Call of Duty: Black Ops II Scorestreak Guide v1.06
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: : : : Call of Duty: Black Ops II Scorestreak Guide

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Scorestreak Guide

by SpaceWalker   Updated to v1.06 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Call of Duty: Black Ops II on the PS3, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PC version of the game.
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<<<<<<<<<<---------- SCORESTREAK GUIDE ---------->>>>>>>>>>


[Disclaimer] ----------------------------------------- [00]

Author: SpaceWalker
Copyright (C) SpaceWalker, November 2012. This guide is my
sole property; do not attempt to steal it, copy it or edit
it and use it as your owk work. This is fraud and I will
seek legal action. If you wish to put it on your website or
use this information, PM me and tell me your site address.
If you are allowed to use it, credit me as the sole author.

Contact me by PM on if necessary.


[Contents] ------------------------------------------- [01]

[00] -- Disclaimer (legal stuff, plus contact information)
[01] -- Contents (you're reading them now!)
[02] -- Version History (The FAQ's evolution)
[03] -- Introduction (Welcome one and all)
[04] -- Explanation (What the heck are scorestreaks?)
[05] -- Scorestreak Rewards (the real prizes)
  [5.01] -- UAV
  [5.02] -- RC-XD
  [5.03] -- Hunter Killer Drone
  [5.04] -- Care Package
  [5.05] -- Counter-UAV
  [5.06] -- Guardian
  [5.07] -- Hellstorm Missile
  [5.08] -- Lightning Strike
  [5.09] -- Sentry Gun
  [5.10] -- Death Machine
  [5.11] -- War Machine
  [5.12] -- Dragonfire
  [5.13] -- A.G.R.
  [5.14] -- Stealth Chopper
  [5.15] -- Orbital VSAT
  [5.16] -- Escort Drone
  [5.17] -- EMP Systems
  [5.18] -- Warthog
  [5.19] -- Lodestar
  [5.20] -- VTOL Warship
  [5.21] -- K9 Unit
  [5.22] -- Drone Swarm
[06] -- Credits (I love these people most of all)

(TIP: Use Ctrl + F on your keyboard to search specifically
 for the item you want information on!)


[Version History] ------------------------------------ [02]

V 1.01 -- Completed the main guide (in just 3 days! Woo!),
          and uploaded it to Neoseeker. Thankfully, it was
V 1.05 -- Added additioonal info regarding Scorestreak
          boosting actions. This section was added, too!
V 1.06 -- Corrected an error regarding the Warthog.


[Introduction] --------------------------------------- [03]

Hey guys, welcome to my first Call of Duty FAQ! This guide
will detail and explain everything you need to know about
the new Scorestreak system, which differs from the old
Killstreak system as well as from MW3's Pointstreak system.
I will also detail all of the possible scorestreak rewards
as well as their uses, capabilities and the best strategies
to use with them. Happy reading!


[Explanation] ---------------------------------------- [04]

The Scorestreak system is a brand new system with which to
unlock powerful tools to aid you in combat in Call of Duty:
Black Ops II's expansive Multiplayer mode. Scorestreaks are
based on the old Killstreak system of previous COD games,
but differ in one key way; Kills are no longer the only way
to access the sweet rewards they have to offer. Players can
earn score for their current Scorestreak in several ways;
so far, the following ways have been discovered:

- Killing an enemy Player (+100 Points)
- Killing a K9 Unit dog (+15 points... I think)
- Assists (+25 or +50 points depending on the damage dealt)
- UAV Assists / CUAV / VSAT Assists (+10 Points)
- Deploying any Scorestreak Reward (minimum +25 points)
- Planting a Bomb in objective game modes (+200 points)
- Defusing a Bomb in objective game modes (+200 Points)
- Letting your planted bomb detonate (+300 points)
- Capturing a flag in CTF or Domination (+200 points)
- Guardian Suppression (+10 points)
- Kills with a Scorestreak Reward (+15 or +25 Points)
- Destroying enemy Equipment (+50 points)
- Attacking or Defending an objective (+25 points)
- Destroying enemy SS. Rewards (minimum +50 points)

Scorestreaks will continue to tally and add up as you gain
a larger and larger scorestreak in a single life. If you
gain enough points to access all three of your chosen
Scorestreak Rewards, your tally will reset and allow you to
attempt to unlock them all again. However, dying will also
reset your tally, so smart play, strategy and a little luck
are generally needed to access the higher-level rewards.


[Scorestreak Rewards] -------------------------------- [05]

In multiplayer, players start at level 1 with the UAV, Care
Package and Hellstorm Missile as their active scorestreak
rewards, and must level up to at least level 7 in order to
choose alternate rewards from those default ones. These
rewards are not unlocked sequentially, and as such I do not
know which levels unlock which rewards. Once a reward is
available, you must unlock it with an Unlock token in order
to use it in your Scorestreak Reward loadout. Up to three
rewards can be added to your loadout at any time, though
you can take less if you prefer (though why you would, I
have no idea).

All scorestreak rewards are freely available to you from
Level 1 in Local matches and Local Combat Training, which
makes them a great way to test out scorestreak rewards
before you spend an unlock token on them online. Experiment
with them and see what rewards you prefer. You might be

Here is the low-down on the stats and abilities of the
Scorestreak Rewards:

Scorestreak Requirement: How many points your scorestreak
                         must accumulate to before this
                         unit becomes useable. Note that
                         units dropped from a Care Package
                         can be used regardless of your
                         current scorestreak.
Computer-Controlled:     Whether the computer will
                         automatically use this unit's
                         capabilities or not.
Player-Controlled:       Whether the player can control
                         the unit from a remote location.
Can Be Destroyed:        Can this unit be blown up without
                         causing harm to the player?
Deployable:              Whether the unit can be deployed
                         to deal damage from a particular
Stationary:              Whether this unit stays in one
                         spot or moves around the map.
Aerial:                  Whether this unit is based in the
                         air or on the ground.
Threat Level:            The potential danger this unit
                         directly poses to the opposition,
                         based on damage capabilities and
                         time spent on the battlefield.

I will also write an in-depth description of the unit's
exact capabilities, as well as the best strategy for using
them when their capabilities will be most useful to you and
your team. Finally, there will be a nice ACSII art of that
rewards' in-game icon. Enjoy!

>>>>> [UAV] -----------------------------------------[5.01]

Scorestreak Requirement: 350
Lasts for:               30 seconds or until destroyed
Computer-Controlled:     YES
Player-Controlled:       NO
Can Be Destroyed:        YES
Deployable:              NO
Stationary:              NO
Aerial:                  YES
Threat Level:            ZERO

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is a drone which flies around
the battlefield at a medium distance, scanning the area
every few seconds for enemies. While the UAV is active, a
red blip will appear on the radar to indicate a nearby
enemie's most recent position as of the most recent radar
sweep. Deploying multiple UAVs on the same team at the same
time will cause the frequency of the scans to markedly
increase, making it easier to detect moving enemies.

Note that enemies with the Ghost perk are immune to the UAV
radar sweeps as long as they are not statiionary. They are
also not indicated on the minimap if they are currently
in control of a player-controlled scorestreak.

The UAV does not possess flares and has little armour, so
a single locked-on rocket or some well-places shots from a
Light Machine Gun or Assault Rifle will fell it easily. The
UAV also possesses zero offensive capabilities, and as such
cannot deal any direct harm other than giving your team a
strategic advantage. It shares this trait with the Counter-
UAV and the Orbital VSAT.

UAVs now allow you to collect additional score in the form
of "UAV Assists". While you have a UAV in the sky, all
accumulated by your teammates will give you an additional
10 points to your scorestreak (and of course, 10 XP). While
it may not sound like much, it can quickly add up and allow
you to access higher scorestreak rewards considerably
faster than you would without it, especially on intense
firefights such as in Domination or Hardpoint game modes.

When you have a UAV available, try not to send it out if
there is already a teammate's UAV out, as the increased
blip frequency is not as useful as an additional 30 seconds
of radar advantage, especially early on in battle when both
teams most likely have similar scores. The exception to
this rule would be if the opposing team is utilising Ghost
a lot, in which case the increased radar frequency will
give your team a much better chance of seeing an opponent
who may have stopped momentarily to, for example, cook a
grenade or snipe.

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>>>>> [RC-XD] ---------------------------------------[5.02]

Scorestreak Requirement: 450
Lasts for:               30 seocnds or until exploded
Computer-Controlled:     NO
Player-Controlled:       YES
Can Be Destroyed:        YES
Deployable:              NO
Stationary:              NO
Aerial:                  NO
Threat Level:            LOW

The RC-XD is a returning reward from the first Black Ops.
Essentially, this sends out an RC (remote control) toy car
with C4 strapped on the back and a camera on the front. It
has a surprisingly lethal payload for such an early reward,
but has the issue of being almost useless against opponents
utilising the Flak Jacket perk. However, in general you can
expect to get a kill with this reward every time you use
its destructive capabilities. In addition, it packs an
afterburner to give you a one-time speed boost, allowing
you to zip towards an enemy and blow them up before they
have time to respond.

