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Started good, then just slowly sunk


Call of Duty 2 was one of the first games out for the Xbox 360, and one of the most successful. It combined the weapons and environment of the WWII era with a brilliant set of controls, great gameplay, and great graphics. There's just nothing like shooting down your first Nazi while taking fire from 5 more, or experiencing the feeling as 30 Nazi's come rushing at your base. Like any game, is has flaws; however these are few and far between and easily ignored.

The gameplay in this game is absolutely the best for any WWII FPS that I've played. The AI is excellent, using available cover and not...


Call of Duty 2 Review.


Call of Duty 2.

During the Second World War the many lost lives and violence could only have been considered as torture to the innocent soldiers. They had an idea that during the seven year period of war, there was a chance that they would lose their lives, but what they didn't know is that one of the greatest war games ever to grace consoles would recall their misfortunes sixty-one years later.

This is where Call of Duty 2 comes in. Breathtaking landscapes, hundreds upon thousands of bullets flying past your head, the sound of screaming soldiers deafening. It really is full blown war, and un...


Call Of Duty 2

The good:

AI(in general)
Choices in Weapons

The bad:

Too short if you play on normal and easy.


Ok, so I got Call Of Duty 2 for my XBox 360 on December 25, 2005. This was the game I was most wanting because of the videos I have seen and the graphics. I will tell you this, it is the best World War II game you can pick up now.

The AI in this game is so wonderfully designed and programmed. You see bullets flying and hitting you everywhere, especially on D-Day. These guys will take you out in 2-4 shots, they will also throw a lot of grenades at you to kill you. If they are out numbered, they will throw a smoke grenade and charge at you and kill your teammates if you aren't careful. Enough...


Best FPS In The Market

The good:

Your team mates
The enemy AI (a lot more intelligent)
Lots and lots of guns!!!!!! Yay Guns!!!
The levels are longer and you can choose any objective you want, either A B C or C B A or D A B, any order
You can use anti-aircraft guns, an 88 artillery gun, Panzershreks and even try to climb up a cliff!!!
You can now steady your breath, and there are also smoke grenades

The bad:

Still too short
Multi-player in general
Multi-player the lag
A tiny bit on the un-realistic side


Your creeping through the bushes, and you see something moving in the distance. You pull out you Springfield sniper rifle, steady your breath, aim at his head....... and pull the trigger. Then you see his body fall, and an alarm goes off. You move in, see two Germans setting up a machine gun, pull out your Thompson and kill them too. The rest of your buddies move in and capture the town. You set up machine-guns, and wait for the counter-attack...................

That's just a fraction, a tiny fraction of what you will do in Call of Duty 2. Much better than it's predecessor, Call of Duty 2 fe...


The Greatest Generation just got better...

The good:

AI (both enemy and squad mate)
HUGE environments
Mostly non-linear gameplay

The bad:



We have all certainly had our fill of WWII shooters over the past few years. Hell, lets face it, there is about 1,345,612 World War II games out there. So, do me this one favor; forget EVERYTHING you know about this genre. Never in my LIFE have I ever experienced ANYTHING like COD2. I have played ALOT of FPSs, but I have never actually been afraid for my life. I was literally cowering behind a blown out wall, bullets flying overhead, Nazis everywhere, palms sweating and I realized that I was actually scared for my digital life.

This is the most VISCERAL gaming experience I have EVER had. Yo...

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