Call of Duty: Black Ops Kino Der Toten FAQ v1.7
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Call of Duty: Black Ops Kino Der Toten FAQ

by sijibijiji   Updated to v1.7 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Call of Duty: Black Ops on the XBOX360, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PS3 version of the game.
Kino Der Toten: aka "Theatre of the Damned"
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Created by: Jonathan Davis (a.k.a. Sijibijiji)
Section 0: Introduction:
	Welcome to Kino Der Toten, Theatre of the Dead(or damned). This is the
fifth installment into the Nazi Zombies mini-game. I am here to give you all of
the information you will need to master this map and more. In the FAQ you'll
find hints, tips, strategies and secrets laid out in an organized text document.
If you wish, you can copy and paste the text and use it for yourself offline.
	This map has a variety of new things as well as the structure of Nazi
Zombies. I will try to explain the best I can about every aspect of the gameplay
and tactics used in this mini-game.
	First off is section 0.5: Version Information. Here you can view when
and what has changed since the last updated version.
Section 0.5: Changelog and Version Information:
V0.0	Nov.9,2010	Midnight Release(Pre-Ordered and obtained at 12:53am)
V0.3	Nov.10,2010	Sections 0-12 have been established.
V1.0	Dec.12,2010	Complete and usable FAQ
V1.5	Jan.2,2011	Updated Sections, Reworked Weapons List
Section 1: Table of Contents:
Section 0.0	Introduction
Section 0.5	Version Info
Section 1.0	Table of Contents
Section 2.0	Gameplay Controls/Player Info
Section 3.0	Reference Guide
Section 4.0	Map Layouts
Section 5.0	Weapons List
Section 6.0	The Mystery Box, Perks and Pick-Ups
Section 7.0	Pack-A-Punch Machine
Section 8.0	Best Weapons List
Section 9.0	Rounds 1-5
Section 10.0	Top Strategies
Section 11.0	Player Layouts
Section 12.0	Secrets (Easter Eggs)
Section 13.0	Extra Information
Section 14.0	The Ending
Section 2: Gameplay Controls and Player Information:
	This section explains the basic and advanced controls used during
gameplay. If you already know how to play, you may want to skip this section.
This section also includes player information that can be critical to gameplay.

This map is 2 players with splitscreen enabled.
This map can be played online with up to 4 players.
(There has been a recent glitch that lets you play 4 player splitscreen)
(The glitch has been patched)

Basic Controls:
A	...	Jump/Unprone
B	...	Crouch
X	...	Reload
Y	...	Switch Weapons
Right Trigger	Shoot
Left Trigger	Aim Down Sights
Right Analog	Face Character
Left Analog	Move Character
Start		Pause Game
Back		Scoreboard
*Right Analog	Knife
*Left Analog	Sprint(while moving)
* = Press analog in
D-Pad		Special Weapons

Advanced Controls:
Hold B while standing	Prone(Crawl mode)
Hold B while sprinting	Dive
Hold X			Activate/Interact

Player Information:
Players can take 2 hits from a Zombie
Players can take 3 hits from a Hellhound or Creeper
Players can take x2 hits from a Zombie, Dog, or Creeper with Juggernog
Players can take 0 hits from an electrical barrier or fire trap
Players can take 1 hit from an electrical barrier or fire trap with Juggernog
Players can sprint for 6 seconds
Players can sprint for 8-10 seconds with Speed Cola
Players can move at about 140% speed with a Pistol,SMG or Knife
Players can move at about 100% speed with a Rifle or Shotgun.
Players can move at about 70% speed with a LMG or Launcher.
Players can recover health after 4 seconds.
Players lose all perks when downed.
Players lose all weapons when killed.

Tip: When killed, you will spawn next round with your points, but only an M1911
and a combat knife.
Section 3: Reference Guide
	This section with include some abbreviated names for things you may
need to know during gameplay. Most of these are only basic and shortened words
to help remember things.

