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CABAL Online FAQ/Walkthrough

by Stars1gn   Updated on
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 -MM` :m`sMh  om     MM       `sMy`    ``     MM   +N:    yM/     `hM/ 
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   `Mh     .NN`      MM`   sMN-...-s sy     hMo   MM`  .hNs`  yMo`  `:sd-  
    +`      ::     `-++-. `+++//////-+:.    -++-.-++-.  `-+:../+/+oo+/.`   
                 `.-://////-/ooyyyhyso:               `-/`.:/:::`          
                 .s+dmNNmdy:---:-:/+:---:.``          .sysyys+///:`        
                  +sNMMMMMMm/:so+.`.--.`.--+/-.        -dmdddddhy+`        
                `/hmmNmNNNNNNo/y+..`./::-:`-d-/      `:yddmmmmmo.          
              `/sssyhho::/+++o/- -.` .+o+//.:.:   `.:sddhhsssh.            
            ....-/:++:./ydNmmmmd:// ```/`/ohdhdh/oyyo-             
        `.-oymmhhhhyyh/:/ysyssss+oohmN+/so:sy/: `/-.                       
                     `--. -smmmNMMdyNyomdmdhs/                             
                        /hhyy+.   .dMd.///:+--::.                          
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                  `+/////-  ``.oodNNMMMMm` .::+-  :--/                     
                 `/---:/-``` .o+smMNMMMMMs ````  .`::./`                   
                .o////+:``` -hooydNMMMMMMMs `-.`.--`./.:`                  
              .oyssyhy:``` -hyssydNMMMMMMMMs `..```.``::`-.                
            :sssyhdh+.````+hyysyymNMMMMMMMMMs  `.` `.` .+:.-.              
          .osyyhhh+.```./hmyysyyhmMMMMMMMMMMMs  ```  `` `/y:.--`           
       `:syhdhhys---..ohmmyyysyyhmMMMMMMMMMMMMs` `````````.:+oo/-.         
     `-:+o+//+/::+ssshmmdhyyysyhmNNMMMMMMMMMMMmm:` ``..```..``:/:-`        
          -/syhhhhhhmmdsshhhyhhdmNMMMMMMMMMMMNh.  `-. ``.-----:-. `+       
       .:oshddhhhyyhmhyshhhyhddmNMMMMMMMMMMMMNs     `..````..-.-.  .-      
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       `syoo:-`  `ydhyyhhhddhddNMMMMMMMMMMMMNN.               ` ````.      
        `.`      sdhysyhhdddmmNNMMMMMMMMMMMMMN:                            
           +mdhNMMMMMMMMd/` `mmmmmNNNMMMN+.                                
           +dhyhdmmmNNd/`   /NNmmmdmmmmmo                                  
          `dNyyhhhdddo      omNmNNNNNNmm`                                  
          +mmsdmmmmmN`      `hMNNNNNNNmo                                   
          .omdmddmmmy        NMNNNNMMs:`                                   
           sNNNMMNy/`        mMNNNMMMy`                                    
           dNmmNNN`         `MMNNMMMMNy-                                   
           NNmdhmN          /MMNNNNMNNmmys.`   ```                         
          .NNdyyyN          oMMMMMNNdNNmmmdyysohdh                         
          /NNdyyyd          yMMMMMMNmddmmmmmddmNNy                         
          yNmmdhdho         +yyddMMMMMNNNNNNNNMMd/                         
          mmdhhmNmN:                    `.:/....                           

|<<<< CABAL ONLINE: THE REVOLUTION OF ACTION <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< THE WIZARD <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|

File Info and Updates ~
     4/14/2008 - Guide Created, v1.00

|<<<< o - Table of Contents - o  <<<<<<<<|
|<<<< [1-00]    - Main Guide     <<<<<<<<|
|<<<<    [1-01] - Level 1-15     <<<<<<<<|
|<<<<    [1-02] - Level 15-40    <<<<<<<<|
|<<<<    [1-03] - Skill Grinding <<<<<<<<|
|<<<<    [1-04] - Level 40-50    <<<<<<<<|
|<<<<    [1-05] - Level 50-65    <<<<<<<<|
|<<<<    [1-06] - Level 65-70    <<<<<<<<|
|<<<<    [1-07] - Level 70-85    <<<<<<<<|
|<<<<    [1-08] - Level 85-100   <<<<<<<<|
|<<<<    [1-09] - Level 100+     <<<<<<<<|
|<<<<    [1-10] - Final Notes    <<<<<<<<|
|<<<< [2-00]    - PvP/PvE Information <<<|
|<<<<    [2-01] - Introduction   <<<<<<<<|
|<<<<    [2-02] - PvP            <<<<<<<<|
|<<<<    [2-03] - PvE            <<<<<<<<|
|<<<< [3-00]    - Equipment      <<<<<<<<|
|<<<<    [3-01] - Introduction   <<<<<<<<|
|<<<<    [3-02] - PvP            <<<<<<<<|
|<<<<    [3-03] - PvE            <<<<<<<<|
|<<<< [4-00]    - Conclusion     <<<<<<<<|
|<<<<    [4-01] - Contact Info   <<<<<<<<|
|<<<<    [4-02] - Copyright      <<<<<<<<|

A few notes about Wizards, to begin:

-- Wizards have SLOW Casting time. Some mobs need to be combo'd in order to
keep a full stunlock.

-- Wizards have crazy low HP unless you skill grind your sword rank to make up
for it.

-- You won't get really useful AoE until you're Master/A Master. (As in Ranged
AoE) Close range is dangerous for us Wizards.