The RC-XD has a fatal flaw in that it has zero armour - in
fact it has even less HP than your own frail flesh and
blood on the battlefield. While the car moves quite quickly
and is fairly agile in the hands of a skilled player, it is
still easily shot down by wily opponents before it can get
close enough to blow someone up.

Since you are in control of the RC-XD the entire time, you
must make sure your own body is safely tucked away out of
the opposing team's line of sight before you start driving
it around.

When using this reward, make sure you keep an eye out for
foes utilising Flak Jacket, which weakens the blast
significantly and all but guarantees their survival from
even point-blank range. Try and go through hidden or narrow
passages where opponents will have a hard time spotting it
or responding as the threat of your car approaches them,
giving you a much better chance of nabbing a kill (or even
two!). If there is an opposing player who is racking up
scorestreaks quickly, it might be best to focus on getting
the car to him and blowing him up before he can bring out a
more dangerous reward. Boost can really help if you decide
to do this.

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>>>>> [Hunter Killer Drone] -------------------------[5.03]

Scorestreak Requirement: 525
Lasts for:               30 seconds or until exploded
Computer-Controlled:     YES
Player-Controlled:       NO
Can Be Destroyed:        NO
Deployable:              YES* (see below)
Stationary:              NO
Aerial:                  YES
Threat Level:            LOW-MODERATE

The Hunter Killer Drone is a handheld drone packing an
explosive warhead in its nose. Once deployed - you must
throw it up into the air instead of down towards the ground
- it will automatically fly in a large circle, too small,
fast and far away for your weaponry to hit it. Once it locks
onto a member of the opposition, it will divebomb them and
deliver its playload with startling speed and accuracy.

It is worth noting that despite being explosive, its blast
is very small and thus it will be unlikely to nab you more
than one kill per drone. However, it is also unliekly for
anybody to survive the explosion, even with Flak Jacket,
due to the high power and 100% change of a direct hit
guaranteeing a maximum-damage strike. Finally, foes which
are packing the Blind Eye perk will not be targeted by the
HKD, which really stops it from being quite as powerful or
threatening as it could be.

When deploying this drone, ensure that there are at least
two or three opponents outside buildings; the HKD cannot
see or hit opponents through walls, and unless opponents are
standing next to open windows or doorways they will not be
spotted unless in the clear open. Communicating with your
team that you need buildings cleared before sending out the
drone is an excellent idea, as spawned enemies will likely
be stuck outside and defenseless against the drone. If you
are confident in your ability to get 2 or more drones in one
game, a good idea is to save them up and then send them all
out at the same time late in the battle. Nabbing multiple
HKD kills can either extend your team's lead enough that the
opposition cannot catch them, or give your team a leg-up and
possibly an out-of-the-blue victory.

@M@B@B@B@@@B@B@MBM@B@B@B@B@7  :ivYG@@B@B@B@B@B@B@@@B@BMZSv7vvri.,U@B@B@B@B@
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@@          .iYO@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@@@BM0Y,   .::rrr: r81uJYJqPMB@
@@. .ir18@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@@@@@B@B@B@BXL:         :ZS2SuUY u@B
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>>>>> [Care Package] --------------------------------[5.04]

Scorestreak Requirement: 550
Lasts for:               Until used
Computer-Controlled:     YES* (see below)
Player-Controlled:       YES* (see below)
Can Be Destroyed:        YES* (see below)
Deployable:              NO
Stationary:              YES (after dropped from helicopter)
Aerial:                  NO (after dropped from helicopter)
Threat Level:            MINIMAL* (see below)

The Care Package is a very unique Scorestreak Reward. Once
you have access to it, you can deploy a coloured smoke
flare which will call in a helicopter. If the helicopter
is not shot down, it will hover over the flare and drop off
a metal crate. The crate may contain any of the other score
-streak rewards in it, although the low-level ones are far
more likely. Once the box is deployed, hold [] (PS3) or X
(X-Box 360) to access the sweet sweet contents which, no
matter the usual scorestreak requirement for using them,
can be accessed once, at any time, even after death. Note
that unlike in previous COD games, the care package is lost
if the helicopter is blown up.

If you have the Engineer perk, you can shuffle the contents
of the crate (only once per crate) to try for a superior or
more preferred reward. However this isn't generally
recommended unless you get a UAV or RC-XD, since there is
not a great chance of getting a great reward and you might
even get somethign worse. Engineers can also rig the
opposing team's care package to explode when one of them
tries to open it, though getting hold of one can be quite
the challenge. You can often get a nifty double or triple
kill this way, and the cries of despair they'll make can be
a great wave of comfort if you are having a bad day!

When calling down a care package, make sure that your foes
aren't sending down any Hellstorm Missiles or HKDs, and try
to call it down as far away from the battle as you can. Get
into a safe spot so that you can grab the care package
before an opponent (or even a teammate!) grabs it. Losing
that VTOL Warship prize you just summoned to a greedy
teammate might just make you pull your hair out!

MGMOMMMOMOMOMOMOBB@BBB@B870Bv7X2uNMF;iY77v   ,:.rJi.:ivi  ..:i::i@@MOOMOMOM
OMOMOMOMBBB@B@BB7Yr:Jk51XSB@:  ,J1JLriiir1L, .,,,r77,.712J7v77vuiiB@MM8MOMO
OMOMMBB@Z1i :uUP7r0@OBM8Z2F0i,7qP5S8MBB@MOu::PM@OGFk7, .:i;ri7LUviiL2MBMOMO
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G88BBU  vOMBOBB@BqLNEUuUv2@@UkN0ZGEZYuBE7r::iiLPF0BYi7vF7   .iru50jir75OZZE
GE8GP: X@B@B@B1U25PXNqMMkX@B5FO0M8OZUU@Pi:::i:;2qSBv7k5SOX7::  ,JqvJ8Pq0E0G

>>>>> [Counter-UAV] ---------------------------------[5.05]

Scorestreak Requirement: 600
Lasts for:               30 seconds or until destroyed
Computer-Controlled:     YES
Player-Controlled:       NO
Can Be Destroyed:        YES
Deployable:              NO
Stationary:              NO
Aerial:                  YES
Threat Level:            ZERO

The Counter-UAV is an unmammed aerial drone that flies in a
similar fashion to the UAV, and indeed also affects Radar.
However, instead of directly assisting the user's team, it
instead debilitates the opposing team by shutting down all
of the opponent's minimaps for the duration of its flight.
This can be a powerful tool, and indeed many players who
rely on UAV or VSAT assistance will find themselves almost
helpless to their opposition's strategic advantage. As a
side-note, the CUAV will also net you 10-point Assists just
like the UAV does.

The CUAV has the same issues as the UAV though - it has no
defensive flares and only light armour, so a single lock-on
rocket or a few good hits with an LMG or Assault Rifle will
bring it down with the quickness. Finally, the CUAV has no
effect on players utilising the Hard-Wired perk, though
thankfully this is not a commonly-used perk.

When you have access to the CUAV, it is best to hang on to
it for a little while and wait until the opposition brings
out their UAV or, better still, an Orbital VSAT. Since an
Orbital VSAT is such a powerful strategic advantage and is
untouchable by rockets, a CUAV is the only way to shut it
down. Indeed, many players who use the CUAV save one or two
of them per match solely for the chance to shut down an
opposing Orbital VSAT for a while. If your team is winning,
the opponent's chances of bringing out a VSAT are slim, so
send this out whenever you like and make your killing spree
even easier!