Window:		Any entrance that zombies can get through and can be repaired.
Wallgun:	Any weapon that can be bought from the wall.
Door:		Any closed door that can be purchased open.
Barrier:	Any set of coils that can be turned on to make an electrical
Power:		The main power that turns on Barriers, Perk Machines and the
Power Room:	The room containing the power switch.
PaP:		The Pack-A-Punch machine.
		The action of upgrading a weapon.
PaP'd:		Any weapon that has been upgraded through the Pack-A-Punch
Crawler:	A legless zombie.
Dog:		Shorter name for Hellhounds.
Zombie:		Shorter name for Nazi Zombie.

Here's a list of enemies that you may encounter:

Nazi Zombie	Basic enemy. Slow and vulnerable to headshots.
Hellhound	Quick enemy. Fastest and weakest enemy.
Creeper		Small enemy. Can explode upon death dealing damage and
		dissorients player's vision.

Tip: Creepers only explode when killed by projectiles. Any knife kill
will render them harmeless.
Tip: Creepers also do not explode when shot with a Raygun or explosive.
Tip: A zombie that is hit with an exlosive and not killed will most likely
become legless.

Points Efficiency Table:
Points	|	Action
  10	|	Hitting an enemy with a gun, grenade or knife (not a fatal hit)
  10	|	Repair a broken barricade (a limit is set for each round)
  30	|	Revive a downed player. (differs upon round number)
  50	|	Kill a Zombie, Hellhound or Creeper.
  60	|	Kill a Zombie, Hellhound or Creeper.
  70	|	Kill a Zombie, Hellhound or Creeper.
 100	|	Kill a Zombie, Hellhound or Creeper by headshot.
 130	|	Kill a Zombie, Hellhound or Creeper by knife.
 200	|	Repair a broken barricade by Carpenter.
 400	|	Kill a Zombie, Hellhound or Creeper by Mini-Nuke.
  x2	|	Pick up a Double Points.

Tip: Points are required to proceed further into the map and obtain extra
weaponry and Perks.
Section 4: Map Layouts
[Room Names and Doorway Count]

The "[S]" is where the players spawn and start round 1 at.
..................[    [S]   ]....................
...[       ][   ].[ Theatre  ]....................
...[ Room1       ][  Lobby   ]..[       ].........
...[       ][   |d|         |d|.[ Room2 ].........
...[       ][    ][          ]..[      |d|.[     ]
.......|d|...........|xxx|......[       ]..[     ]
..[           ].[               ].......[        ]
..[  Stairs   ].[               ].......[ Alley  ]
..[           ].[   Theatre     ].......[        ]
.........|d|....[               ]...........|d|...
.....[        ].[               ].......[        ]
.....[        ].[xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\.......[ Room3  ]
.....[Dressing]./                      |d|       ]
.....[ Room  |d|     Power Room         [        ]
.....[        ]...................................
................[            ]....................
...[Hidden].....[    Film    ].......[Hidden].....
...[Room 1].....[    Room    ].......[Room 2].....
................[            ]....................
The two doors in the main room are worth [750]
The two preceeding doors are worth [1000]
The next two doors are worth [1250]
The last two doors are worth [1250]

There is actually a room that I did not place.

The "xxxx" are entrances opened when the power is turned on.
Tip: You may not enter the Theatre without power.

[Weapons and Perks Placement]

All of the weapons and perks that are placed on the map will be marked
by a number or letter. The table below tells which number/letter represents
which weapon/perk
..................[    [2]   ]....................
...[       ][   ].[[Q]     #1]....................
...[             ][          ]..[       ].........
...[       ][?   |d|    ?   |d|.[      ?].........
...[       ][ #3 ][ #2       ]..[      |d|.[     ]
.......|d|...........|xxx|......[ #10   ]..[     ]
..[         #4].[            [J]].......[        ]
..[#5     [S] ].[               ].......[#6    ? ]
..[  ?        ].[      ?        ].......[        ]
.........| |....[               ]...........| |...
.....[        ].[          [1]  ].......[?       ]
.....[      #7].[---------------\.......[        ]
.....[  ?     ]./               #8     | |       ]
.....[       | |       ?           #9   [        ]
.....[        ]...................................
................[            ]....................
...[      ].....[            ].......[      ].....
...[      ].....[            ].......[      ].....
................[    PaP     ]....................
1. Olympia
2. M14 Carbine
3. PM63
4. Stakeout
5. MP40
6. AK74u
7. MPk5
8. M16
9. Claymore
10. MPL
Q. Quick Revive
S. Speed Cola
D. Double Tap
J. Juggernog
PaP. Pack-A-Punch Machine
[1]. Teleporter
[2]. Teleporter Pad
?. Mystery Box Spawn