-- Wizards have some of the most powerful AoE spells in the game

-- When Comboing, it's very hard to lose in Pvp Duels. Unless of course, you
mess up. ;P

-- Once you reach Transcender, it's a whole new Ballgame. You tear dungeons up!

-- Adept Martialsets and other Martialgear is relatively easy to find.

|<<<< MAIN GUIDE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<[1-00]<|

Once you get that out of the way, here's a general guide to making a wizard,
level by level:

-o<< -- LEVEL 1-15 -- >>o- [1-01]

Congratulations on chosing one of the best classes on Cabal! The Wizard ~

To start off, you have two choices (Which will come up many times during the 
guide.): Skilling now, or Skilling later. I found that skilling now pays off 
much more in the aspect of dungeons and pvp in general rather than later, for 
sure. When you skill grind, the fastest ways to do so are the few of many 
things I'll list. Here are common ways to skill grind:

1) Combo level 1 Magic Arrows (Fire, Aqua, Freezing, Lightning, that sort.) on 
Mobs with high HP/Defense. (This is hard, since even at level one, your Magic 
will still do quite a bit of Damage. This is more geared towards classes with 
Low Int, like Warriors or Bladers.) You can do this, minus the combo on mobs 
like Mantises or, my Personal favourite as a level 1-12, the Nipperlug. :]
2) Combo 3 Level 9 Magic Arrows on everything that you normally grind on (If 
you skill later on, this is the best way to do so, since you get drops, exp and
skill exp. I did this to get trans sword and found 4 +6 Epauletes in Undead 
Grounds on Death Giants by doing this. :D
3) Punch mobs with a lot of HP that hit you for little damage, or use auto 
potions. I really don't reccomend this unless you're going Semi-AFK, because 
the exp you get from this is much less than if you used skills. Actually, being 
fully AFK while punching mobs is a bannable offense. It's because you're 
"Taking" the mobs from other people who would want to kill that mob for a quest
or something to that effect. My advice: Just don't do it. xD It's only useful
to people who are doing something like homework on the side, since you can just
retarget every few minutes. By all means, if you're busy, do this. But if you 
could be using skills instead, do that. o.o

Those are some simple ways you can skill grind. However, the way that you can 
do this effectively is by wearing what's called "Adept" equipment. If you're 
new to the game, Adept equipment is a Crafted armor that give you extra skill 
exp per hit. For instance, my Skill exp set gives me a total of 56 Skill exp 
bonus. So that means, if I were to hit a mob with a skill, I would get the 
normal skill exp that I would get for the hit, which is somewhere around 4, I 
think... PLUS the 56 Skill exp that my Adept Armor/Weapons give me. These sets 
go for around a total of 2m Alz, if you buy EVERYTHING. Meaning the level 40 
Rings/Amulet, Both Weapons (Citrine Orbs), and the full Set of +2 Aramid 
Martial Adept, with +3 Skill exp on it. The reason punching is slower, is 
because the bonus skill exp you can get is capped at somewhere around 10. So, 
skills, although slower, would give you more exp if you have a good adept set.

Anyhow, this is a little further ahead, what with all the adept equipment. You
can refer to this later, once you can wear it. But, an important thing to note 
is that when you're beginning, the smartest way to level is by skill grinding 
by option 1/2 on Mantises, outside of Green Despair or Nipperlugs, by the warp 
enterance of Bloody Ice. The way you do this, is by taking what ever arrows you
have, even if you only have Magic Arrow at this point (If you're level 1-9 or 
so, or just low Skill level) -- Don't use Freeze or Burning hand. It's useless
now -- Even if you don't 1-hit them, don't stop there and go questing for 
levels. What you want to do is to build up your stats to meet the class rank up
(It should say the required stats in your Character Info [Press C] what you 
need for this.) as you slowly level from the skill grinding and just use your
skills to skill level up, which also give you bonus stats. By the time you're 
level 9-ish, you should have At least Apprentice Magic.

Another important thing to note is, you need a little str and dex to wear some
of you equipment. If you buy a katana from a Weapon dealer, or find one, you 
can go buy a skill called "Impact Stab" from any Instructor, which will let you 
skill up your sword. This gives you bonus str points and valuable dex points 
which are needed for your armor. Not only are you getting those, but you also 
get a set ammount of HP from leveling up sword. This is VITAL to your survival.
My Wizard is Dual Transcender, meaning I have maxed out both sword and magic. 
If I had never leveled up Sword, and only gotten Transcender Magic, my HP would
be reduced by over 400. That is a BIG Difference. Even at my level.

But it's fine. Even if you keep Regular or Expert Sword until you're 100-ish, 
it's simple to skill Sword if you're trans magic. Plus, you only get stat 
bonuses from leveling sword, you don't get any skills other than Dash, which is
Apprentice. This will come in handy later if you get level 9 Dash.

Now that you know everything there is to know about skill grinding, it's time 
to make a choice. You can do this now, or later. I would HIGHLY Reccomend you 
get to at LEAST Regular before you go past 15. After you make it to level 9, 
you should get 0 Exp from Nipperlugs, so that's an easy place to skill grind 
and not gain any exp, which is key. What you want to do is use your Magic Arrow 
Skills on them, possibly 1-Hit KO them, and get money/loots like Chaos Lamps 
(which vendor for 250k each) as well as gain your Valuable Skill exp. If you 
don't skill grind, you could be stuck like the noobs who are level 50 with 
Regular on their main Skill. It's disgusting. On a level 12 Blader, A Expert 
Sword Rank, I took out a 57 Regular Sword. It was so sad. Anyhow, if you want 
to do this now, You're my hero, because most people say "Noo, it's too hard." 
and quit doing it. If you keep it up, you will be HIGHLY Rewarded in the end. 
:D I promise.

