Burnout review
Burn rubber!!

The good:

Style of courses
Avoid pedestrian traffic
Special turbo gauge

The bad:

Poor camera in two-player
Loading times
Inconsistancy of crashes
Similarity of courses


Burnout is a racing game with a difference. The idea is to be your opponents to the line while dodging other non-racing traffic. Can Burnout stand out from the competition?

Graphically the game is amazing, especially for one so old. The cars themselves so very real and the courses do pretty well too. The sounds are too hot though, with some chessy tunes and only average FX.

Gameplay is the heart of any game and Burnout does well. Tearing along the roads, narrowly avoiding other cars or trucks and then hitting the turbo to gain that small advantage is quite a rush.

The controls handle perfectly so you can pull off insane moves without fear of the controls fighting you.

The game does have a few problems though. First of all is the inconsistancy of the crashes. One time you might slide sideways into a lorry at 80 mph and carry on racing. Another time you might tap a wall at 40 mph and the game will think you have crashed.

Also while the courses have been well designed they are quite similiar to one another. This means that it feels like there are only 4 courses instead of 9, which is a low number anyway.

Finally the camera is a big issue in two-player. It simply isn't high enough to give a full view of what is ahead, especially if you're using a large vehicle.

Overall, an excellent realistic racing game with some faults. Not perfect but for the budget price it might well be worth it.

Burnout 2: Point of Impact (GC)
R: Racing Evolution (GC)

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