[Windows and Jump Down Placements]

This is where zombies can get into the players area. All windows and
jump down locations are marked.
..................[    [S]   ]....................
...[       ][  W].[          ]....................
...[W            ][          ]..[ W     ].........
...[      J][   | |         | |.[       ].........
...[       ][    ][          ]..[      | |[     W]
.......|d|...........|xxx|......[   W   ].[      ]
..[           ].[c              ].......[        ]
..[C     W   W].[    J   J      ].......[    J   ]
..[W       C  ].[c             C].......[       W]
.........| |....[   J       J   ].........W.| |...
.....[       W].[W             W].......[       W]
.....[        ].[---------------\.......[W       ]
.....[W       ]./                      | |       ]
.....[    J  | |    W        C      W   [        ]
.....[        ]...................................
................[            ]....................
...[      ].....[            ].......[      ].....
...[      ].....[            ].......[      ].....
................[            ]....................

W. Window: Barricaded and repairable
J. Jumpspot: Unbarricaded, unrepairable
C. Climbspot: Only Creepers can enter through

* The Film Room is cut off from the rest of the map. Once you are in there,
Zombies, Crawlers or Dogs cannot reach you. You have 15-20 seconds until you
are automatically teleported back to the Theatre Lobby.
Section 5: Weapons List:
Weapon Name:
Damage Rating: Based on 0%-100%
Ammo Capacity: Clipsize/Maximum Extra
Reload Speed: Based on 0-100%
Rate of Fire: Based on 0-100%
PaP Name:
PaP Bonuses: Besides Power Bonus(ie Attachments)
Placement: How well it places on the list(only for it's weapon type)

A later version will show the following
Weapon Name:
Damage Rating: Based on 0%-100%
Ammo Capacity: Clipsize/Maximum Extra
Reload Speed: Based on seconds
Rate of Fire: Based on shots per minute
PaP Name:
PaP Bonuses: Besides Power Bonus(ie Attachments)
Placement: How well it places/How well it places overall

Knives: Combat Knife, Ballistic Knife, Bowie Knife
Combat Knife
Damage: 15%
Ammo: n/a
Reload: n/a
Fire Rate: 20%
PaP Name: n/a
PaP Bonuses: n/a

Ballistic Knife
Damage: 25%(28%)
Ammo: 1/4(1/9)
Reload: n/a(50%)
Fire Rate: 30%(n/a)
PaP Name: The Krauss Refibrulator
PaP Bonuses: Revive Allies
Tip: Can be combined with the Bowie Knife to increase its speed.

Bowie Knife
Damage: 40%
Ammo: n/a
Reload: n/a
Fire Rate: 10%
PaP Name: n/a
PaP Bonuses: n/a
Tip: Can be combined with Ballistic Knife to increase its power.

Basic Weapons: M1911, Olympia, M14, PM63, MPL, MP40, AK74u, MPk5, Stakeout, M16
		Claymore, Grenades.
Damage: 8%
Ammo: 8/80(6-6/50)
Reload: 55%
Fire Rate: 55%
PaP Name: Mustang & Sally
PaP Bonuses: Dual Wield, Explosive Rounds

Damage: 30%
Ammo: 2/38(2/60)
Reload: 30%(1)
Fire Rate: 65%
PaP Name: Hades
PaP Bonuses: Quick Reload, Incendiary Rounds

Damage: 30%
Ammo: 8/80(16/192)
Reload: 45%
Fire Rate: 55%
PaP Name: Mnesia
PaP Bonuses: Grip