So, right now this is what you should do:

-o<< -- SKILL GRINDING -- >>o- [1-02]

-- Go to the Instuctor of Desert Scream (Gette) and buy 2 Skills: Regeneration,
which is found in Magic, and the Vitality Upgrade, found in Upgrades.
-- Start off by using Magic Arrow level 1 (Get it to level 9 as you skill up) 
On Garlies outside of Desert Scream. Keep this up until you are level 3.
-- At level 3, go into the warp zone (The big Gate on the north west corner of 
Desert scream. It's a blue star-like thing on your Map.) and choose the door 
with the Snowflake above it, which takes you to Bloody Ice. Right here, there 
are Nipperlugs. Use any arrows that you have on these as well, and keep it up. 
Every time you go back for MP Potions, make sure you check at the Instructor to
find out if you have any new Skills to purchase. Some skills need a Certain 
level of skill to buy within that skill rank, like Apprentice 12. Make sure you
have at least 2 level 1 Arrows and level 9 Magic Arrow. That way, you have a 
full combo. (This will come into play later.)
-- Once you get to level 9, or whenever the exp you get from Nipperlugs is 0, 
you should be able to 1-hit them and have hit Apprentice, maybe Regular, Magic 
Skill rank.
-- Now it's time for sword. Get to your Apprentice Sword rank up until you can 
get level 9 Dash, a Sword skill. Then resume your Magic.
-- If you don't want to resume your magic now, skip that and go onto this next 
section below.

You're getting pretty bored, aren't you? Well, that's how it goes. Until you're
maxed trans, you'll have to skill a lot. However, don't get discouraged! When 
you're all done, you can do anything you want! Dungeons, Pvp, War Channel and 
Chaos Arena!

Okay, now you have another choice. Keep going with your skilling at this level,
or catch up on a few quests and level up some more. Now, the way I see it, the 
Normal Quests (Located under your Normal Quest Catagory in the Quest list) are 
completely useless, other than for the money or honor points. I would reccomend
only doing the Story Quests (Anything NOT under Normal Quests) as these give 
more honor/money than the Normal Quests do, and also advance the plot. Once 
you're caught up, you should be around level 15, and ready for the next part of 
the guide!

-o<< -- LEVEL 15-40 -- >>o- [1-03]

At this point, you should be able to see how the game plays out. Also, you'll 
notice one of your quests was a "Level 10 Rank up" Quest. Which increases your 
"Style Rank". This gives you HP, MP and a few stats, as well as a new skill 
called a "Combo". This is located in your "Special Skills" Tab of your Skill 
window (Press K). This skill is INVALUABLE To wizards. If you don't use it, you
WILL lose several duels. It's a hard thing to use, but keep practicing! You'll 
be an expert in no time!

Now, if you keep skilling to Regular or higher (Preferably A. Expert), you 
should be able to wear your full Adept Aramid Martialset by around 35-ish. So, 
if you get to around A Expert, Anywhere from Regular, Expert or A. Expert, that
should be enough for then. At level 40 is where you skill grind to a much 
higher skill level, because you can wear your Adept Jewelry as well as your 
full set of Adept Gear.

After you hit Regular, Expert, A. Expert, or wherever you grinded to, do your 
quests and grind (if necessary) to 40. I would suggest again, that you skip the 
Normal quests and only do the story quests, so you optimum grinding time. Not 
only is Grinding good exp, but it also requires spamming of skills, which is
more skill exp. :]

-o<< -- LEVEL 40-50 -- >>o- [1-04]

This is your choice at this level: Skill grind now, or later. Either way, it's
going to take time. I'd suggest shelling out the 2m to buy your +2 Aramid Set,
(+3 Skill Exp) as well as the Orbs/Rings/Ammy now, and grinding to about Master
at LEAST or G Master, even. It's well worth it. To Grind, I'd suggest any of 
the 3 options I layed out in the previous section. Your second choice of 
course, is to keep going and grinding to level yourself up. This gets handy if
you want to get some cash for skills and such, which is also important. 
However, you just got your new armorset, so why not try it out and skill some 

Anyhow, once you're Master+, go to Wriggleafs for simple grinding, or 
Mosscutter Queens for optimal exp. Get to 50 asap, or skill grind as you level 
up. Make SURE You're at LEAST Master before you get to 50. If not, you're going 
to have Garbage damage and skills. You won't be able to train in Port Lux.

-o<< -- LEVEL 50-65 -- >>o- [1-05]

Port Lux. New place, new monsters, Possibly new KSer's or PKer's. But they 
won't be much of a problem, now that you're around A Master, Right? RIGHT?! ... 
You better have grinded to A Master, or I'll be angry. :[

Hahaha! You also MUST and I repeat MUST Grind here. The quests are Optional, 
yet I find them useless. Only do the 70+ Quests, since they give decent EXP and
GREAT Alz. Whatever the case, you still got some choices here: If you went 
ahead and got the Adept set, here's where you want to get adept BLUESTIN. +3 
Skill exp is best, however, this isn't cheap. Around 2-3m for the whole set. 
Don't forget the new jewelry and weapons. As for training, From 50-55 you 
should go to Phantom Crews. Afterwards, go to Stone Golems, (55-60+) and 
finally moving to the beach at 60 or higher to mob Dark Bladers. At Stone 
Golems, you'll find capes. VERY Handy to grind there, since you'll get either 
money, or your new cape. They drop +3 and also +4 EoS/G/F. Dark Bladers will 
drop the Black Astral Board Key.

Also, if you've been keeping up with my Expectations and got to At least A. 
Master before you came to Port Lux, you should be able to train at Golems and 
Bladers right off the bat at level 50.

