Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare review
Call Of Duty 4 = Amazing

The good:

The first person shooter in this game is really fantastic, and something to aw about. The game is so realistic in parts and you'll get hours and hours of entertainment from it, doesn't ever get boring for me. The car explosions are amazing, as is the Campaign Mode. But I must admit, this game wouldn't be the game it is without the Online play, which is truly astonishing and competitive. It has so many game modes to choose from and so many maps to play on. There is also close to no lag in most games, you'd only get the odd one or two games a day where it would have about 20 seconds of lag at most. The way the creators have set up the whole Online play is truly amazing because the servers are extremely good, and there's not mainly one host or anything, you just search a game and get put into that game with a load of others to play with.

The bad:

Bad: The only real bad thing I can point out the game is that, when it gets tough, it gets really tough and can get annoying, but that is a lot better than if the game was extremely easy.


As Call Of Duty 4 is my first edition of any Call Of Duty games, I'm a bit disappointed that I did not buy any of the three other games, as I feel I would have really loved them as much as I love this game, easily my favourite game. It simply is the best game I have ever played and I feel it's worth every penny that was paid for it. Before this game, Gears Of War was my favourite all time game, but Call Of Duty 4 is just head and shoulders above that, and it never gets boring.

The Online Mode is simply brilliant and they way the makers of the game have set it all up is truly brilliant because I have not seen any sort of glitches on the game, and there is no Online cheating of any sort. As I mentioned above also, the way they have done the servers where there is close to no lag at most points through Online play is really good, it should be an example for every Online game. When I got the game, I didn't have an Xbox Live Gold Membership, so I was really just playing the Campaign Mode which was pretty okay because it means I could get into it more. If I had Online at the time I'd probably have played that a lot more than Campaign Mode so at this point in time, I probably wouldn't have completed it. I honestly thought the game wasn't gonna get any better when I completed it because it was just sensational, but to my luck, it got 100 times better with Online. You'll also talk to some really nice people on Live, but at the same time you'll talk to some asses, but as I say a lot, with a great game, everybody is gonna play it, including them asses.

I don't feel the game ever at all gets repetitive, it's just something you could play forever if no new games were released. The Camapaign Mode is excellent, depending on the difficulty you play it on, it can be extremely tough. I completed it on Normal and I found that very tough and was pretty happy when I did complete it. I then tried the toughest level (Veteran) and it's the toughest difficulty on any game I've ever come across. That's all the good though as it means you can keep trying to complete it and I feel it never really gets boring. The story started off sort of confusing for me, I couldn't get the drift of it at first because you are two people throughout the game - Soap McTavish and I'm not too sure on the other guy, I think it's Sgt. Jackson or something but you get my drift. As I started understanding the story mode it got a lot better and it meant I started to know what I was doing. You can understand how I got a bit confused because at the beginning you're with Captain Price doing like a tutorial level to get use to the controls of the game and get into the habit of the shoot button and such. But then after that you're in a helicopter (where you will be for the start of most missions by the way) and you're dropping in on a ship which you start exploring for a bit and taking out people as you go along. As you get near the end of the mission, something happens, not sure what it was but next thing you know the ship is about to sink. I love this part of the mission because you're rushing behind Captain Price and your team but it's like a shaky camera and it's so realistic, you also get stuff falling onto you or beside you to stop you from getting out quick enough and if you don't you fail. And if you do make it, the helicopter is waiting for you at the side of the ship, and knowing you playing the game, you're the last to get on and you just barely survive because Captain Price puts his hand out to stop you from slipping off. Anyways, that's how that mission ended, the next one was really confusing. It's like you hear a heart beat at the beginning with no screen and then you sort of hear a crowd cheer. You're getting dragged along by two terrorists really slowly and they put you into a car. One thing I like about this part is when he puts you in the car, you can try to escape and when you try, you get hit with an AK47 in the face which knocks you out for a couple of seconds. Anyway, when you get up then, you're in the backseat of a car tied up and there are two people in the front who are talking in an aggressive tone to each other and one of them sort of looks back every few seconds to see if you are eavesdropping on them, but the don't speak English so you can't expect me to know what they're saying at all. As you go along, you see a lot of people being put in corners and being shot, it looks really awful but I'm sure that happens in some places in the world. When the car journey ends, you get pulled out by someone, and two people are dragging you along again into this little stadium filled with people. You get put up onto a cross and you see this one main guy talking to the crowd and making his point clear. As he starts talking, you don't know what's going on, but when he finishes, he walks over to you fast, pulls out a gun and then the game goes in slow motion and I'm like "what the hell is going on here!?". Seeing that it was in slow motion, you think you can prevent stuff from happening, but he just shoots you and the screen goes black and that's how that very strange mission plans out. It will be quite confusing for you at the beginning too probably but what I'll say is, if you watch the clips before the start of every mission you will understand what's going on a lot more. I'm not gonna spoil anymore of the story for you so I'll leave it at that. It is thoroughly enjoyable.

If you are a gore fan, you'll love this game even more. Some of the blood scenes are horrendous, you'd shoot a guy near a wall and you'll see heaps of blood splattered against that wall. If you like gore, you'll love Cal Of Duty, but if you don't like it, it's probably not the best idea, though saying that, it's not like it's extremely gorey like some games I've played, but it's got quite a lot. I think it's really good.

You'll love the wide variety of weapons also. You get to choose from many machine guns, sub machine guns, light machine guns, sniper rifles and shotguns. All of these guns are really life-like too. My favourite gun overall is the M16 which is the first gun you'll probably use in the game. It only fires three bullets at a time so if you are holding your finger down on the shoot button, you're screwed! The gun is very powerful and when you get use to it, it can work greatly to your advantage. During Online mode, you go through 55 ranks and as you go through ranks, you unlock more and more guns. Each rank has a rank logo. Some look really cool some not so cool for the lower ranks. It's not all over when you reach level 55 though, you can do 'Prestige' which makes you go through the ranks again, but you have a really cool logo and you unlock golden guns and stuff like that. The only downside of doing Prestige is losing all of your favourite guns and camouflage and special abilities and such. I'll be alright if I do it though because my favourite weapon is the M16 and you'll have that from the beginning. =]

I could keep babbling on about how amazing this game is all day, but I'd probably put you to sleep, all I'll say now is, I would most definitely recommend this as a buy, no matter what the price is, you won't regret it.

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