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One of the best racers ever made.

The good:

Great graphics.
Many great cars.
Smooth gameplay.
Crash juntions.
Loads of events.
Brilliant crashes.

The bad:

Annoying crashes.
Poor music.
A lot of track reversal.


Basically Burnout with a few vital improvments:

More tracks,
More cars,
More events,
More modes.

This game kicks Nintendo's "short but sweet policy" into the dustbin. MORE IS BETTER.
It is still worth the £20 you pay for it today.


Improved and more hi-res than the original. 9/10


Better music, and good FX. 7/10


Fast and fluent. 9/10


More than a months worth of play (in moderation) 8/10

: ) The best bit : )

Crash mode. It causes local devastation.

: ( The worst bit : (

Leading the way all through the race, but crash at the final stretch and have the crafty CPU ...


Burnout 2: Point Of Impact

The good:

32 stages in Championships. New mode, Crash for Cash, Where you must crash and wreck vehicles.

The bad:

Not many events, to take part in main game mode.


Burnout was supposedly a good arcade racer, but Burnout 2 is far better. The Graphics, physics and races are better. It feels like a real street race. Weather conditions can be fun, when raining you get a feel for it. The crashes are more realistic than ever, and give you a sense of havoc. Crashing can even be fun. The game is all about high speed, dangerous driving, and it encourages you to drive dangerously. The game can be for anyone, its fun, fast and stylish.

Gameplay: The cars all handle well, and the crashes are realistic. Cars react sharply to what you tell them to.

Difficulty: The ...


Kids, do try this at home---not on real streets

The good:

Kick ass boost system

The bad:

All-or-nothing crash physics


Burnout 2 gets arcade-style racing right. It's accessible to casual racers even as it rewards diligent gamers who master its nuances--both groups will find entertainment aplenty. You can compete in standart races, one-on-one police chases, or the mesmerizing Crash mode, which rates spectacular chain-reaction collisions based on monetary damages (in slow motion, no less). An ingenious boost system awards turbo power for reckless near-misses and power-slides. It's a nice risk/reward system that infuses the races with a thrilling sence of unpredictability-- a daring move can send a leader zoom...


burnout 2

The good:

well done,good graphics, realistic portrayal of dumb people driving

The bad:

can't customize the cars and you have to do offensive driving 101 no matter what


If you like racing games , get this. It's a very good multiplayer game , and a lot of laughs when you crash.
The crash mode is really funny with the crash total you have to get (e.g. gold,40,000,000).
The cars are cool , anything from a coupe to a japanese muscle to a racecar.
The pursuits and faceoffs to unlock some cars can be annoying , but they are worth it.
You are able to unlock several stages in the championship mode , and if you get any medal in all the stages , you unlock the custom championship mode.


Burnout 2 Wicked AWESOME!!

The good:

lots and lots of boost! and great cars! good muiltplayer game!

The bad:

races sumtime get boring!


Burnout 2 is way way better than the first!!! has more cars/levels to it! i like how to get boost u have to drive really really close to cars and i like the level when u try and get a big crash! most money for my crash was 8,285,394 million dollars worth! that was a true car crash! i hope u at buy this game! if your still not sure just rent it from blockbuster then! i really recommend this racing game! iam a huge fan of racing games! like grand turismo a-spec but burnout awesome cause its a little easier! hope u check out this game/buy it! have fun gamers! and remember try that cr...


Burnout 2: Point of Impact

The good:

The Crash mode, Pursuits, graphics, and overall gameplay.

The bad:

There is only two types of camera modes( over the hood, and bumper cam) seriously its lame. You kind of get the headstart at the begginning of championship races.


Clearly this game is meant for anyone. Its so simple to start. I mean you would be fine if this is the first racing game you've ever played. the championship mode is good, that is where you unlock everything. Time attack is good for practicing. Oh, and crash. This is what the game was made for. running down street to make the most dangerous crash ever. The online leaderboards for the xboxlive is sweet.

YOu can unlock many cars, track, and modes. there are awesome cars the tracks are great and modes rule. I love the pursuit and crash. In pursuit you have to knock your opponent of the road a #...

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