Call of Duty: Black Ops Passwords

Computer Passwords
At the main menu (when you are in the torture chair selecting a mode) repeatedly press L2 + R2 until you break free. Walk towards the back of the room and there will be a computer.

Press X to bring up an on-screen keyboard, and type the below codes to unlock various unlockables.

Note that some cheats disables the Closer Analysis Achievement. These codes are marked by a red star
PasswordWhat it does
ZORKStarts "Zork" the classic text based adventure game
DOAUnlocks "Dead Ops Arcade" which is located under "Zombies" in the main menu
FIVEUnlocks "Five" which is located under "Zombies" in the main menu
3ARC INTEL*Unlocks all Intel in the game
3ARC UNLOCK*Unlocks All Single Player missions, All Intel and the Zombie maps "Five" and "Dead Ops Arcade"
HELPBrings up other commands that you can use
aliciatherapist game
rlogin dreamlandlog in as different person
invisibleyou are invisible to other players in online multiplyer
easykillstreaksthe kill streak you select are 1 person kill streaks
oxygenwhen using a sniper scope or an infrared scope click L3 (just one click) and never run uot of oxygen
leveluplevel up in online multiplayer for every kill
moreammounlimited ammo for any zombies map
ammounlimited ammo for any multiplayer mode
moreattachmentsyou can select 3 attachments for any gun in multiplayer
morelifenever die in zombies and online multiplayer
freedlcsunlocks all downloadable content