Cabela's Dangerous Hunts (PC) Cheats

Cabela's Dangerous Hunts cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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How to sneak up on an Animal
To sneak up on an animal you will need snow clothes for the snow or forest clothes for anything else. Then you will want to be as light as possible. Now when you are walking towards the red dot of your animal you will want to be cautious that you know whether your animal is close or not. If you think your game is right around the next corner or over the next hill then you should crouch and pull out your gun. DO NOT STAND UP. If you do your animal will attack you or run. You should just be able to see your animal. Then shoot for the head for a clean quick one shot kill. Usually right behind the ear works the best.
Killing a Cape Buffalo
To kill a Cape Buffalo, any number of shots to the head will not suffice. To drop one:

1. Always go for a heart or lung shot from the side.

2. If one is charging you, get out of its way, it will run past you. Follow it with your gun while it goes past you. It will stop and spin broadside for a short time. While it is broadside – shoot! This is the only way to drop it.
Rifle selection
When selecting your rifle in action zone, it is best to get an automatic. You will be able to shoot faster and will not get attacked as much.


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Various Helpful Cheats
Start the game using the command line parameter launcher.exe -cheats . (To edit the command line parameter right click on the game's shortcut icon on your desktop and add the -cheats to the end)

Now during gameplay press ~ to get the console and enter a code below:

givemoney # - Get # amount of money

freezeanimals 1 - Freeze game animals (set to 0 for off)

animalcamera # - Show animal camera #

godmode 1 - Invincibility on

godmode 0 - Invincibility off

noclip 1 - No clipping on (set to 0 for off)

makeplayerinvisible 1 - Invisibility (set to 0 for off)