Damage: 20%
Ammo: 20/100(25-25/225)
Reload: 55%
Fire Rate: 83%
PaP Name: Tokyo & Rose
PaP Bonuses: Dual Wield

Damage: 22%
Ammo: 24/96(40/200)
Reload: 55%
Fire Rate: 80%
PaP Name: MPL-LF
PaP Bonuses: Red Dot Sight, Extended Mag

Damage: 27%
Ammo: 32/192(64/192)
Reload: 50%
Fire Rate: 77%
PaP Name: The Afterburner
PaP Bonuses: Extended Mag

Damage: 37%
Ammo: 6/60
Reload: 40%(1)
Fire Rate: 40%
PaP Name: Raid
PaP Bonuses: Dual Reloader, Grip

Damage: 25%
Ammo: 30/120(40/200)
Reload: 55%
Fire Rate: 83%
PaP Name: MP115 Kollider
PaP Bonuses: Extended Mag

Damage: 27%
Ammo: 20/160(40/280)
Reload: 55%
Fire Rate: 80%
PaP Name: AK-74fu2
PaP Bonuses: Reflex Sight, Extended Mag

Damage: 20%
Ammo: 30/120(30/270)
Reload: 45%
Fire Rate: 40%(3 burst)
PaP Name: Skullcrusher
PaP Bonuses: Grenade Launcher, Fully Automatic

Damage: 80%
Ammo: 2(+2 per round)
Reload: n/a
Fire Rate: n/a
PaP Name: n/a
PaP Bonuses: n/a

Damage: 75%
Ammo: 4(+2 per round)
Reload: n/a
Fire Rate: 20%
PaP Name: n/a
PaP Bonuses: n/a
Mystery Weapons:
Damage: 40%
Ammo: 6/60(12/96)
Reload: 40%(1)
Fire Rate: 40%
PaP Name: Cobra
PaP Bonuses: Speed Reloader

Damage: 17%
Ammo: 15/185
Reload: 50%
Fire Rate: 55%
PaP Name: Calamity
PaP Bonuses: Fully Automatic, Extended Mag

CZ75 Dual
Damage: 37%
Ammo: 15-15/270(20-20/320)
Reload: 50%
Fire Rate: 55%(x2)
PaP Name: Calamity & Jane
PaP Bonuses: Fully Automatic, Extended Mag

Damage: 30%
Ammo: 6/60(8-8/80)
Reload: 37%(1)
Fire Rate: 65%
PaP Name: Typhoid & Mary
PaP Bonuses: Dual Wield, Full Reloader

Damage: 28%
Ammo: 8/42(24/72)
Reload: 37%(1)
Fire Rate: 65%
PaP Name: SPAZ-24
PaP Bonuses: Full Reloader, Extended Mag

Damage: 25%
Ammo: 30/120(45/225)
Reload: 50%
Fire Rate: 83%
PaP Name: Phantom
PaP Bonuses: Reflex Sight, Extended Mag

Damage: 37%
Ammo: 20/160(30/360)
Reload: 45%
Fire Rate: 55%
PaP Name: EPC WN
PaP Bonuses: Reflex Sight, Extended Mag, 3 Burst

Damage: 33%
Ammo: 30/150(45/225)
Reload: 45%
Fire Rate: 65%
PaP Name: G16-GL35
PaP Bonuses: Red Dot Sight

Damage: 37%
Ammo: 30/270(40/360)
Reload: 45%
Fire Rate: 60%
PaP Name: Predator
PaP Bonuses: Dual Mags

Damage: 35%
Ammo: 35/315(35/490)
Reload: 40%
Fire Rate: 63%
PaP Name: Lamentation
PaP Bonuses: Red Dot Sight

Damage: 33%
Ammo: 30/270(30/390)
Masterkey: n/a(6/30)
Reload: 45%
Fire Rate: 63%
PaP Name: AUG-50M3
PaP Bonuses: Masterkey
Masterkey: Dual Reloader

