Burnout 2: Point of Impact review
Burnout 2: Point Of Impact

The good:

32 stages in Championships. New mode, Crash for Cash, Where you must crash and wreck vehicles.

The bad:

Not many events, to take part in main game mode.


Burnout was supposedly a good arcade racer, but Burnout 2 is far better. The Graphics, physics and races are better. It feels like a real street race. Weather conditions can be fun, when raining you get a feel for it. The crashes are more realistic than ever, and give you a sense of havoc. Crashing can even be fun. The game is all about high speed, dangerous driving, and it encourages you to drive dangerously. The game can be for anyone, its fun, fast and stylish.

Gameplay: The cars all handle well, and the crashes are realistic. Cars react sharply to what you tell them to.

Difficulty: The game can get difficult at times, and slighlty frustrating at first, but you get used to it pretty quickly.

Gpahics: The graphics are awesome, gleaming cars and shiny cars in the sun, dark, dingy surroundlings in rain. The cars are all detailed and react to the surroundings (IE: Shadows, relections)

Sound: I must admit the audios didn't impress me much, the cars reving is a bit fake sounding. But is all good, the crash sounds are all up to scratch.

Overall: Burnout 2: Point Of Impact is all about racing dangerously, its an Arcade racer so don't expect uber realistic thing Gran Turismo might offer, its all about the fun.

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