Again, you have the option to skill grind at this time. I'd suggest Crag Toads 
during this period, or go back to your handy little Nipperlugs for some cash. 
They drop Chaos lamps more frequently at higher levels.

A good thing to note about Port Lux is the Instructor, which is out by the 
Craggy Lavaland right after the Phantom Crews and directly before the Golems. 
He sells you these important upgrades called "Change Sword" and "Change Force".
As the names state, it changes ALL Exp from the selected skill tree (Sword or 
Magic) into the opposite. Meaning, if I were to get the "Change Force" upgrade,
all my exp from Magic skills would go into Sword, and Vice Versa. This being 
said, if you're already Trans by now (You're my new fan, if you have.) you 
could grab Change force and start leveling your sword points.

-o<< -- LEVEL 65-70 -- >>o- [1-06]

Another new location: Fort Ruina! Congratulations for making it this far! Took 
me a week! (That's a lot of time, you know). Anyways, here you'll find some 
nice quests able to make you tons of cash. One level 80 Quest gave me 1.5 
Million Alz. Very nice. But you're not there yet, so don't get all excited. :]

As for Fort Ruina, the best thing to do is to try and get your hands on either 
Shadow Titanium (For Defense) or, buy Upgrade cores and get your Bluestin Adept
to give you more defense. (Maybe even Titanium Adept sets, if you're loaded 
somehow. If you get one, use that!) Now, if you were a good little boy/girl, 
you took my advice and Skill grinded at your upper 40's. This will allow you to
use your Shadow Titanium and your Titanium Armors very early, like now (As 
Magic Skill Class levels give you somewhere between 12-17+ Int or Dex during 
Class levels.) If you didn't, that's fine. You'll just have to start doing it 
now. I grinded at level 60, and it was a bitch to level at Bugsharks. It's much
easier to skill grind at Nipperlugs. BIG NOTE: If you have Premium, don't worry
about this too much. You'll be able to grind 30% of your Skill bar on Dummies. 
If you don't, or you're already over 30%, just grind on monsters that hit low 
on you with your full Adept (1-40 Damage).

After you get to A. Master, or even G. Master if you're an Over-Achiever, you 
can go full on into Mechzards, which are located in the Arena in the far 
southern corner of Fort Ruina. These monsters HURT. I'll tell you. In Full ST 
at this level, I was getting hit in the 100's. Gonna need level 3 HP Pots now, 
guys ;P. Take small mobs and use your AoE's. Hail Storm and Arctic Field work 
best on these fellas, since they're gigantic. You'll rake in MASSIVE Cash (+1 
or more Titanium drops for every 1-3 Kills, as well as Capes and Chaos Lamps 
have a high chance of dropping. Not to mention Map parts, which are handy 
later!) and MASSIVE Exp, since each hit you get from 900-2800 Exp. That's just 
with ONE Monster. It can jump up to 20, even 30k Exp per hit if you can mob 
them successfully. Remember, BM2 is your FRIEND. (Elemental Festival OWNS These
guys. Takes at least half their HP and gives you INCREDIBLE Exp, if you mob 
them right. Don't try to use this once you're at high level mobs, though. EF 
Takes too long to cast. We'll go over Pvp Later, once you're good enough for 

-o<< -- LEVEL 70-85 -- >>o- [1-07]

From 70 to 80, all you gotta do is keep up with the Mechzards and do ANY level 
70 Quests you get from Port Lux or Fort Ruina. These give you loads of Exp and 
Cash. And a nice Double Slotted +2 Titanium Martial Piece. (Randomized). 
Although, you'll notice if you look at the Lake in Dusk Map Pieces you get from 
Mechzards that it's a level 75 Dungeon. You know what that means? Soloin' time!
Yes, you will singlehandedly defeat (Or at least grind in) Lake in Dusk! 
(Assuming you have A Master by now... If you don't... Shame on you! Go get it 
now! Otherwise, don't keep reading! GRIND, GRIND, GRIND!)

If you're still reading, you're obviously at least A Master, or you're just too 
full of yourself to take my advice. Don't say I didn't warn you though! These 
monsters are tough cookies. Don't take the Orcs lightly!

This is a strategy I used to level from 75-80 in only 4 Hours: Grab all your 
LiD Map Pieces and get to Green Despair. Go to the end of the Moscutter Queen's
Red forest at the bottom of the map, that's where the entrance of LiD is. When 
you enter LiD, put up your Buffs and go mob the first 4-6 Orcs you see. All the
monsters (besides bosses) respawn after 10 minutes, so here's what you do: Go 
through the Orcs and kill them all until you get to the Lake. By then, all the 
orcs should have respawned. If not, wait for them, or Go on into the Lake and 
kill toads until they respawn. The bosses don't respawn, so... You can't kill 
them more than once. Anyways, every 10 minutes or so, go kill the orcs. You'll 
be glad you did. You'll level around once, maybe twice a run if you're quick. 
The bosses also drop more Map Parts and handy Stat Extract Potions and (*Gasp*) 
New Adept Jewelry~! Put on your level 70 Bracelets and Earrings and get back to
work! There's a lot more stuff ahead.

Once you get to 80, you can enter the Undead Grounds, a new zone with VERY 
Strong Monsters. All monsters in UG drop Osmium. Yes, Osmium. However, they 
drop Slotted OS at a very low rate, and the OS/Aqua/Lapis Weapons also drop at 
a lower rate. To get into the Undead Grounds, buy the Entry Ring from the 
Grocer at Bloody Ice for 10k Alz. The door to UG should be near the Ghosts and 
Shades, passed the apes. Grind there for some cash, or for leveling.

