Cabela's Dangerous Hunts (PS2) Cheats

Cabela's Dangerous Hunts cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Easy money
Buy a gun that comes with expensive ammunition. Sell all of the ammunition, then sell the gun. You should get the money for the gun and ammunition at full price each, which is more than you paid for the gun.
Hunter In Distress
The only way to complete the challenge Hunter in Distress is to kill four hyenas. When you kill four hyenas, find the waterfall with two ponds. When you find the waterfall with two ponds walk straight out past a huge boulder and the hunter should be sitting on a rock.
Lighter weight to carry
Choose everything that you want for your equipment, and do everything else based on the game type. When you choose "Hunt", press R2, choose the heaviest thing, and press X. Then, do this repeatedly. When you have taken out everything, put everything back. When you run, it takes it down much slower as if you have nothing.
Rifle selection
When selecting your rifle in action zone, it is best to get an automatic. You will be able to shoot faster and will not get attacked as much.
Turn all the way around in your tripod stand
Crouch down and get back up but before you get all the way up hit select and choose tripod stand.It might take a few times before getting it right.
X-ray scope
Successfully complete all challenges and open all charters in career mode to get an X-ray mode when you zoom in on scopes.


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Infinite & max cheats
[M] Must Be On
760C7240 00000000
94D092B6 3D661B66

76018D69 1B2991F8
44501368 3230C5E8
42C80000 00000000

760CF940 00000000
44501168 3230C578
3942D2E9 BBA9B1F0

7609EAA0 00000000
44501368 3230C558
3942D2E9 BBA9B1F0

7603B960 00000000
44501168 3230C548
3942D2E9 BBA9B1F0

760D7DA0 00000000
44501168 3230C5D8
3942D2E9 BBA9B1F0

All Weapons & Items Cost Nothing-
760AD810 00000000
24D017E8 26F9C538
24D014E8 2671C780
24D016E8 2671C718

Infinite Ammo / No Reload-
760AA660 00000000
24D126B4 9FFAC53D

Infinite Health-
760CF900 00000000
249122B4 B9FAD7ED

Infinite Stamina-
760863E0 00000000
24810BBA 34F2C4DD
249113A8 24F1C5F4

Infinite Condition/Nutrition/Hydration-
76037880 00000000
24D1B6A8 0675C100
24CBB698 1656C129
24CBB698 9656C119
2450BE22 5F76C83A
24D8B6A8 4664C18A
24D11028 30F2C564
24C108BA 34F2C45D