@@B@B@B@@@B@B@@@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@@@B@@kP@B@@@M@@@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@ki...:   BB@B@B
@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@BGS@@@@GM@Z5ruB@B@B@@@B@@@@@Ev.   ., :FUOBB@@@
@@B@@@B@B@B@@@B@@@B@@@B@B@B@B@BMZZSMM77J8@B@B@B@B@B@@@Mui:. ,i:..:5@B@B@B@B
@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@@@BBL. ...:jPM@@@@@@@@BBL:,::irL:.i@BPB@@@B@@@
@B@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B2vJkGB@B@@@qiii::.iJ: .....:,.:L: iB@B@@@B@@@B@B@
B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@iiii...i       YMi. .M@FG@@@B@B@B@B@@
@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@@@B@@@B@O::vri,          Yq: @B@M@B@B@B@B@B@B@
B@B@B@@@B@@@B@B@B@@@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@uJu7i::7;.         .v: ZB@B@B@B@B@B@B@B
@B@B@B@@@@@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@BBXv:iu0vri:7O@@MuL:     ,vii@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@
B@B@B@B@B@@@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@NFvr:i:r7:;vjGr   7EXr.,,.     ..kB@B@@@B@B@@@B
@B@@@@@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@@@@NJJ7::.:Pvi;ji      .   .7Jj7::.       E@B@@@@@B@B@
B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@qY:..::i:rv:ir     :7kB@B@8r.:r7kPu: ,.     Y@B@B@B@B@B
@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@BM1r:ii.::i,     .:vJ7Z@B@B@B@B@B@B@1S1XL77r:.    u@@@B@B@@@
B@B@B@@@B@@@8Uvr:::,.,   .:vP8B@B@B@BE0@B@B@B@@@B@@@BM8EYvii::,. ;B@B@B@B@B
@B@B@B@BOLi:.       .:5:v@@@@@@B@B@B@@@B@@@@@B@B@B@@@@@@@BMO@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@
B@B@ENv.      ,: ,B@B@@@OBB@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@M
@B@.  . :i2E@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@BBMB

>>>>> [Guardian] ------------------------------------[5.06]

Scorestreak Requirement: 650
Lasts for:               Until destroyed
Computer-Controlled:     YES
Player-Controlled:       NO
Can Be Destroyed:        YES
Deployable:              YES
Stationary:              YES
Aerial:                  NO
Threat Level:            LOW-MODERATE

The Guardian is a personal favourite of mine among the low-
level Scorestreak Rewards. Essentially it is a deployable,
uni-directional dish which emits a beam of Microwaves in
whcihever direction you deploy it. It cannot swivel, but it
is an exceptionally usefultool for blocking off essential
exits and pathways, especially in objective-based game
modes. The Guardian's microwave beam has a medium range,
about on par with some shorter-range submachine guns, so
it can be used to completely cover even wider exits (such
as the bridge area in Meltdown).

The Guardian does not outright kill enemies who walk into
its field of heat; when an enemy walks in front of it and
is within its range, it will begin 'cooking' the soldier,
who will be slowly harmed and have greatly-reduced
movement and turning speed. The cooking will give the
Guardian's deployer additional score towards his/her
scorestreak. If the enemy does not escape, he will die
and the guardian;s deployer will receive an additonal 25

when deploying a Guardian, it's important to ensure it is
facing _across_ a pathway, instead of down it, and hidden
behind a wall; players who spot the guardian will simply
either go around it or outright destroy it, as the
Guardian's armour, while able to take considerable bullet
fire, will be easily broken down by repeated explosive
attacks. Nevertheless, wily players who deploy this
reward in unexpected places can expect it to get many
kills, especially if placed in a position where the
easiest line of sight also puts the attacker directly in
harm's way of the Microwaves. However, poor players will
probably place the Guardian directly in an emey-infested
area and expect it to help it kill thing, which is not at
all a good idea; this is a defensive machine, not an
offensive one.

MMBBMBM@M7  ........ vk1jjYjYLvLvLvv7v77r7rrii::::,:uBqkk0EOMBB@@BMBBBMMMBM
BMBMBB@BBr    . . .. ,u2uYJLLLLvLvv7v777rr7;riiiii:.;O01F1F5SFX0MM@@@MMMBMB
MBBBMBB@B7   .       .v5uJLLvLLLvv7v77r7r7rri;iiii:.iBNkSXSS5F211SqqMBMMMBM
BMBMBM@@B;           .L52YJvLvLvL7v77r7rr;rir;i:iii.rBZFSkqSXSkF55u7OB@MBMB
BMMBMBB@8i           .7SUuLYLYvv7vv7r7rr;r;r;;ii:i:.i@ESSkSkSk5kSSuLM@MBMBB
BMBMBMB@G:            752LJvL7vr777r7r7rrrriiii:i:: :OGFkFkSS5kFXF1JMB@BBMB
MMMBMBB@0:            rFujLL7rr7iiiriiiririiiiii:::..JPqFS5k5S5XkP1UO@MBMBB
BMBMBM@@q,            r2uYLvvrNBO0Xuvii:::,,::iii::..7NPXFSFkFSSXXS2MB@MBMB
MMMMMBB@F.            ;5uJvv77X@MBB@B@BOk2Yvr::::::..JPNFk5SFkFX5k5SG@BBBMB
@MBMMM@BU             rUuLL7L77;rrvJFkGM@B@B@B1,,:: ,YPXPFSFkFk5F5S5NM@MBMB
MMMBMBB@J.            i5uYvLvL77rr:i:i:i:irJkMF:.:,.,YUkkS5SFXSSFSFSSBBBMMM
@MMMBM@@J             iJuYLvL7vr7r777ii:::::::::i::.,rL1qSF5SFSSkFS15M@BBMB
BBMBMBBBv            7FuJJvLvv77777v7ririiii::::::,..rr5PkFSFSFkFXS5jM@BMBM
BMMMMM@8r            LZuJvLvL7v77777vrririiiiii::::..:i20FFFS1kSXFk1uM@B@MB
MMMBMBB@Y            LE1LLvLLv777vr7rriiiiii:i::::,..,:SEP5SFkFXSk5F2BBBMMM
@MBMBMBB@U.          vGuYvLvL7v7v7777;;i;iiii:i::::...:2EkSFkkPSXXP5kO@MBMB
MMMBMMM@B@OY.        L01LLvLvv7v77777riiirii:i::::,. iN8XkFSSkkXkqPkFGMBMMM
BOBMBOBBBB@B@u:      70ULvLvL777777r7rri;ii:i::::::. i@OXkXFXFXSXkPXXkBBBMB
MMMBMMMBMBB@B@B1,    7qUvLvLvv7777r77riii;iiii::::,. iMG5XSkkPkXSPkqF58@MMM
BMBMBMMMBMBMBB@B@j.  uNJLLL7v7777r7rrrriiiriii:::::, :MZXSXSXkPkPkXqkjOBBMB

>>>>> [Hellstorm Missile] ---------------------------[5.07]

Scorestreak Requirement: 700
Lasts for:               Until impact
Computer-Controlled:     NO
Player-Controlled:       YES
Can Be Destroyed:        NO
Deployable:              NO
Stationary:              NO
Aerial:                  YES
Threat Level:            MODERATE

The Hellstorm Missile is an intriguing take on the Modern
Warfare series' Predator Missile reward. The HSM is a
player-controlled Air-to-Surface missile laucnhes from high
above the battlefield. When launched, players are able to
send it towards any target on the map... with one key
difference from the old Predator.

The HSM is actually not a single missile, but rather a
Clusterbomb payload which can be separated at any time
during the Air-to-Surface flight. When separated, the
individual smaller missiles will fly towards the ground and
cover a much greater area than it would if the payload was
not separated; the missile CAN be used like the Predator if
it is not separated, but this is not recommended. In
addition, some of the individual missiles may home in on
enemies within the HSM's field of view, so enemies may be
completely unable to escape the attack. Flak Jacket does
NOT protect from this instant-killing payload, but enemies
with the Cold-Blooded perk will not be highlighted and thus
the Hellstorm's clusterbombs will not lock on to them.
Cold-Blooded players can still be killed if they are in
the blast zone, though, so even that isn't a guaranteed
safety net from the Hellstorm.

When utilising the Hellstorm, ALWAYS use the clusterbomb
payload instead of just hititng the ground directly. The
resulting explosions will cover a much wider area as well
as potentially locking on enemies, giving a much more
effective killing zone. Additionally, ensure that several
enemies are outside at the same time so that you have a
better chance of racking up multiple kills, which is the
best reaosn to use the Hellstorm in the first place;
achieving a single kill within the blast radius of this
devastating one-shot attack is essentially a waste of a
missile, so sending down a Hellstorm is much better when
your own team is in control of msot of the building cover
in the map.

@B@@@B@BM  .i:i:::rruFPU1LSZ@B@Zrir7@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@@@B@
@B@@@B@MrZ@B@B@B@B@B@Xi,:ir7Yrrrr7Lv7:.   rFO@@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@@@@@
B@B@@@@@B@@@@@@@B@B@B@B@B17LvqB0Lrrv7i:iiiiiirr7UO8u;.    .NB@B@B@B@B@B@B@B
@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@BNir70B@B@B0qYiF1vi:::::iuU,:.         uB@B@B@B@B@B@
B@B@@@B@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@B@virZB@@@B@B@B@B@B@027i:iuv               M@@B@@@B@B
@B@B@B@BBB@MBB@B@BBB@B@B@1MB@B@B@B@B@@@@@@@B@BNU1L                 J@B@B@@@

>>>>> [Lightning Strike] ----------------------------[5.08]

Scorestreak Requirement: 750
Lasts for:               Until detonation
Computer-Controlled:     NO
Player-Controlled:       YES
Can Be Destroyed:        NO
Deployable:              NO
Stationary:              NO
Aerial:                  YES
Threat Level:            MODERATE

The Lightning Stike is a much-needed upgrade to Black Ops
1's awful Mortar Team reward. This reward allows you to
'Lock On' to any 3 points on the map, after which 3 super
fast jet fighters will blitz those areas with deadly bombs.
Flak-Jacket can protect from these explosions at a small
distance (a direct hit from the bombs will always kill),
but generally not much is going to survive the blasts. The
jets are far too fast to be shot down, so do not worry
about rocket launchers ruining your fun.