Also, my favourite spot to skill grind is here. If you go all the way to the 
back with the Death Soldiers, go a bit farther in and find the Death Giants. 
These guys drop +6 Capes. It's perfect for comboing level 1 Magic Arrows for 
skill exp, which comes in handy later once you want to skill grind sword, if 
you're not Trans Magic by now. You should skill to Trans magic here, at least. 
Then, if you're a lazy person, try for Master Sword before you continue 
leveling. Or, you could be like me and keep Change sword on while you level, 
and get to about G. Master before you finish up skill grinding at Death Giants.
I was G. Master/Trans at Level 80.

-o<< -- LEVEL 85-100 -- >>o- [1-08]

Okay, here's where things get interesting. It's back to Fort Ruina. Fort Ruina,
you ask? Well yes, we're going back there. But not for the normal mobs, no. 
We're going to solo Ruina Station! :D

Assuming you're at LEAST G. Master at this point -- If you're not, do it. Now. 
I don't care what your excuse is, you NEED it here. -- You can easily 
solo-grind parts of Ruina Station. The strategy to do so is to use your PvE 
Skills, namely Extreme Dual Cannon, Arctic Field, and Energy Field. (All at 
level 9, so you can do a full combo. At Completer, you can add in Space 
Collapse so that you can go farther than level 9 for more damage.[Further 
Explained in the PvP/PvE Tactics Section]) If you want, you can add in Hail 
Storm, but this combo might break your Stunlock and leave you open for damage,
as Hail Storm takes some time to cast and only KD's the mobs.

As for the dungeon itself, you should be able to find Ruina Station cards 
relatively cheap, at around 300-500k each. You'll make plenty of money during 
your trips there, so don't worry about the cash. If you're tight on cash, 
there's always Nipperlugs for Chaos Lamps. Once inside, if you're 85-90ish you 
should mob up the first few mobs you see, the Dogs and the Cannons. These will 
be great experience for your level if you mob enough of them. Next, after you 
clear the first hallway, go forwards some more to see the first boss, which you
should have no trouble with. The only thing I'd reccomend is to try to pull the
mob away from it, or reduce the mob so that the boss has no chance to kill you.
If you die, it's not a problem, as you can just blink/dash right back in 10-15 
seconds. Plus, in dungeons you don't get a Death Penalty. :] Don't forget to 
get the chests along the way. Now, here's where it gets hard. The Apes in the 
next few rooms ARE hard to kill. They hit hard. Especially the Archers. The 
best way to mob these up without dying is to agro as many as you can and pull 
them behind a box to choke them in one area. Now that they are in your AoE, you
should have no trouble eliminating the entire mob. This will give you AMAZING 
Exp for right now, since they should be orange for you at level 85. The Boss at
the end is a bit tough, since if you go too far in, you might agro one of the 
AutoCannon+'s, which... Even at my level, 130+, They still do about 100-200 
Damage. At 85... They hit around 500-700. And that's just the blue ones. The 
Red ones which come up later hit for a lot more. About 300 to me, now. Around 
900 at 85. Anyway, as long as you kill the Apes before the second boss, and 
agro the boss away from the Autocannons, you should be fine. Go grab the Chest 
that the boss spawns after you kill it, and the chest down the wooden bridge on
the right. Now, the next part should be too hard for you until you're about 
90ish, so you can either try to go in there and mob some monsters up with a 
Battlemode or Aura, or, if you've taken a lot of time killing the first two 
bosses, go suicide in there and the mobs from the beginning should have 
respawned which you can go farm up again for exp. If you do this right, you 
should level every time you go in. Or at least get 15-18 Bubbles of the bar.

Now, after the little blockage problem you had of not being able to get passed 
those Ape+'s and the Mechmanders at 85-90ish, you should be able to beat them 
after this point. Continue like you normally would, providing the first few 
mobs give good exp now, which they should. But this time, you should CLEAR the 
Mechmander/Ape+ Room. This is a HIGH Drop rate for +6 Capes, as well as decent 
exp. If you can clear this room, even with Battlemode/Aura, you should be okay 
for the rest. The Boss is an Excavator, which doesn't really hit that hard. The
main problem with damage here are the Mechmanders that sit back while you try 
to kill it and shoot lazers at you. You should take them out first and just 
keep the boss stunned or KD'd. After this part you have to do the hardest part 
of the dungeon: Getting passed the Autocannons+'s of DOOM. I say Doom because 
even at my level, I can still die if I don't go through it fast enough. 
But being a wizard helps, in that I can blink and dash through. The easiest
way to evade dying here is to Aura/BM up and dash/blink through as fast as you
can. Also, the Regen buff helps LOADS here, especially those last three that
have a chance of killing you if the first few don't miss. Keep in mind to watch
you HP before you go in, because if you aren't at full HP before you go in, you
have a higher chance of dying because you have to pot almost immedietly, making
them unuseable when you're actually in the middle of them. You should be okay
since you can BM/Blink/Dash through them.

