Call of Duty: Black Ops II

  • Released on Nov 18, 2012
  • By Treyarch for PC, Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360

Call of Duty: Black Ops II review
The strangest campaign yet. But the best. Oh, and it has Multiplayer. With a side of Zombies.

The good:

I'll go in depth over these points later.
*Good number of missions
*Able to make custom classes
*Multi Branch

*Good arsenal of guns
*Multiple camos available for ALL guns/launchers/combat knife/Assault Shield
*Good number of Kill Streaks.
*An average number of maps
*Same great playlists

*Few maps in vanilla, but map packs will increase number
*Tranzit mode, a mode where you take a bus through the vanilla maps, is large and fun.
*Mystery box now has EMP grenades, effectively killing the bus driver and Electric zombie. Will also pacify normal zombies for a small period of time.

The bad:

I'll go in depth over these points later.
*Some maps are slightly unbalanced
*The map Hijacked is prone to spawn killing
*Some weapons(R870,DSR 50, AN94) are over powered

*Being multibranched can get you confused at some times
*Strike Force missions are unbearable

*Hit box detection can be odd at some times
*The box contains bad guns and good guns, be careful


This game is one of the best CoD's yet. Coming from a Halo fanboy that's saying a lot. Anyways over to the details. As always, the PS3 version is a X360 port. It doesn't have as smooth controls as its counterpart, but is still playable.

The campaign has around 10 missions. Most of these can present different potential outcomes. For example, in one mission you're given the task of killing a hooded man. You can shoot him in the head OR go for a toe shot and wound him, altering the mission. This can offer a degree of freedom to the player in how they tackle any given challenge. The campaign switches between playable characters and time periods too. The multibranch campaign can have you confused on who you are and when at some times though.

You can customize your class before a mission with an assortment of unlocked guns offering a more personalised experience. Guns are unlocked after each level, although some require completing certain challenges like killing 10 enemies with a headshot. In the missions stationed in the past, after beating them, you can go back and use future weapons, thus acquiring an Achievement/Trophy and giving some extra replay value.

Strike Force missions are a new type of experience added in this game, where you control a squad rather than a single character in completing set objectives. However I don't think these missions work quite so well and would have preferred they focus on the more traditional style of levels.

The multiplayer is much more balanced than other CoD's. The lag compensation is so much better than MW3 while will be a major boon to those with less than perfect connections. Most weapons are okay weapons. with some being OP/UP. In MW3 you had to use guns to get them gold. In this you must get certain challenges (X number of headshots for example). After getting all guns in a certain class (AR's, Shotguns, Snipers, SMG's, Special, respectively) gold, you can use a "Diamond" camo. The "Diamond" camo is gold, but has diamond inlays. The killstreaks are balanced and effective, giving you an incentive to accomplish them without completely making battles lopsided to whoever gets them first.

Some maps are prone to spawn killing under certain game types, but they are mostly okay. Map size varies and feels fresh from other CoD's so the experience shouldn't feel dull to more long term fans. The actual number available is probably pretty average for the genre but I guess it's the content of them that matters and map packs will be available to expand on them.

Zombies returns this time around! New game modes called Tranzit and Grief appear. In Tranzit you go around different places in a bus driven by a robot. Each place has different perks and guns. The power is hidden in a little shack, requiring you to build the switch, zombie hand included. Zombies has a flaw or two, but is otherwise very fun and addicting. It's nice to see these kinds of additions in the game. Sad to see that map offerings without map packs are notably fewer in number though. Hit detection can also be a little shaky at times so that's something to be careful of.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II is a very good game within the series. If you haven't already picked it up I suggest doing so. For $60 it is a good buy. Also with the release of DLC's it expands the experience. This is one game that should be on your want list.

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Keymoshy Nov 11, 13
Surprising that theirs only one review
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yeah, I was gunna review this at one point but I never got around to finishing it.
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