Damage: 25%
Ammo: 48/192(48/288)
Reload: 40%
Fire Rate: 43%(3 burst)
PaP Name: G115 Generator
PaP Bonuses: Fully Automatic

Damage: 42%
Ammo: 125/500(150/750)
Reload: 30%
Fire Rate: 53%
PaP Name: H115 Oscillator
PaP Bonuses: Extended Mag

Damage: 40%
Ammo: 100/400(125/500)
Reload: 33%
Fire Rate: 58%
PaP Name: R115 Resonator
PaP Bonuses: Extended Mag

Damage: 65%
Ammo: 10/40(10/80)
Reload: 40%
Fire Rate: 48%
PaP Name: D115 Disassembler
PaP Bonuses: Variable Zoom

Damage: 72%
Ammo: 5/35(8/72)
Reload: 37%
Fire Rate: 22%
PaP Name: L115 Isolator
PaP Bonuses: Variable Zoom

Crossbow/ Explosive Tip
Damage: 25%(50%)
Ammo: 1/12(1/12)
Reload: 45%
Fire Rate: n/a
PaP Name: Aweful Lawton
PaP Bonuses: Beeping Tips, Larger Radius

Damage: 75%
Ammo: 1/20(10/40)
Reload: 35%
Fire Rate: n/a
PaP Name: M72 Anarchy
PaP Bonuses: Full Reloader, Extended Mag, No ADS Firing

China Lake
Damage: 75%
Ammo: 2/30(5/40)
Reload: 37%(1)
Fire Rate: 10%
PaP Name: China Beach
PaP Bonuses: Full Reloader, Extended Mag, No ADS Firing

Damage: 100%
Ammo: 20/160(40/200)
Reload: 47%
Fire Rate: 40%
PaP Name: Porter's X2 Raygun
PaP Bonuses: Red Rays, Extended Mag

Damage: 100%
Ammo: 2/12(4/24)
Reload: 40%
Fire Rate: 37%
PaP Name: Zuescannon
PaP Bonuses: Extended Mag

Monkey Bomb
Damage: 75%
Ammo: 3
Reload: n/a
Fire Rate: 10%
PaP Name: n/a
PaP Bonuses: n/a

Section 6: The Mystery Box, Perks and Pick-Ups:
	The mystery box starts in a random location every game. Opening the
Mystery Box will cost you [950] points and in exchange, give you a random
weapon that cannot be bought from the wall. Sometimes, the box can give you
a Teddy Bear. The teddy bear will give you your 950 points back, but move
the mystery box to a new location after a short while.

List of Perks:

Juggernog		Enables the player to take nearly twice as many hits.
Speed Cola		Enables the player to reload nearly twice as fast.
Double Tap Root Beer	Enables the player to shoot nearly twice as fast.
Quick Revive Soda	Enables the player to revive allies nearly twice as

List of Pick-Ups:

Max Ammo		Resupply weapons ammunition cache. (does not refill
Insta-Kill		Allows any hit to kill an enemy instantly.
Carpenter		All barricades are repaired.(alive players recieve 200
Mini-Nuke		All spawned zombies, dogs and creepers die.(alive
			players recieve 400 points)
Double Points		All points gained are doubled.
Fire Sale		All mystery boxes are placed on the map and only cost
			10 points.

Tip: You only recieve points from Carpenter and Mini-Nuke if they repair/kill
atleast 1 window/zombie.
Tip: With sale, every mystery box position will have a box. All boxes can be
opened at the same time.
Section 7: Pack-A-Punch Machine:
This is a short explanation on the Pack-A-Punch and how to get to it.

First off, you need a total of atleast 4250 points to get to the power room.
Activate the power when you like. When the power is turned on, activate the
teleporter. To do this, hold 'X' on the teleporter just behind the curtains
that open. Then, make your way to the Theatre Lobby and hold 'X' on the
teleporter platform. After you've done this, you can go back to the
teleporter and press 'X' to activate. This will take you to the Pack A Punch

The teleporter will take a few seconds to charge and teleport you to the
Theatre Film Room. From this room, you can access the Pack-A-Punch Machine. 
You can also purchase wall grenades and chuck them out of the Film Room window.

