at the same time. With me, I have played the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but have not ...

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