Anyhow, after this part comes a bit of a tricky part. It takes time to get good
at this. After you go through the Buffalos -- Don't even bother killing them,
the exp is minute -- There is a clearing with ONE Mechbuffalo+. Be CAREFUL. It's
not just one guy. If you break any of those pillars in there (Which have about
850 HP) two will spawn from each one. Now, this is your exp, but it will also be
your death if you're not careful. You have to keep a STEADY Stunlock on 
this mob, otherwise you WILL Die. If you miss once, you're pretty much boned at
a lower level. Only until you reach about 95+ Will you be able to take a full 
hit from a mob. Also, after a little while, the Mechbear will spawn. This guy 
is a BITCH. He hurts, even at my level. The little bastard will sit there and 
launch his attacks at you from the middle of the god damn place, while you're 
busy mobbing. The easiest way to kill this thing is by BM2ing and spamming as 
MANY Skills as you can to take it out ASAP. One thing that WILL kill you is if 
you use Elemental Festival, since it doesn't stun the mob. Although it's good 
damage, it will kill you. If you have to, blink/dash around the room and launch
Extreme Dual Cannon (And Space Collapse, if you have it.) at the mob/bear 
whenever it's not on cooldown and use Arctic Field and Energy Field whenever 
the mob's got you surrounded. Keep in mind that the bear WILL Stun. This is 
important. If you keep him stunned, you won't take as much damage. I found a 
way to keep myself from dying without using any BMs, but it was VERY Tricky. It
Involves hitting the full mob in the middle with the mechbear as the target, 
and using Extreme Dual Cannon, Then Blink/Dashing to the opposite side, and 
using Space Collapse. Then Blinking to the center and using Arctic Field, and 
if the mob starts hitting me, I'd use Energy Field to replace the stun and 
blink back outside for another Extreme Dual Cannon. This should keep the mob in
the middle, and keep them running at you while being stunned without you trying
to tank the whole mob in a combo. Once the Bear is dead, you should be fine. 
Just make sure you keep the stun and you should have no problem killing any 
Mechbuffalo+'s that mob you. Now, you're thinking "Okay, time for Mechzards!". 
Wrong! You stay right here! Notice how the little Pillar/Tiki/Post thingies 
that spawn Muffalos respawn. You can stay here for the remainder of the 
Dungeon! And here is where you will grind! :] If you can do this right, you 
should level once, or even TWICE a run if you don't die. Not to mention~!! The 
DROPS From here are EXCELLENT. You can get Slotted Osmium, Double Slotted 
Osmium, Lapis/OS Weapons, SLOTTED Lapis/OS Weapons, +6 Capes, Bike Keys AND 
Board Keys, as well as Machinery Heads. (Just keep these in storage. They will 
be NECESSARY Later. Something about Forcium... Hehehe.)

You should grind here until you're around 100. I went here until I was about 
103, since I knew that although you can get into Tower of the Undead at 95 with
an Epaulet of the Dead, your 100 Rank up requires monsters from the Tower that 
are very far in. Personally, I hated the two hour-long dunegon, so I only ran 
it like 3-4 times solo, as well as numerous times with friends and Guild 
members. Honestly, the whole Idea of Running a 2 Hour dungeon by yourself is 
completely unappealing to me, so I just didn't bother doing it. With a Party 
it's more fun, but solo... Not so much. Especially for us Wizzies, since the 
boss battles drag on for 5-10 Minutes each, because of our slow skills. Anyway,
Once you hit 100, feel free to run the tower for your rank up quest. You should
do these solo so that no one take your Ring by mistake. Afterwards, feel free 
to run it with your friends, as the Chests have high chances of Dropped Double 
slotted Osmium and Slotted OS/Lapis Weapons. Don't forget, the monsters drop +6
Capes as well. It's unconfirmed about Bike Keys/Board Keys, but they might 
drop. Also, if you're expecting to get Shineguard/Terragrace/Mystic/Lapis/RedOSM
from here, don't bother. The drop rate for that here is terrible. Once you're
done with that Rank Up, you can continue on with the guide!
On a side note, You shouldn't even need those level 99 Equips until later 
anyways. They are HORRIBLE. Don't let the higher defense and defense rate fool 
you. +7 Double Slotted Osmium and Slotted Lapis orbs OWN +7 Unslotted 
Mystic/Topaz. Especially if the Lapis Orbs have Crit Damage or Magic Amp on 
them. But if you find a Slotted Topaz... Feel free to use it. :D My only 
complaint about Mystic is that it's so expensive to get a full set (Because 
common... You're not going to find a FULL Slotted Set. That's unheard of.), as 
well as the fact that they usually only have 1 slot, meaning your HP, Crit 
Damge or Amp might get Gimped by the new set. My +7 Suit is very nice, since I 
found Magic Amp 7% in one of the two slots, and Slotted the other for HP. This 
makes it MUCH more useful than the Mystic. In fact, it's even better than Clean
Forcium. However! Don't get me wrong, while the Osmium DOES have HUGE benefits 
in the aspect of Pvp, Forcium/Mystic MIGHT be better for PvE since you have 
higher def/def rate, as Def/Def Rate have close to no effect in Pvp. However, 
if you have an HP Osmium Set, then maybe not so. It all depends on what your 
Osmium has in it. What I'm going to do once I get the money for it is, I'm 
going to keep my Osmium Amp for Pvp, since it's WAY better for Pvp, and use a 
Forcium set for Dungeons and grinding in places like Prontis Ferum. (A 140 
Zone, like Forgotten Ruins, Meaning it's a War Zone and has Stronger mobs than 
average Zones.)

-o<< -- 100 And Onward -- >>o- [1-09]

Well, you did it. You successfully made a Pro Wizard!

... Assuming you're Trans Magic now.

If you're not, and you made it this far, either you're lucky or just plain 
good. Hahaha! If you're not Dual Trans, now is the time to do so. If you have 
Trans Magic, this should be simple. Do what I did and go back to Undead Grounds
and use Arrows on the Death Giants with Force Change until you're Trans.

