Call of Duty: Finest Hour (GC) Cheats

Call of Duty: Finest Hour cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Call of Duty: Finest Hour cheat codes.


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Easy way to distroy fuel cans
In the second British level when you have to distroy the fuel tanks instead of using your C4
use yous sticky bombs instead. They act like the C4 but you can throw them farther and they go off a little sooner and this works 100% of the time


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Big Apple
On the Mission Op. Little Saturn, after defeating the Stukas(recommended)turn around and drive beside on the right of the rotted leafless tree. If you drove in the right place, you'll be up the small ledge. You'll see a dirt road. Follow it. You'll soon see a gigantic apple. If you drive inside it, you'll find a UFO.
Cheat Mode
Successfully complete the game under the easy difficulty setting to unlock the "Big Head", "Ricochet", "Head Shot", and "Ricochet All" cheat options. The remaining cheat options can be unlocked by completing the game under the other difficulty settings.
easier way to beat hard mode
play the game in easy mode and you will get 3 cheats use the head shot cheat and you can kill most enemies with one bullet to the head
Ghost Room
In the level DEPOT SEBOTEURS, save as much sticky bombs as possible. Near the end of the mission, leave one fuel stack. Go to a Steeple like building and throw a sticky bomb on the left door of the building. It will not blow yet. In order for it to work go up to the door and press the action button. Throw another sticky bomb at the door and it will blow. Go down the staircase and you'll be in a room with pictures. There will be more sticky grenades and a Bren gun. There will also be a ghost playing a mandolin.
Russian campaign
On the first tank level in the Russian campaign, it is best to use first person view to shoot the Nazis that have Panzershrecks and MP-40s. The MP-40s cannot hurt you, but are annoying. If you use third person view, you will miss.
Teddy Bear Health
In the stage Surrender at Aachen (Western Front), you will be in an enemy occupied house right from the start. The small room directly across from where you start from has a small teddy bear you may acquire that restores as much health as a circular health kit.
Tractor Factory (Easy) Windows
When first entering the tractor factory, pick up health behind the first stairs. When you go up to the platform, go to the first window and STAY THERE. When you are told that panzerscrechs are approaching move to the right or left of the window and you will be able to knock them off without trying to move to any other window. This will make the whole job easier.
Tractor Factory: Easy completion
When you get up to the sniping area, crouch down in the window. There will be some ammunition and health in the corner
if needed. Get it if desired, then snipe the first wave of soldiers with normal guns. When your comrades say that there are Panzershrecks, concentrate all of your fire there. Do not worry about the regular soldiers because they cannot aim well. Shoot the Panzershrecks until you see a man running up the road with a heavy machine gun. Shoot him then go to the left window and continue.