Bust-A-Move '99 Cheats

Bust-A-Move '99 cheats, and Codes for PSX.


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Another World
Press Circle,Left,Right,Cirlce and you'll see a little character on the corner letting you know that you are in another world.
Beat the Player vs Computer mode with character and you'll recieve that characters FMV scenes.
Get a superior rating in the Challenge mode
In the Challenge mode beat all of the levels without dying,using few balloons and beating it fast and you'll recieve a Superior Rating
Get an A rank in Challenge mode
To get an A rank in each and every one of them look at what each level wants you to do complete what it says and you'll get an A rank in Challenge mode.
Get the picture in WIn Contest
In win contest beat it with the same character over 15 times and you'll get a complete picture of that character and you'll hear an applause.
Super Boss Mode???
Once you have unlocked all the characters and send every one home go to Win Contest and you'll fight all the bosses in a row.
*The bosses you'll face are Monkey,Chirp Chirp Fishes, Purple Dunk, Fat Bubbleloon and Dunk.
Telling the difference between Boss and a normal character
Will first of all you start off with the normal characters and also you'll here a different music if you fight boss.
The real way to unlock Fat Bubbleloon
Beat Player Vs Computer at the hardest level and beat it with Musashi and SSB
Unlock Chirp Chirp Fishes
Once you have beaten monkey beat win contest 7 more times(without loosing) and beat the Chirp Chirp Fishes.
Unlock Dunk
To unlock Dunk go to the arcade mode and go to puzzle and complete it with every one.
Unlock Fat Bubbleloon
To unlock the Fat Bubbleloon you must complete the puzzle mode without dying with these characters:Jacks,Luna, SSB and Musashi.
* You don't have to beat it with everyone every one I mentioned but you do have to beat it with SSB and Musashi.
Unlock Monkey
Beat Win Contest 7 times without loosing and beat Monkey to unlock him.
Unlock Purple Dunk
Once you have beaten Chirp Chirp Fishes beat win contest 7 more(without loosing) times in order to unlock him.