As far as leveling goes past 100, you should be able to go to dungeons like B1F
with friends or at 105 you can get into B2F. Also, don't forget the fact that 
you can still use Ruina Station. How you ask? Hahaha, this is my little secret.
Get a "nooby" level 85-90 Person to come with you, or a Group for that matter,
and go to the Mechbuffalo+'s. Basically, the way this works is, Whenever they 
hit the mob, since you're in a party, everyone gets a portion of the exp, 
right? Well, remember how good the exp was at their level? You're getting part 
of that, as well as part of your own. Instead of Partying higher levels like 
you, you're supposed to party lower levels, since a 110 Person might only get 
20-30k Per hit on the mob, which in a party of 3, you get 1/3rd of from each 
party member. So if you were all 110, you'd get 20-30k exp per hit. Now, if you
went in a party with all the lower levels, like a party of 5, you would get 
1/5th of their exp. Let's say you're 110, and they're all 87. If they get 
80-100k exp per hit, you'll get 1/5th of that from each member, plus 1/5th of 
the Exp you're supposed to get from your own exp gained. So basically, in a 
way, you're leeching off of them. :] But they're getting protected by your pro 
stunlock combo, right? So without you, they wouldn't even be able to get such 
good exp! Hell, I even took a party of 85's (6 of them) and went there at 116 
and leveled TWICE. LOL! xD This party strategy should be easy as hell if you're
dual trans, like I was at that level. If you're in a... Decent... Guild, you 
should find plenty of 85's. This is a simple and easy way to level up quick 
without that much work. :]

-o<< -- FINAL NOTES -- >>o- [1-10]

This whole process might take about a month or two, but it should pass quickly 
if you've got a good guild or friends to keep it interesting. Don't forget! If
you get bored (Like I did several times) make an Alt for a little bit! It's a 
fun way to keep yourself interested. Plus, if you skill grind, you might find a
bunch of Chaos lamps for the Upgrades you need on your Wizard!

Oh, by the way! Listen here, this is SUPER important: BUY YOUR UPGRADES/SKILLS 
FIRST. DO NOT buy/upgrade your equipment first. The prices of these items may 
go down, but the prices of Completer/Transcender upgrades/skills will ALWAYS 
Cost 3.7m. Plus, without them you'll be garbage. :O

Well, that's it for the Leveling/Skilling section. Hope you can make yourself 
into a Pro wizard with my guide.

Enjoy the Owning!

|<<<< PVP/PVE INFORMATION <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<[2-00]<|

-o<< -- Introduction -- >>o- [2-01]

Okay, now that you're an expert, or even a little seedling checking out how you
should set up combos or what have you, here are some suggestions I have about
Tactics for keeping a stunlock or Pvping efficiently.

-- First off, in a Pvp, if the person isn't a complete idiot, they will be 
comboing. This will mean Knock Downs and Stuns WILL NOT WORK. ... Assuming they
don't break their combo. 
-- Don't waste your time using high casting time skills for Pvp, either. This 
includes your Completer skill, Space Collapse. I use it as a finisher, since in
Pvp, mine hits from 600-700 upwards, 700-800 Upwards if it crits.
-- In PvE, you WANT To use these high casting moves. Mostly because the 4 Move
you will combo with in PvE will be EDC, Space Collapse, Arctic Field, and
Energy Field. In that Order.

-o<< -- PvP -- >>o- [2-02]

Okay, to set the Record Straight, Everyone who thinks that using your strongest
skills will ensure you a victory with a wizard is completely moronic. I'm 
saying this because I still see high level wizards using their completer skill 
WITHOUT it being a finisher. I don't get it. I'm sure the misconception is that
if you hit more with one skill it should do more damage per second. That is 

For Pvp, My combo has two branches. They are the following:
~ [<Skill> (<Level of Skill>)] ~

1. Extreme Dual Cannon (12) -> Earth Cannon (20) -> Terra Lance (20) -> 
Fire Cannon (20) -> Flame Lance (20) -> [If not Close to death] -> 
Chain Explosion(20) -> Repeat, until close to death.
Finisher: Space Collapse (12).

This combo is good for normal damage. It's great if you gotta quickly get rid 
of someone, like a Force Archer or a Blader.

2. Acid Trap (20) -> Extreme Dual Cannon (12) -> Earth Cannon (20) ->
Terra Lance (20) -> Fire Cannon (20) -> Flame Lance (20) -> 
Repeat, until close to death.
Finisher: Space Collapse (12)

These combo's should prove helpful to beating any opponent. Use the second 
to beat classes with more Hp, or just for a DoT (Damage over Time) Combo.
The first is great if you just want an overall good combo to beat people with. 

-o<< -- PvE -- >>o- [2-03]

For PvE, you should do the following combo:

Extreme Dual Cannon (12) -> Space Collapse (12) -> Arctic Field (15) -> 
Energy Field (15 or 18. I use 15, though.). Repeat.

For Bosses that are unstunable or un-knockdown-able, use one of the Pvp 
Combos I provided.

|<<<< EQUIPMENT <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<[3-00]<|

-o<< -- Introduction -- >>o- [3-01]

For Wizards, your equipment consists of gear called Martialsets. These sets 
have Gloves, a Helm, Boots, and a Suit. A Wizard needs mostly int, followed by 
some dex and almost no strength for his gear. For weapons, Wizards use Orbs. 
Without two orbs, the Wizard-only skills will not work. For Orbs, you need, 
again, Mostly int, followed by a small amount of str and dex. The Equipment 
Materials rank up as follows:

Training, Crude, Red, Coraleye, Citrine, Bluestin, Phyerstin, Lapis, Topaz, 
Forcium, And two new Unreleased materials.