First of all, the Lightning Strike is incredibly popular
in objective-based game modes - most notably Domination,
which has 3 objective points, allowing you to blitz every
objective at once and allow your team to take total control
of the map. Notably, it can also be used to instantly blow
apart snipers and other campers who may be difficult to
detect, saving your team from a deadly sniper or preventing
a camper from racking up a high scorestreak. Unfortunately,
and in a similar fashion to the Hellstorm Missile, it is
absolutely useless against enemies holed up in buildings
(unless they are next to an opening, as is the case with
most snipers).

@M@B@@@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@FiG@B@B@B@B@B@@@B@@8u: 7@@B@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@
B@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@@@@@B@BF.uB@B@B@@@B@B@B@L     B@B@@@B@@@@@B@B@B@B@B@B
@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@@@@@B@B@B@B@O,:MB@@@B@B@B@E:      U@B@@@B@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@@@
B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@BM  r@B@B@B@Bu.    .  r@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@@@B
@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@M...N@B@8r    ,:,:,:.r@@B@B@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@
B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@@@B@B@L, :S1:    ...,:::,: .7ZB@B@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@@@B
@B@B@B@@@B@@@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B5,ir,  .::.., ....,..:.   .LUM@B@B@@@B@B@@@B@
B@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@BNJ7:r2Sv:.:.,:;:.::,::i:            7G@@@B@B@B@B
@B@@@B@B@B@B@@@B@B@@@B@B. , ,ir7vLUr::::,:i:rii::                   iP@B@B@
B@@@@@B@B@B@B@B@@@B@B@r .LLLv77vvYuF57r7:.rr:...   ,::.                  ,B
@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@Xr .7MB@BBqU7riir770OZFLr7vUF17r:,    7F2; :.         O@
@@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@BO:i;u7 B@1PE@BBi...  :7;7uqv7;i:,..     rjUr .,.:iLYSB@B@B
@B@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@0NMOB i@    LOELrkGMMOX5FP1uu5kqPqSk2555S8M@B@@@B@B@B@@@B@
B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@BM2@S@.      i0EM@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@@@@@B@@@B@B@@@B@B@B@@
@B@@@B@B@@@@@B@BOM8::v1PL.;7  7B@@@@BGEE@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@@@B@B@
B@B@@@B@B@B@B@Gr ::...  :Lui.:vXB@B@u. iZ@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@B@@@B@B@@@B@B@B@B@B
@B@B@B@@@B@B1,  .,      iJF1@BSvj7r:.:FB@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@
@@@@B@B@B@k,   ..   ,vO@B@@@@@@@@GSEB@B@B@B@B@B@B@@@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B
@M@B@B@Bv.  .    :XB@@@B@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@@@B@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@
BM@@BMY       iMB@B@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@B@M
@B@M:     i7G@@B@B@B@@@B@BBB@B@B@B@@@B@@@B@BBBBB@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@BMM@BBMM

>>>>> [Sentry Gun] ----------------------------------[5.09]

Scorestreak Requirement: 800
Lasts for:               Until destroyed
Computer-Controlled:     YES
Player-Controlled:       YES
Can Be Destroyed:        YES
Deployable:              YES
Stationary:              YES
Aerial:                  NO
Threat Level:            MODERATE-HIGH

A returning fan-favourite that has been around since MW2,
the Sentry Gun is a deployable swivelling turret equipped
with a devastating minigun. The Sentry can swivel about 45
degrees in either direction from directly forward, and it
is also equipped with a Laser Sight for increased accuracy.
The Sentry packs quite a punch and players would be wise to
stay out of its LOS or face eating several tons of lead in
a few short seconds. Futhermore, the Sentry Gun is no
longer OHKOed by a Knife attack anymore, and will no longer
vanish over time - the only way to get rid of it is to blow
it up with heavy LMG fire or a few explosive attacks.

The only issue the Sentry really has is that is cannot turn
in every direction - it can fire at enemies around a 90
degree arc and nothing more. Because of this weakness, it
would be wise not to put it directly in the middle of a
battlefield. The Sentry has an impressive fire rate and can
vaporise enemies in front of it, but it is defenseless from
the back.

An excellent new feature is that the Sentry Gun may now be
controlled by you personally! If you don't want to rely on
the CPU's mediocre AI and would prefer downing enemies with
the Sentry yourself, you are free to do so at the cost of
your own personal safety. This is completely optional and
you can switch between AI or Player-Control modes by simply
holding down the Reload button (Square or X).

When deploying the Sentry Gun, think of it as a Guardian
with a long range and the ability to swivel; thus it should
be used to cover entrances or lines of sight that are too
dangerous for your frial human bodies to risk covering. The
Sentry works better at a medium rnage than a short range,
as it needs about half a second to spin up to speed before
it can fire at enemies, and an enemy at close range will
get behind it before it can begin firing at them. Unlike
the guardian, its long range and good accuracy allow it to
be effective when FACING a path as opposed to facing across
an entrance. Furthermore, its decently wide swivel arc lets
it cover almost any angle when places in the corner of a
room, so it can be used to guard stairs or open exits in
that regard if you so choose it.

One excellent strategy is to save a Guardian and a Sentry
Gun to use at the same time; the Sentry Gun will fire on
the opposiiton down a pathway, while the Guardian covers
the exit and the vulnerable rear of the Sentry Gun so that
any enemy attempting to attack it from behind is quickly
roasted, leaving the Sentry Gun free to fire on the poor
soldiers below.

@MBBBB@B@BM2PFv775jMBB@B@@@@@BB7vFM5JZ:   L@OJi. OL i1SuuB@@@M@BBB@B@B@B@B@
MMM@B@B@1r7.:rru27.i Y 0MBB@Xi  i8:7,@B. :i:. ,rrZBv70iiOU:PB@B@M@B@B@B@B@B
@B@B@BOi,vMOMB@B@B@@@O:P.vr   r,rO:ruB@SL. .rkGNk2MBY     :M@B@BBMBM@B@B@B@
@M@@@ .:Y5MBk         , ,B@@@B@M@BL:: EB@BZkP2qOMMBM@B@B@B@BBMBBBB@B@M@M@MB
B@B@Y:ivY;M@BqvY77r:     01.j@B@Bk77  :NO@BMM@@BB@B@B@B@BBB@B@M@B@B@BBB@B@M
@B@B ....:MB@5  .,,:r.rN  .:@BM8BF7@;  ,7L0O@F, @B@B@B@B@BBBBMBB@M@MBBBBBBM
@BO iq@@MJLLS, i@BES   i.;@B@B@@@B@@@@.ii:i:i       @B@B@M@M@MBBBBBM@BBMBMM
@MZ1virr5Pq58v  ..::  O  75Z 7@B@@@B@B@B@@@BMk@B@B@@@BBB@BBMBMBMBMBMBMMMBMM
BZi7rvYuuP5FZv   .,.  L. iB@iX@MqP15O@Oi7  GB@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@MBMBMBMBMBMMMMO
@EiLLJJk2Uj1Ni        @E   BB:  B2F@k  5  r@BOi:vUJYj@2  @BM8OGOGMOMOMOO88G
@krrjkBOuuU2E:         Mi  P@S  EEuBPMu   XBL v5   :XE.  L@MO8O8OOOOMOOZMGO

>>>>> [Death Machine] -------------------------------[5.10]

Scorestreak Requirement: 850
Lasts for:               Until ammo supply reaches Zero
Computer-Controlled:     NO
Player-Controlled:       YES
Can Be Destroyed:        NO
Deployable:              NO
Stationary:              NO
Aerial:                  NO
Threat Level:            MODERATE

A returning rare reward from Black Ops 1, the Death Machine
is now an easily-accessible individual reward rather than
simply a rare Care Package reward. Essentially, you walk
aroudn with a Sentry Gun's minigun in your hands (minus the
laser sight, unfortunately) which, after a short spin-up,
will wreak devastation on any enemy in a short or medium
range; and this time you dont need to call down a Care
Package to use it! Finally, the Death Machine no longer
vanishes when you die - only when it runs out of ammo - so
don't fret if you miss a vital kill. But there are still
some issues.

Firstly, it is neither is powerful nor as accurate as it
was in the previous game, so it will not kill targets as
quickly or reliably as your would like it to. Seocndly,
it is as heavy as the largest-caliber LMGs and Sniper
Rifles, so your movement speed is slowed down to a crawl
(even with the Lightweight perk. Finally, it has a
suprisingly limited ammunition supply, which will run dry
after a few kills (or misses?) and remove the minigun from
your arms.

