Burnout 2: Point of Impact (Xbox) Cheats

Burnout 2: Point of Impact cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Custom Series Championship Mode
Beat Championship mode & earn gold medals in all races.
Freerun Mode
Beat the Custom Series Championship.
Beat Grand Prix Championships Mode and get all of the gold medals in the challenges.
New Cars
To get new cars, you must complete each of the following tasks:

Classic 1970 Car: Destroy it with a police car in Pursuit 2.
Compact: Beat Custom Series Qualifier.
Coupe: Get all gold medals at Split Second Grand Prix.
Drivers' Ed Car: Get all gold medals in Driving 101.
Gangster Car: Beat Pursuit 3.
Hot Rod Car: Beat Face Off 1.
Japanese Car: Beat Face Off 2.
Muscle Car: Beat Pursuit 6.
Oval Racer: Beat it car in Face Off 2.
Pickup Truck: Beat Pursuit 5.
Police Car: Beat Pursuit 1 and destroy the boss's car.
Roadster: Get all gold medals at the Point Of Impact Grand Prix.
Sports Car: Get all gold medals at the Speed Streak Grand Prix.
Super Car: Beat Face Off 4.
SUV: Beat Pursuit 4.
Runway Mode
Get gold medals in all of the challenges in Crash mode and beat Crash mode.
Unlimited Boost
Unlock everything in the Custom Series Championship to get this option.