You only have 20 seconds until you are teleported back to the map so use it
wisely. Upgrade weapons as needed. Sometimes, you may be teleported to a
hidden room. In the hidden room, there is sometimes a Pick-Up, but very
rarely. I believe there are a total of 5 hidden rooms.

Once you are teleported back to the Theatre Lobby, all of the Zombies will
come from the Theatre. Zombies may spawn so watch your backs, but the majority
will be in the Theatre.

Section 8: Best Weapons List:
This section will show the best weapons in each category. The are based off of
statistics. You may prefer a different weapon.

Best Pistol:		C275
Best PaP Pistol:	[Calamity]

Best SMG:		MP40
Best PaP SMG:		[AK-74u2]

Best Rifle:		Galil
Best PaP Rifle:		[Skullcrusher]

Best LMG:		RPK
Best PaP LMG:		[R115 Resonator]

Best Explosive:		Monkey Bomb
Best PaP Explosive:	[Awful Lawton]

Best Special:		Raygun
Best PaP Special:	[Porter's X2 Raygun]

Tip: The Raygun is not best pistol because it is the best special.
Weapon Type(Pistol)
Weapon Name	.Rating Bar		.Rating#.Rating#
(M1911)		.(|)			(1)	(12)
M1911		.|			1	12
C275		.||||||			6	10
Dual C275	.||			2	9
Python		.||||			4	10
Raygun		.||||||||||||||||	16	18
Olympia		.||			2	9
Stakeout	.||||||			6	10
HS10		.||||||||		8	9
SPAS		.||||||			6	10
Submachine Gun
PM63		.||||			4	9
MPL		.||||			4	9
MPk5		.||||||			6	10
MP40		.|||||||||		9	10
AK-74u		.|||||||		7	11
Spectre		.||||||			6	9
M14 Carbine	.||||			4	6
FN FAL		.||||||||		8	10
M16		.|||||||		7	10
Famas		.||||||||		8	12
Commando	.||||||||		8	12
Galil		.|||||||||		9	13
G11		.|||||||||		9	13
AUG		.||||||||		8	12
Dragonuv	.|||||			5	8
L9A16		.||||			4	8	
Large Machinegun
HK115		.||||||||||		10	14
RPK		.||||||||||		10	14
Ls LAW		.||||||||||		10	16
China Lake	.||||||||||		10	12
Crossbow	.||||||||||		10	20
Thundergun	.||||||||||||||||||||	20	20
Knife		.||			2	x
Ballistic Knife	.||||||||		8	15
Bowie Knife	.||||||||		8	x
Claymore	.||||||||||||		12	x
Monkey Bomb	.||||||||||||||||||||||	22	x

Section 9: Rounds 1-5:
Points Efficiency Table:
Round #	Shots	w/Max Ammo	Max Shots	Max Knives
1	4	5		6		1
2	8	11		12		2
3	14	17		18		3
4	18	23		24		4
5	24	29		30		4

Points Per Kill Table:
	Average	Maximum	Total Average	Total Average
Round #	Points	Points	Round Points	Round Points w/Max Ammo
1	170	180	+340		+360
2	190	220	+580		+670
3	210	260	+
4	160	300	+
5	170	350	+

Tip: Stack shooting is an efficient way to save ammo. This can be done by
shooting multiple zombies that are in a line with a single bullet. Zombies
in the back will take less damage.
Tip: Do not buy a wall weapon until round 5. The top wall weapons are the
MP40, MPk5, M16 and the Stakeout. Also, claymores are very useful.

After round 5, it's just headhunting from then on. That is unless you have an
explosive only layout. Or if you have a Ballistic Bowie combo.

Dogs usually appear around round 6. They are an easy bunch of fluffy puppies.
All you have to do is shoot and run. If you take a hit, you can always run
faster than a doggy. Just make sure you don't camp in a corner like everyone
says to.

Section 10: Top Strategies:

Rounds 1-5 have been explained.
For Round 6-10:
1. Camp in the Power Room and rack up points. This is easily done as there
are only two windows and an entrance. Switch positions for point sharing.