When you bring out the minigun, it is best to be at a good
vantage point where your bullet hose can suppress an enemy
offense, such as a building overlooking an open area. You
can also act like a lesser-armoured Sentry Gun and guard
important entrances. Whatever you do, make sure you are
ready to spion up at a moments notice, as the short delay
can often be your downfall. Nevertheless it is a lethal
and devatstaing weapon in the right hands and a wily
player can hose down entire teams in seconds if he can
avoid detection.

OOMMMMM@B@B:  Y@B@BBMMOBMMOMMMM@B@B@B@B@B@B2   7M@BY     r@@i .     B@N q@M
MOBOBB@BS       iL@B@OOMBB@M@B@B@BOM@@L:.     .S@Bv       ir   ..:, :viL@MM
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M8B@B77i1:   ,@B@BBM@Or.7,jP  i. ;, iruFPuu0Ov.Z@B@MMOOMBUqBBMBBBMMOMOMOOOO
O8M@v.vv,71r0@B@MMMBBS.:i::P: 7: :5r:irvYvvL;:kBOMOMOMOOB@OO8M8M8BOMOMOMOM8

>>>>> [War Machine] ---------------------------------[5.11]

Scorestreak Requirement: 900
Lasts for:               Until ammo supply reaches Zero
Computer-Controlled:     NO
Player-Controlled:       YES
Can Be Destroyed:        NO
Deployable:              NO
Stationary:              NO
Aerial:                  NO
Threat Level:            MODERATE-HIGH

A sort of explosive counterpart to the Death Machine, the
War Machine is a semi-automatic Grenade Launcher. Yeah, you
read that right. With 24 grenades and a 6-round clip, your
enemies will quickly feel the sting as this souped-up
Noobtube decimates their forces and blows apart objectives.
Brought into the battlefield like the Death Machine but
lighter, instantaneous and explosive, the War Machine is
in many people's eyes vastly superior to its Minigun-based
counterpart. Remember that, as a grenade launcher, the
rounds will not explode unless they have travelled about
20 feet or so (although a direct hit to the torso will
still OHKO) so medium-long rnage is the way to go when you
bring this thing out. Finally, it is only a similar weight
to an Assault Rifle, so you are not drastically slowed by
this weapon.

This noobtube has a huge range and surprisingly amazing
accuracy, even for a grenade launcher, although taking
potshots at long range is not advised. Flak Jacket will
forever be this weapon's greatest nemesis, as even a direct
hit isn't likely to deal great damage, but otherwise you
can expect any enemy you meet to fall in one or two shots
even if your aim is terrible.

When using this weapon, which like the DM only vanishes
when your ammo runs dry, it is a great idea to set up shop
in a high vantage point (such as a second-floor window
overlooking the battlefield). Then you can simply down any
opponent foolish enough to appear in your field of vision.
Alternatively, bring it out during a Domination battle and
smite any opponents who think they can stop your team from
taking the objectives! Remember that, like the DM, this
weapon's potency is affected by the holder's skill, so if
you aren't a good aim and prefer CPU-controlled rewards,
skip this one.

BMMBMMMMMBM@BBMBMBMBB@MG..7Jirri:L7SB@@8Li:.LGi  rqOZ888PkkqkPkjvv72X0Z@M@B
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MGO@8:.uu  :::  7Zqjrrr7rrvFJ:::rjvL.      .N@OMOMOOOMOO8O88GMGOOMOMOMG8Z8Z

>>>>> [Dragonfire] ----------------------------------[5.12]

Scorestreak Requirement: 975
Lasts for:               1 minute or until destroyed
Computer-Controlled:     NO
Player-Controlled:       YES
Can Be Destroyed:        YES
Deployable:              NO
Stationary:              NO
Aerial:                  YES
Threat Level:            MODERATE-HIGH

The Dragonfire is a small, player-controlled Quadrotor
drone equipped with a machine gun. It has been a highly
anticipated Scorestreak Reward since it was first seen in
the reveal trailer for Black Ops II, and thankfully it
(mostly) lives up to the hype. The Dragonfire is actually a
very versatile reward and is the only Aerial unit that can
be used effectively inside buildings (though only larger
buildings). Its machine gun is not as powerful as, say, the
Sentry Gun, but it pacls a punch and the Dragonfire is also
incredibly agile, allowing a more skilled player to dodge
even locked-on rockets and keep fighting.

It has a few issues though; firstly, you will quickly find
yourself overwhelmed if you try taking on more than, say,
two opponents at the same time with this thing; its gun is
not devastating like the aforementioned Sentry Gun, meaning
that multiple opponents will take longer than you would
like to dispose of. Furthermore, multiple opponents will
quickly down the fragile machine, which has little more
armour than the RC-XD and can be taken down swiftly by a
few LMGs or ARs all firing at the same time; a single
rocket can also demolish the quadrotor.

When you start controlling the Dragonfire, make sure you
take advantage of its key strengths: its small size and
incredible agility. It is not an overwhelming force of
pure destruction, rather a tactical unit designed to pick
off pests like Snipers without the risk to your own life.
If you play to its strengths and dodge all the rockets and
bullets that come flying at you, you can seriously break
apart the strategies of even the most well-organised teams
by taking down Snipers, breaking apart Sentry Gun and
Guardians, and blowing up hazards like Claymores, leaving
room for your teammates to go in and clean up the mess.

EPPqXNXqXqXqPNXqPNPqPqXqqNPqXqXNXNPqqNq0qqP0NZGGZG00N0qN0MS:   ::.      2O0
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>>>>> [A.G.R.] --------------------------------------[5.13]

Scorestreak Requirement: 1000
Lasts for:               1 minute or until destroyed
Computer-Controlled:     YES
Player-Controlled:       YES
Can Be Destroyed:        YES
Deployable:              YES
Stationary:              NO
Aerial:                  NO
Threat Level:            HIGH

A devastating unit that, like the Sentry Gun, can be either
AI- or Player-Controlled, the Autonamous Ground Robot is a
powerful unit that it also a touch nut to crack. The A.G.R.
has solid armour that will take several explosive blasts to
crack open and can take weaker gunfire all day long;
outside of explosives, nothing short of an entire team of
LMGs is going to down this baby! Its weaponry is also very
debilitating to the opposing team; twin chainguns each as
powerful as a Sentry Gun leave nowhere for the opposition
to run and can decimate an entire team of skilled players
in seconds. Since this machine is mobile and can even move
up and down stairs, it can clear out buildings quickly and
efficiently with little danger of your own body being
mutilated by a hail of bullets.

Deciding whether to control it yourself or let the AI take
contorl is a more tactical decision, compared to the Sentry
Gun which is basically up to personal preference. If you
are keen to control the A.G.R. yourself, make sure that you
are good at spotting explosive or shock traps, players that
may throw EMP Grenades, and can swiftly take down heavy
gunners who use rocket laucnhers or LMGs. If you want to
let the AI take control, make sure you clear its path of
traps and EMP Grenade lobbers so the robot can wipe up the
mess and not worry about being shut down.

Once your A.G.R. is ready to deploy, it will arrive by Care
Package except that the crate will instantly open once it
hits the ground. The A.G.R. will then automatically fire on
enemies until they are either all dead or you take control
yourself. It is probably best to call it down in the middle
of a big firefight so it can help you take an objective or
assist you is racking up the team's killcount immediately,
but if your plan is to take control yourself it might be a
better option to bring it down just outside a building's
entrance. That way, you can take control, drive isnide and
easily clear out a building so your team can take point and
secure a good defensive position.

BBB@BBMBM@M2Lu7ii7ME. k@B@B@BM5LFF::Yuvr:77i2@B@B@BBOqP@MO5qM@M@B@B@B@B@B@B
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>>>>> [Stealth Chopper] -----------------------------[5.14]

Scorestreak Requirement: 1100
Lasts for:               1 minute or until destroyed
Computer-Controlled:     YES
Player-Controlled:       NO
Can Be Destroyed:        YES
Deployable:              NO
Stationary:              NO
Aerial:                  YES
Threat Level:            HIGH

Every COD game since the first Modern Warfare (barring
World at War) has featured an Attack Helicopter of some
form or another, and this is Black Ops 2's main entry. The
Stealth Chopper is a helicopter with a powerful multi-
directional machine gun equipped. Unlike the standar attack
helicoptor, the SC does not show up on enemy minimaps
thanks to its radar-fooling black paint, allowing it to
sneak onto the map and begin destroying the opposing team
members - and their morale - before they even know what's
hit them. Its machine gun is even stronger than the Sentry
Gun's, so anything the SC spots is going to die with the
quickness. However, opponents with the Blind Eye perk will
not be spotted by the chopper and thus are almost totally
safe from it outside of crossfire between it and another
player. The Stealth Chopper has one set of flares, but once
they have been used up aother rocket will easily bring it
down in a ball of fire and twisted metal.