Training, Martial, Reinforced, Silk, Aramid, Bluestin, Titanium, Shadow 
Titanium, Osmium, Mystic (WI), Forcium (WI), and the two new Unreleased 

Your gear shouldn't matter so much until you hit about Titanium/Phyerstin. 
However, I wouldn't bother with slotting or upgrading Phyerstin Orbs, nor 
Titanium Armor. I would wait until you hit Osmium. Even then, I wouldn't waste 
upgrade cores on Clean Osmium. I believe the best thing you can do is to find 
or buy Double Slotted Osmium, and upgrade that.... Since you're going to wear 
that ... Forever, basically. o.o Same goes for the orbs, however they are more 
easily replaced. Because Lapis orbs are so rarely double slotted, Slotted Lapis
orbs are fine. Make sure you put in Crit Damage. That is key. This plays a roll
in PvP and PvE, because the Crit Damage will increase the Damage of your 
Critical hits by 10% Each Slot.

This is why I say Rings of Luck are VERY Handy, at any level. In fact, one of 
the best rings of lucks you can get, +1's, can be worn at 27 or above.

At any rate, let's move onto PvP/PvE Exclusive Gear.

-o<< -- PvP -- >>o- [3-02]

Your PvP gear should be mostly the same as described above, however, there are 
a few differences between all around equips and PvP gear. If you notice, 
Defense and Defense rate DON'T Matter so much when in a Pvp Situation, when in 
juxtaposition with PvE. When in War Zones, you will want to wear a mix of Pvp 
and PvE Gear, since some people don't combo in War Zones. However, Straight 
PvP, Meaning Duels, You'll want to wear your Double Slotted Osmium, for sure. 
This is because, if you wear this, your stats from the slots will benefit you 
moreso than Mystic or Forcium. For Instance, my Martialsuits. One gives me +100
HP and is +7, and another is +7 With +50 Hp and 7% Amp. For duels, I would wear
the 7% Amp, because the Damage difference would mean that I would be able to do
more damage without them being able to heal it away, like in a War Situation. I
COULD wear the +100 HP for Wars, but I don't have to. It would be very handy if 
for some reason I had to tank a few hits. However, I say, if you're going to do
ANY Sort of Pvp, Amp Gear is the way to go. Any kind. If it's Magic Amp or Crit
Damage, both are VERY important. This is why I say to wear those +1 Rings of 
Luck. These give you 10% critical rate EACH. With us wizards, we don't have ANY
Crit percent buffs or skills. This being said, Rings of Luck are a MUST for 
critical hits. However, your weapons or equips might get crit rate as well. 
Don't only use this! Make SURE you wear those Rings of Luck. For Amulets, 
though, there aren't many useful ones for Pvp. I would suggest an Ammy of Guard
or something to that effect, or possibly an HP Regen Ammy. Other than that, 
none are really that useful.

Final Words: Double Slotted Osmium. It's better for Pvp than Mystic or Forcium 
(Clean, +0). If you get Slotted Forcium, you should use that, for sure.

-o<< -- PvE -- >>o- [3-03]

Your PvE Gear should be only slightly different from your PvP gear. However, 
there are some noteable differences from Pvp to PvE. In PvE, Defense and 
Defense rate matter MUCH more than in Pvp. I can Pvp people naked, but if I run 
VC Naked, I'm going to die. A Lot. So, for PvE, if you Have HP Slotted Mystic 
or ANY Type of Forcium, use this. Weapons for attack rate shouldn't matter, 
really, but the armor matters for SURE. I would suggest you wear these types of
armor because the difference in Defense and Defense rate will decide wether you
live or die in a PvE Situation. Especially when mobbing.

The difference in Jewelry is just a bit different. You want to keep at least 
one Crit ring for damage, but then replace another with a +3 Ring of HP 
Steal(5%), and replace your Ammy with a Vampyric Ammy +2 or +3. The stats 
should increase your MAX Hp steal. There is another Vampyric Amulet, but you 
want the one that increases your maximum HP Steal.

|<<<< FINAL NOTES, CONCLUSION, AND LEGAL STUFF <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<[4-00]<|

That's about it, really. Just a few things before I go ~

Force Bladers will be your hardest class to fight. Bladers will be the easiest.
Get both Magic Attack, and Defense Upgrades, as well as HP and Def Rate.

Please Contact me if you have any questions about Wizards, or if you find any 
Errors in my guide! (Please report any spelling errors, as well as 
informational ones. I like to keep my guides as professional as possible.)

|<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< CONTACT INFO: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
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|<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< IGN: Starsign <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|
|<<<<<<<<<<< SERVER: US ~ Mercury | GUILD: Malevolence <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|

Good luck, and have fun with your Wizard!

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Wizard,
                                 Stars1gn <3                       
     `:+ooo:    `                               `+:                        
    `dN+::+/   om.                              .s+                        
    .Mm.      omMyso  -syyyy/`  -y++sy/`oyyss- /sy+  `+yssyys  so/ssyy:    
     :hdhs/.  `hM-.`  `:--:sMo  /Mm:..`+My..-` `/Ms  dN:`.+My  dM/.`-dN.   
       `-+mm:  hM.    -syssyMh  /Mo    `+hhy+.  -Ms  mN-``/My  dM    sM:   
     `    +Ms  hM.   .Nd.  -Mh  /Mo     ` .:Nm  -Ms  -ddysy+`  dM    sM:   
     hdyyhdy.  :mdss:`ymsosydm- /M+    -dysyms  -Ms  +mhhyyh+` dM    sM:   
     `.--.`     `...`  ....``.` `.`     ....`    .`  `:..`.yM: `.    `.    
Please do not use the contents of this guide outside of the following:
(Without Giving me Credit, of Course)
Malevolence Forums, CABAL Online Forums, GameFAQs and CabalDatabase.
|<<<< COPYRIGHT Whalesdude/Stars1gn, 2008 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<[4-02]<|
All Information is of my own personal opinion and observation.