2. Turn on the power and start Map Racing. This can be easily done in earlier
rounds as not many zombies spawn. Also, zombies die much quicker and are
easier to get passed.

For Rounds 11-20:
1. Map Racing is my favorite. You'll need to open a circle of doors and race
around the map at a walking pace. Only kill zombies in front of you until
you reach the starting point of your circle. The best place to start is in
the Theatre.

2. Camp in a room with a low amount of windows. It helps you stay alive as
it is easy to cover less windows than there are players. Also keeping atleast
1 player available for support. The best spot for this is in the Alley after
you take the Speed Cola path at start. Do not open all of the alleyway

For Rounds 20+:
1. Map Racing is also great for later rounds because as you race around the
map, only a few zombies will spawn in front of you. Always watch your front
and back while moving and never sprint unless necessary.

2. Camp in a room with an unopened door. This can help if you get overwhelmed,
but only once.

3. Use the teleporter often. Run around the theatre stage as agile as possible.
When the teleporter is ready, let everyone on and use it. Let the teleporter
cooldown and repeat.

4. I've seen a few people do this, but I don't reccomend it for new players.
All four players camp by the Juggernog cola machine. At the beggining of every
round, a player turns on the Gatling Turret on the stage and, mid-round, turn
on the electrical barrier at the Theatre Lobby Doorway. I've never made it
past 24 using this with other players, but I know other people who have.

5. A stage seperation. Two people run around on the stage and kill everything.
The other two run around or camp somewheres. Zombies will be split in half
and be much easier to handle or get away from.

For Rounds 50+:
1. Map Racing is the only strategy I have been successful with after round 50.

2. I've recently been using stage seperation and it works wonders if you know
how to dodge zombies.

Tip: Make sure to Pack-A-Punch your weapon as soon as you get Juggernog.
Possibly after Speed Cola and/or Double Tap if you like it, most people don't.
Tip: Don't try and go for the Mystery Box unless you can hold the room for a
while. If you do, then you'll get overrun like crazy. The best way to get
the mystery box is when you left a crawler at the end of a round and no
more zombies are spawning.
Section 11: Player Layouts:
	Some people like to be told what's best in combination with other
equipment. In this section, I'll make a few "Classes" that you can use.

Headhunter: Best at shooting heads and moving fast.
Weap	SMG(prefer AK-74u)
Weap	SMG(prefer Spectre)
Perk	Juggernog
Perk	Double Tap
Descrip	These SMG's have little recoil and high accuracy. Short bursts.

Crowd Control: Best at taking out unwanted mobs of zombies quick.
Weap	AR(prefer M16)
Weap	Explosive(prefer Crossbow)
Perk	Juggernog
Perk	Speed Cola
Descrip	M16 upgraded has a Grenade Launcher and the Crossbow's upgraded beeper
attracts zombies.

Assassin: Best at getting zombies off of others using little or no ammo.
Weap	Knife(prefer bowie)
Weap	Explosive(prefer Skullcrusher)
Perk	Juggernog
Perk	Speed Cola
Descrip	The knife can save allies at close range and the Skullcrusher at long

Medic: Best at healing team-mates and keeping alive.
Weap	SMG(prefer AK-74u)
Weap	The Krauss Refibrulator
Perk	Juggernog
Perk	Quick Revive
Descrip	The SMG to gain points and the Knife to revive allies. Combined with
the Bowi Knife, The Krauss Refibrulator is also a deadly weapon. Replace Quick
Revive if you are confident with the Ballistic Knife's shot.

Section 12: Secrets(Easter Eggs):
1. Film Reels:
There is a film reel in each hidden room. The rooms are only accessed by the
teleporter. After about 20 seconds in the film room, you may be teleported
to a hidden room for a few seconds. Films spawn in a random place, but it is
a very small room. It is large and easily seen.

The rooms are Dentists Office, Meeting Room, Samantha's? Room, Bloody
Samantha's Room. There is one more I believe, but I forgot what it was.