When you bring out the Stealth Chopper, you can select its
starting position on the map, so it's best to have a UAV up
when you bring it out. This way, you can see where your
enemies are and unleash the SC on their unsuspecting asses
and gain several kills, and the opposition won't even put
up a fight! After that, it's a matter of protecting the SC
from any rocket-wielding maniacs that might want to shut
down your precious chopper, while it kills everything that
tries to attack you. Mutual benefits, no?

@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@@@B@B@Bi   @B@B@B:       .71N27uXkSXPOB@B@B@@@@@B@B@B@B@
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B@BO:  .2@B@@@@@B@@@B@B@B@B@Bv   :i:.:::  :UPPO@@@@:r@B@B:0@B@B@B@B@B@@@B@B
@Z   L@B@B@B@@@B@@@@@B@@@B@BY     .:i:7P1.   .v2@B@B2:7i. :B@@@B@@@@@@@B@B@
B8v@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@BN,:.      ,L: iM@v  rB@Bi     ,vO@@B@B@@@B@B@M
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>>>>> [Orbital VSAT] --------------------------------[5.15]

Scorestreak Requirement: 1200
Lasts for:               1 minute
Computer-Controlled:     YES
Player-Controlled:       NO
Can Be Destroyed:        NO
Deployable:              NO
Stationary:              N/A
Aerial:                  YES
Threat Level:            ZERO

The Orbital VSAT is a very powerful strategic advantage.
This amazing reward allows perfect location and directional
indicators for all enemies on the map, with the exception
of those that are weilding the Ghost perk and are moving.
Even Ghost users aren;t completely safe since all it takes
is to stop moving for half a second and their blip will
also show up temporarily! The VSAT gives your entire team
perfect reconnaissance on all enemy movements, allowing you
to take down anythign not packing Ghost with laughable ease
as your now-perfect minimap prevents any and all camping or
sneak attacks totally impossible as long as you are wary.
Since it is in space, it is also completely impossible to
take down and thus you are almost guaranteed to get a full
minute of this amazing reward's capabilities.

Unfortunately there is one thing that shuts this down - the
Counter-UAV. If you are planning on taking this scorestreak
it is STRONGLY recommeneded that you pack a lock-on rocket
launcher, so you can immediately destroy any CUAVs that are
launched to cancel out your VSAT. Other than that, there is
little strategy to this reward - just let it out and make
the next minute of battle compeltely in your team's favour!

B@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@BBB@B:       .,,.,,:  M@B
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@M@B@B@B@B@B@5ur.                rFB@Mu.:..  S@@@B@@@@  ;i:i. .ii,..  i@@MB
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@M@B@M@B@B@B .uYujJvv7rirr;:r  .     :;     .:vJkOMB@L  ..        .. r@B@BB
B@B@B@B@B@B1 JYLLYv7vLv7rrrYi.B@BZ          ::.::;u@B    . .:ii77777 Z@@B@B
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@B@B@B@B@F UUY5551XkF7:.;u; OBGB@BMXrj. @B.r,     ..i  .      :7qr.B@B@@@B@
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@B@B@@@O  :                ,UMS@@B :@r7B:  7: LL:.  rr::ujuvYvYr G@B@B@B@B@
@@@@B@BO     ;vL2ON:...rqiB@B@B@Br:EBJ:@B  r    r@MX7rriLuv7r7: ,@@@B@B@B@B
@M@B@@@@@ESF@B@BN5XPNqNN v@0iJ@B@E@NBB@B@u,: ii .7@BY.:LY       2@@B@B@B@B@
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@M@@@i NN5FkPu1X7rYii  r@B@B@B@B@BMB@7   2G0MZu7@BBFPPSr. ,;L,7B@@@B@B@B@MB
MMM@B.:kPFr  :..    .: 1B@M@B@B@B@B@B@BM7    .  ,1v7r:::i  r  M@B@B@M@MBBBM
MOB@@        ,i.r55PBGq@@B@B@B@@BM@B@B@B@Bk iB@r  , ;L7uMM@BBuJ;7E@MMMBMBMM

>>>>> [Escort Drone] --------------------------------[5.16]

Scorestreak Requirement: 1250
Lasts for:               1 minute or until destroyed
Computer-Controlled:     YES
Player-Controlled:       NO* (see below)	
Can Be Destroyed:        YES
Deployable:              NO
Stationary:              NO
Aerial:                  YES
Threat Level:            HIGH

Very similar to the Stealth Chopper, the Escort Drone is
a powerful but very visible unit that will send opponents
fleeing for cover. While it DOES show up on the minimap,
the advantage that this unit has is that, as an escort, it
will doggedly follow you and be your personal bodyguard,
firing upon anyone (even throguh windows) who is within
your vicinity. It is offensively and defensively identical
to the Stealth Chopper otherwise, with a powerful multi-
directional machine gun and one set of flares to protect
it from rockets. If you die while under the drone's
protectino, it will hurriedly rush to your spawn point to
attempt to protect you once again.

Really, there isn't much strategy to this one, but one
thing I highly recommend doing is making sure nobody gets
a high enough scorestreak to launch an EMP, which will
instantly down this, the SC, and the other, higher-level
aerial rewards. Another good point to make is that you
should stay out of buildings when you have this following
you, as it cannot easily protect you from danger if it
can't see you. Otherwise, treat it like an attack helo'
and you can't go far wrong.

BBB@@BM@BBM@B@Ur.iGM1UUYi,,jB@B@B@B@B@X       5@B@B@B@@@@@B@B@B@MBM@M@B@BBM
@M@B@@@@@B@@@@@J:1PuLPBEu::YOPMB@B@B@r           rBB@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@@@@@B@
B@@@B@B@B@BB@@B@BGvuU7P@B@kXi  iB@BO  .i        r: i0@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B
@B@B@B@@@B@B@B@B17uM@ML.:Fq;.:, 7Gk ii.  ,r.vO8qOB1   :O@B@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@
B@B@B@B@B@B@B@8vrG8EB@BOi.i..i;:.   .::,.:i..2B@EEBBi    @@@B@B@B@B@B@@@B@B
@B@B@B@B@B@B@FrvB@@M@B@B@OO0X1U7i 2P7  .iri.. :Z@B@BM7    MB@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@
B@B@B@B@B@BMLuUB@@@@B@B@B@B@B@@@MvrNBO7  ,::::  LU.  .1r   j@@B@@@@@B@B@@@B
@B@B@B@B@B@MB@@B@B@B@@@@@B@NMB@@@@2i:.. .  .. ..       ri   LB@B@B@B@@@@@B@
@@@@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@@@OMM@B@B@v  ..        .,::   .     ;8B@B@B@B@B@B
@B@B@@@B@B@@@@@B@B@B@@@B@B@EvU8M@B@B@Bv..           :            YBB@B@B@B@
B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@@@MMEPr:.                     i@B@B@B@M
@M@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@@@B@BBM@B@B5UGqY::.               J@B@B@@@BB
B@B@B@@@B@B@B@B@@@@@B@B@B@B@@@YrJ@B@B@M@BMPq8BB@Okr:             .N@B@B@B@M
BM@B@B@B@B@BBB@M@M@M@B@M@B@M; ...:iX@B@B@OMNONqXqkkNEL7:.    .:..  q@B@@@BB
BMB@BBBBBBB@B@M@BBMBB@BBB@,  ....,. ,0B@BMOMXuu8FLUFqX77vu7r: ..,Li:O@B@BBM
BOBMBM@B@B@B@B@B@BBM@B@B@M7.  ,       7BEBGvuJu2JLFJuv..:,:,:iLB@@@ .M@B@BM
MMMMMBMBB@BBMBMBM@B@BBMBM@@@P     ,ii.  r@B1ii7i77:iiji:i,,i7@@q ,Bv7@B@MBM

>>>>> [EMP Systems] ---------------------------------[5.17]

Scorestreak Requirement: 1300
Lasts for:               1 minute
Computer-Controlled:     NO
Player-Controlled:       NO
Can Be Destroyed:        NO
Deployable:              NO
Stationary:              N/A
Aerial:                  N/A
Threat Level:            ZERO

Either fairly useless or devastatingly debilitating, the
EMP Systems reward is a potent Scorestreak Reward. The EMP
is a one-time use reward that sends out a sort of magnetic
field explosion. The EMP Systems will instantly down any of
the following units:
- Hunter Killer Drone
- Counter-UAV
- Guardian
- Sentry Gun
- Dragonfire
- A.G.R.
- Stealth Chopper
- Escort Drone
- Warthog (if on screen)
- Lodestar
- VTOL Warship
- Drone Swarm
In addition to felling all of these immediately upon
detonation, the EMP also knocks out the HUD of all opposing
players for one minute, immediately shuts down all enemy
tactical equipment (such as Bouncing Betties), and ceases
the usage of all electrical attachments and lock-on systems
for one minute. Needless to say, the EMP is potentially the
most powerful reward in Call of Duty's history.

the only strategy whn using the EMP is timing. The absolute
best time to unleash it is immediately after the opposition
bring out a Lodestar, VTOL Warship or Drone Swarm, as those
devastating units are all instantly felled. The opposition
will then be also left with no working EDTech or Targeting
sights, no tactical equipment, no HUD, no UAVs, and little
hope; you will also hopelessly destroy the morale of the
poor player who just sent out the reward they just battled
their ass off to get.

