Call of Duty 3 review
Good, but not good enough

The good:

- Great graphics (Other than one thing, which I mention in the Bad section)
- Great lighting
- Controls are easy to pick up and play
- Great SIXAXIS support
- Pretty good selection of weapons

The bad:

- Yes the graphics are great, but the game is FULL of framerate issues
- It's a bit short
- The online multiplayer lags quite a bit. I KNOW that's not the Playstation Network's fault because Resistance has 40 player online with no lag


Alright, so I picked up this game and started to play. The controls were easy to pick up and play, and I got used to them right away. I quickly noticed that SIXAXIS support felt smooth and was easy to get used to.

THIS is what brought the game down though. The very first firefight in the game.... lags HORRIBLY. I had the frames per second dropping to about 5-10. This is an issue that seemed to plague the whole game, and it's something that probably could have been easily avoided, if Activision didn't rush this game out.

The sound effects were amazing though, but every once in a while, when a person was supposed to speak, there was a popping noise instead. The guns sound lifelike (Especially on my home theater system) and the dialog was pretty damn well done.

Something that annoyed me a bit was how short this game was. I beat it in 3 days, playing about 4 hours each of those days. Resistance is MUCH longer.

Something ELSE that annoyed me was how laggy the online play is. 4-5 people in a server and the lag starts. I've played Resistance with 39 others with ZERO lag, so why does playing this game with 3 others cause so much lag?

Other than that though, this game is great. Just don't expect much replay value.

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