I will mark the audio once I get a chance.

2. Music '115':
Activate the three "element 115" meteors and the song titled '115' will play
once. This can be done once per match.

The first one is in the Theatre Lobby, on a stand under the stairs.
Hold 'X' to activate.
The second is in the Dressing Room. Enter from the Speed Cola room and take a
left. It is behind the small doorways in the corner, on a stand.
The last one is through the Alley. Take the alley and open the gate to the
upstairs room. It is in the back on a shelf. All the way on the bottom right

Your character will say something when you activate each 'rock' or
'meteor fragment'.

3. Portraits:
In 'Room 1', there are portraits of Dempsey, Takeo, Nikolai and Richtofen along
the wall, along with a shadow portrait. Press and hold 'X' on each and your
character will say a short line about the person in the portrait.


Section 13: Extra Information:
Tip: Zombies are stronger than in the previous round. Try getting the strongest
weapons sooner rather than later.
Tip: The last Hellhound in a dog round always drops a Max Ammo. Make sure to
Tip: Zombies are vulnerable to headshots. Headshots are also a great way to
get points.
Tip: Creepers are vulnerable to headshots. Try not to shoot them unless you have
a Raygun or are far
away, they will explode.
Tip: Creepers explosions also harm zombies. If you need to, you can use this to
your advantage.
Tip: Dogs are fast, players are faster. You can run from a hellhound if you
need to recover from a hit or two.
Tip: Switching weapons is faster than reloading(in most cases). Reload when
neccessary to avoid being downed while both weapons need reloading.
Tip: Explosives make crawlers. This can be a useful way to hold a rounds
end to do important things.
Tip: Weapons being upgraded are unique from other weapons of its type, not
counting the built-in stats. An M16 will recieve a grenade launcher whereas
the Commando recieves Dual Mags.
Tip: The Ballistic Knife and Krauss Refibrulator can be combined with the Bowie
Knife for more power.
Tip: Kniving zombies is dangerous. Make sure you have Juggernog before going on
a knife spree.
Tip: Monkey Bombs take seconds to throw. Try to throw one before you get
Tip: The Crossbow upgraded acts as a Monkey Bomb. This is a very powerful tool
to have.
Tip: The Olympia upgraded has incendiary rounds. This damages nearby zombies a
small bit(without giving you points though).
Tip: The Raygun can damage its user if he/she is close enough. It also has a
slow ray, lead your targets a little.
Tip: Traps kill zombies, but don't give you the points. Use these when you're
in danger.
Tip: The Thundergun and Zuescannon are not instakill weapons. Zombies can
recover from the blow so pay attention.
Tip: The Raygun is not an insta-kill weapon. Zombies may become crawlers when
struck by a ray.
Tip: Double Tap is a great perk if you like to use shotguns, launchers or
Tip: Speed Cola is a great perk for every weapon (besides the knife).
Tip: Quick Revive is a great perk if you are a supporting player, rather than
being a front line player.
Tip: Juggernog is a must. Do not go on without it, but don't get it if you
don't have a good weapon.
Tip: Turrets kill Zombies. Use these when you need extra supporting fire.
Tip: The teleporter kills zombies. You are safe when you activate the
teleporter and are in it.
Tip: Communication is key. If you do not communicate with your team, you will
likey die faster.
Tip: Move, move, move. The more you move, the less zombies will suprise hit
Tip: Watch your back. Take a peek behind you every once in a while.

Section 14: The Ending:
Thanks for reading the FAQ that took about a week to make. I've done quite a bit
of research and you can trust that all of the information here has been tested
out in actual zombie matches with four players. If, however, there is any
information that is missing or incorrect, please notify me so I can fix or
add it.

You may not distibute this FAQ onto your site unless you obtain permission.
You may use this for personal study. You may ask me questions by e-mailing
me or sending me a message via Xbox Live.

E-Mail Address:
XBLive Gamertag: Sijibijiji

If you would like to play a game, you may contact me and I will most likey
want to play.

Good luck and have fun on every zombie match you play.
The End!!!