If the opponents are not likely to bring out such a high-
level unit, then use it once they bring out a UAV or CUAV
to quickly down that (and any turrets they may have placed)
as well as shut down their electrical systems and give your
team a nice strategic advantage. Basically, the EMP is the
most potent non-damaging reward you could ever dream of.

@@@BZ: .jLuO@@@B@@@B@B@MMOGq0kFYLL7ii:::i;rr77YUX0O8MMBB@B@B@B@B@Mr7qqJM@B@
B@B@u  iG@B@@@@@@@B@B@BBOOEXFFY7ri:,.....:,::rrLL5POOMB@B@B@B@B@@@MPMMLPB@B
@B@Bi  k@B@O@@@B@@@B@B@MMO0Fu7r::..       ...,ir7L2PMM@B@B@B@B@B@B@8@BUU@B@
B@B@i i@B@NN@@B@B@B@B@MMMZFu7r:. .           ..:rLL5NMB@B@B@B@B@B@B52MrqB@B
@@@B: qM@BFM@B@B@B@B@B@MON17r:.               ..:7jJXEOMBB@B@B@B@B@u:Gu8@B@
@BBM..X8N8G@B@B@B@B@B@BM0Xu7:.                 ..ivj2kEMB@B@B@B@@@@8rE@O@@B
@B@0rJrvNM@B@B@B@@@B@@BOG1ur:..                 ,,rLu5EO@B@B@B@B@B@ErM@E@B@
BBBNqE. k@@@@@@@B@B@B@BMGXu7:,.                ..,iLjFkOO@B@B@B@@@BPr8BqO@B
@NLk@M7.7UMB@B@B@@@B@B@BOPu7i,.                 .,7Y250GMB@B@B@B@@@u1qBMMB@
@u:BB@BMFuO@B@B@B@B@B@BMZN2Ji:.                .:r7uu50MMBB@B@B@B@BFN8B@B@B
@quM@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@B@MMEkj7;:..              .:7uUk0MM@M@B@B@B@B@XB@@B@B@
BBGXX@BMB@B@B@B@@@B@@@B@O8PPuY7i...          ..:;jUPZOOMB@B@B@B@B@1vB@B@M@B

>>>>> [Warthog] -------------------------------------[5.18]

Scorestreak Requirement: 1400
Lasts for:               Until strafing runs are complete
Computer-Controlled:     YES
Player-Controlled:       NO
Can Be Destroyed:        NO
Deployable:              NO
Stationary:              NO
Aerial:                  YES
Threat Level:            VERY HIGH

The Warthog is a very powerful but slightly outclassed
reward, in my opinion. When you sent it out, the Warthog
will sweep across the map, sending missiles at opponents
and blitzing everything in its path, before coming round
again for another attack... and then a final third sweep.
Sounds awesome, and it kind of is, but the only real
reason to use this over Lodestar is that it cannot be shot
down. The aforementioned Lodestar (described in more detail
below) lasts for much longer and has a much greater
potential killing rate, for a measly 100 points more. But,
if you prefer AI-Controlled killing machines over Player-
Controlled ones, this is one of the best and is sure to net
you at least around half a dozen kills.

There is literally zero strategy to this one - just send it
out at any time and let the Warthog steamroll your enemies,
vaporising anyone not safely inside a building (and in some
cases even if they are). Basically, this is the lazy-man's
high-level scorestreak reward (though the top two are even
better for that purpose).

ZGZ8EGE8E8GGZ8Z8Z8ZGG8ZGZ8Z888O@1  .,.  :rv0BMMBB@8PJu2Xi      ;,  :7uLZGGZ
OEOG8ZGG8Z8Z8Z8Z8G8ZOZOGO8MM@BBB5      .:uYrMB@BBur:.         JOS77:kMM8OZO
GGZOZ8ZGZ8Z8GMMMGOG8GOM@@@B@8ZB@r:rYr:.;rui..i:.rJ1X5U7;::,.   7M@@@BMOO88G
OGOGOZOG8G8GBN0MM88GMBOYri:  :11r,ii, .,: ,. .:.. .,,,:,.        8@MM8OZ8G8
OGZOZ8GOGO8MBi MMOZOBF,..    JLSui .     :i... r7                  uMOG8GOZ
OE8GOZ8G8ZOMZ  2@OOMPiv2ui r:1JLr,.   :i :r.riiU0jiir::vU7:..i:..:vGM88G8GO
8ZGG8Z8Z8ZG8@G  iB@@GY  :2BM@BMSL7L;:.  7r7i:     ...:iij22252XqOZOMOG8ZOG8

>>>>> [Lodestar] ------------------------------------[5.19]

Scorestreak Requirement: 1500
Lasts for:               1 minute or until destroyed
Computer-Controlled:     NO
Player-Controlled:       YES
Can Be Destroyed:        YES
Deployable:              NO
Stationary:              NO
Aerial:                  YES
Threat Level:            VERY HIGH

The Lodestar. The amazing, decimating Lodestar. This baby
is my personal favourite killing machien from the dozens of
rewards you can pick, and it never fails to deliver an
amazing display of brutal killing power every time you pull
the trigger. The premsie is simple - you are in control of
a hi-tech stealth fighter high in the air, which circles
the battlefield and is equipped with a laser-guided missile
system. Aim at anything on the map, pull the trigger, and
watch the smart missile blow it up with near-pinpoint
accuracy! any enemies - besides those using Cold-Blooded -
are hgihlighted for your enjoyment, and the sneaky ones
that ARE using Cold-Blooded are still not safe from you
thanks to your ability to zoom in and look closer at your
potential targets! Your Lodestar also comes equipped with
TWO sets of flares, allowing you to temporarily laugh at
any rocket launched in your direction and retaliate with
your own brand of rocket-propulsion explosive devastation.

You want a strategy? Okay, here's one: Bring out your
Lodestar, control your Lodestar, aim with the Lodestar,
blow the opposing team to kingdom come with the Lodestar.
Oh, and I should note that this baby is especially
destructive in objective-based matches, where your foes
will literally have zero chance of taking any objective as
long as you are in the air.

Enjoy your overkill.

OOOOOOOMOMOO8OOBM@BMEFLLLjjujuu5S0SF111ur,,:vOMi   .:,.:;r:::::r:iO@OM8OOOG
O8OOM8OOOGMMBB@BM01LL7vvv7vLjYuLJUkkX55J7vZB@B@BO,    ,.,:ri;iiriiOMM8O88GO
O88OGOGOOMM@BOX1uJvri7r7r77v7r:::7U0qGS21@kLZ@B@B@Ei   ....::::7;rZBGGE8Z8E
8EOOOG8OMMMPjrr7Lrir77v7vrr;i::.:,,.:LqG@J :r,,LMB@@Z7,   ..:ii7r:EMGZZEZEZ
ZGZ88OOMOF7rirr7ii;LLvr7;i::,,,:.      17  .     j51FNFYi.  .ii7;iP8PqPNPNX
G0GGMMO2v7v7777rii;r7iii:::..                      ,ivuU5ur   :LriXqkSXSSFS
ZG8MZF7r;LJLvv77i;r7i:::::.                         :7jUU5SFv. 7v;Uk2F15U2u
E0Z2v;r7vLL777L7vvjL7rvri:. .                  .,::rLYLvuJujS5v:.:UUujuYuJu

>>>>> [VTOL Warship] --------------------------------[5.20]

Scorestreak Requirement: 1600
Lasts for:               1 minute or until destroyed
Computer-Controlled:     NO
Player-Controlled:       YES
Can Be Destroyed:        YES
Deployable:              NO
Stationary:              NO
Aerial:                  YES
Threat Level:            VERY HIGH

The Lodestar launches laser-guided rockets, this thing
blasts out superheated 50-caliber rounds of death at
supersonic speeds and with a massive rate of fire. The
fully-automatic counterpart to the explosive nature of the
Lodestar, this doesn't have the same level of firepower
but in return is easier to aim and doesn't let the enemy
fire a rocket at you if you miss; unlike the Lodestar,
which has to (quickly) reload between each missile, the
VTOL has no reloading, no overheating and no mercy. Also
like the Lodestar, the VTOL packs two sets of flares.

Controlling it is mind-numbingly easy; just look at
something and hold down the trigger to send a stream of
death at the soldiers, like crushing an ant under a boot.
It is really just up to personal preference whether you
use a Lodestar or VTOL in your lineup (using both is not
smart since you should get 2 lower-level rewards to help
you get the scorestreak you need), though the VTOL costs
an additional 100 points to access. I prefer the Lodestar
but really either one is sure to immolate the opposing
team and let your team secure objectives in record time.

B@BBBB7.   7B@B@B@B@BBB@UuB@MZ2Ji:.i,:iii7LJri...77;rOB@B@B@B@B@MBMBMBBBB@B
@B@@@B;   ,,uq0OqB@B@B@BM. .iir: iJ;ir;,. .  .:iYLvrri72ZB@B@BBMBMBMBMBM@BM
BBB@Bv:v2217,    ;0SYJvi:::7qkGO1:rv5M1YL;viqYiuu5u27r::rL2G@@B@MBMBMBMBMBM
@BMu77OB@BMOOP   :2uJi7v5M@B@FLL572vLYvY1i:qMri  .LFPFuLY77r2B@B@MBMBMBBBBB
B@7 :OOOZqN8M@i.vGB@ZLrv18B@B@B@FYLLX7iLvLu0ZSj:    :Y7rYJ::i7Y@B@@BMBMBMBM
BBM7 q@OMMMO@B.i@B@@@@@B@BBM@B@BMF;UPi:7LiLukXXqNSY   7v7:ii;i,Y@@@MBMBMBMB

>>>>> [K9 Unit] -------------------------------------[5.21]

Scorestreak Requirement: 1700
Lasts for:               1 minute
Computer-Controlled:     YES
Player-Controlled:       NO
Can Be Destroyed:        YES
Deployable:              NO
Stationary:              NO
Aerial:                  NO
Threat Level:            EXTREME

You're playing with the big boys now. The K9 unit is so
viscous that words really can't describe it. Sure, enemy
soldiers can kill the dogs, but for the entire 60 seconds
that your K9 unit is active, you have access to literally a
limitless supply of them. your dogs will jump onto ledges,
across gaps and run faster than a Lightweight with a pistol
before OHKOing any enemy they touch. You can join in the
decimation if you want, or sit back and enjoy your lethal
hounds of war as they rip apart your opposition and leave
their hopes of a victory in tatters. Objectives will go
unopposed, team deathmatches will last mere seconds more,
and you will laugh at the annihilation.

The only issue here? 1700 score is a helluva requirement,
and will require serous skill, luck and preparation (most
likely in the form of earlier-acquired rewards) to reach.
Get them, press the > button on your controller, and the AI
will do the rest.

ZGG8ZOZ8Z8GG8BX,:::52r:i;7rr7k8u     ::i.         i1JvvviL8BOOGOZOGOZOGOG8G
M8MGO8MGOGG8BBF :ivYjr::;ri:71qL::ri:::,.....ii   iur.,. ,X@MOOGO8OOO8O8OZM
8OGO8O8O8OGOMO7.i7Luv;:irYvi:7Lviriiir7uvvjNGBBGi  :,    :uMMOOOGOGO8O8O88O
OZO8OGO8O8OOB2.:LvLuv:ivJjU7iiri:,:iiruuu5EOBOGM@S      :18POOO8OGO8O8O8OZM
OGO8O8OGOGMM@U  ,rJ7:.::v2Uv7i. .:Lvrv0Oq7;2O8O0G0;      rNZG0BBBMOOMOM8OGM
MOOMOOOMOMOOB0. .r:::i,  :L2vi:.,7juJEB@OMB@OZFjvvrr7Li:.,.. .7S0BBBOO8O8OO
M8MOM8OOOOOOM8OBBq5u2uk1SF08MMMkYr:            .:;ri;7uuXGOqk5qqGEqXqPEGO8M
M8O8M8MOMOMOMM8L1F0qPN8Fi           iu11XqNSX2viivFk525kEGBMM8MO@MBMMOO8M8M
M88O8MOO8OOOMMMBGOE1. .,     .    i5qOMB@@Mu:::iiuU1k0Lrj7.r1FivLL7uu0MMMOM
MGM8O8O8O8OMBMO1uUXSj7r:    :.   :58MMBBB0v ,v..JSFSPSS5k2SF1JL1S2U,:FMOM8M
8qEqGEGXkPMOGPEMBMk.     .;rLJuJviruFF0Z0JY1kuuUjYjuu7iirYMBGq0NENZqEN0q0PZ
EPNZNqFSSXXZPu7YXM1  ::. .,i::..  :JU1F5r:r11LuNkj77iii:rZMOq0N0N00EqNPNPq0
GSPq0SkSP511FJri:.  :ii:::,...  .:vJJUFLrr2F5YFqL::i;::70BBNqP0PNPNPqXNXqkN
NPXP5uuUYLvuj2L:   :i:   .......,,.:iLLrr1qPY7Lv,,i7::7OBMPXkqPqqNPNkPXqXqP

>>>>> [Drone Swarm] ---------------------------------[5.22]

Scorestreak Requirement: 1900
Lasts for:               1 minute
Computer-Controlled:     YES
Player-Controlled:       NO
Can Be Destroyed:        NO
Deployable:              NO
Stationary:              NO
Aerial:                  YES
Threat Level:            EXTREME

The K9 Unit and the Drone Swarm are so overpowered it is
almost laughable that Treyarch even put them into the game,
but hey, I'm not complaining here! The Drone Swarm is a 60-
second, limitless supply of Hunter Killer Drones which fly
around the battlefield and divebomb any foe they see. While
devastating and, unlike the K9 unit, unkillable, I prefer
the K9 unit for two reasons: firstly, the drones cannot
really attack people hiding out in buildings, and secondly,
they cost 1900 points to access. Yeah, that's a lot. Don't
get me wrong, the Swarm is incredible, complete overkill,
and will all but guarantee you a win even if your entire
team is made of suck. I just prefer the K9 unit.

However, unlike the standard Hunter Killer Drone, the Swarm
does NOT seem to ignore players with the Blind Eye perk
(though it is unknown if this is a glitch or an intended
feature), so Swamr will still annihilate those players, as
well as any player that spawns outdoors almost instantly.
Be aware that the entire Swarm is instantly downed if an
EMP is detonated, so make sure nobody on the opposing team
has a chance to let one of those off.

There's little strategy to using the Drone Swarm; kill any
opponent inside a building, and they will be destroyed
almost as soon as they spawn outside, along with any player
foolish enough to be outside when the swarm first flies in.
If you are successful in accessing this reward, send it out
and watch the blood fly.

@MBB@BBMMGOZMO8PkJYvYqBM@BM       .::::,r77L7rr72SuuSLr;i:LO@@@B@B@B@BBB@MB
BBMM8O008OM@B@B@BMGZEMBMB@BY,7;,                 ..;5UJULjq@B@B@BBMBMBMMMBM
@MOZOM@M@BBMBM@M@@@B@B@B@S.:@B@B@8Y.  2P:,ii,     ..ir7;i7v:iuBB@B@BBMBMBMB
@MBBBBBM@MBMBMBMBMBMBBBN8B@@@B@M0FFU5kL,    ..:iuu        ivkL:.  :X@B@B@BB
BBMBMBMBMBMBMBMMMMM@M@B@B@BBE1YJvY7r   71r,..:i7::               :YqZM@@B@M
BMMMMOMMMMMMMMBMBB@@@BB8q2uirii.   .ivEM@BGJi,::irvrii:i.      1EE8PPP8MBMM
MMMMMMMMMBM@@@B@B@B8X5Y7::.    iJMB@B@B@@@B@q5Y7:,.::rrr;i:::  MquLjJ2SNO@M
B8MOMMBM@B@B@BBNP7.,:     i50B@B@B@BBBMMBMB@@BMZNk7,.  .:i;;r:.rPFFULuL.NBB
OOMB@@@@B@O0U7:     .i2MB@@@@@B@MMMMOMOMOMOMM@B@B@M5Yi         :0S225kU7O@M


[Credits] -------------------------------------------- [06]

Treyarch - For creating another fantastic addition to the
           Call of Duty roster.
Activision - COD wouldn't be the same if these guys hadn't
             been there from the beginning.
Ascgen2 - One of the best ASCII art tools on the web.
Neoseeker - Its amazing community and easy-to-use features
            are a boon for FAQ writers like myself.
Faded and Rude_Boy_Loves_SKA - Gave me additional info on
                               what counts towards score-
My mother - She bought the damn thing! Oh, and something
            about raising me from an infant, blah blah.
You guys - The reason this FAQ isn't a waste of time! Woo!

Thanks for reading!