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Revenge is Sweet!


Burnout is back and still manages to improve over the excellent Burnout Takedown. It's an arcade game not a simulator so don't expect any realistic handling like in Gran Turismo. Instead this game opts for a more fun and enjoyable approach to racing. Graphic wise this game exceeds beyond all expectations. Crashes, explosions, body parts and tracks all look excellent with little to no frame rate problems.

The aim of the game is to WIN at all costs. This means driving as aggressively as you can. The game actually encourages you to drive dangerous. The more dangerous you drive the bigger your boost bar gets which in turn makes you go faster which makes winning a race a lot easier. There are loads of ways to gain boost, the most common are:

- Driving on the wrong side of the road.
- Getting a near miss with traffic.
- Drifting around corners
- Jumping ramps.
- Ramming rivals
- Tailgating
- Checking traffic

And the most satisfying of course is taking a rival out.

After every race you are rewarded a rating depending on your agression throughout the event. They range from OK to Awesome. These ratings improve your rank and as each new rank unlocks more events become available. Elite is the highest rank.

Burnout Revenge has a lot of added features which are a welcome edition to the franchise. This time Checking Traffic plays a big part in the game. This simply means that while driving on the Right Side of the road, you can ram into any pedestrian vehicle without crashing yourself. Watch out for Buses and Trucks though. Some say it makes the game too easy and while this is true it also makes the game a lot more fun. There's nothing more satisfying then driving at full speed through a traffic jam with cars flying in every direction, if you hit a car at the right angle you can force it into a rival car which results in a very satisfying Traffic Check Takedown.

Another added feature and the reason for the "Revenge" in the name is the Revenge Takedown. If you get taken out by a rival his marker turns red, this makes getting revenge a lot easier because you know what car to go for. When you take him out you are rewarded a lot more boost then a normal takedown and of course you get the satisfaction of getting your revenge on him.

Then there's the Vertical Takedown. Scattered throughout the circuits are loads of ramps. If you jump from a ramp and land on top of a rival car you are rewarded a Vertical Takedown. This can be achieved in a few more different ways like going faster then the car in front while driving on a bumpy road.

Another new feature are the Crashbreakers during a race. These are loads of fun because when you crash you can detonate your car to take out rivals nearby. The more boost you have the more powerful the explosion will be. Total Payback is the ultimate reward when you take out all 5 rivals in one explosion.

As for the tracks, they can only be described as the best tracks I've seen in any racer. Sure GT4 might have the Grand Canyon but that get's boring after 10 laps, well Burnout Revenge tracks are different with every lap you take due to the immense amount of short cuts available. Every track also has many hidden huge ramps which usually involves jumping over something BIG like a gorge or a highway.

However every game has its flaws and Revenge is no different. The vehicles range from Light to Super Heavy. The lighter vehicles are fast and nimble while the heavy vehicles are better for taking out rivals or causing a bigger Crash Breaker in Crash Events. However my complaint is that there are so many cars that it would be better if they were catagorised. Instead all the vehicles are on one menu so if you're looking for a light vehicle you have to scroll through loads of cars before you find the one you're looking for.

Then there's the lack of a Retry option if you earn a medal or beat a score. For example, if you get Bronze in a race you can't simply press retry and go again for gold. Instead you have to exit to the event select screen and go back to that race. The Crash events are loads of fun until you press retry because instead of just going back to the start, the camera slowly pans from where you pressed retry all the way back to the beginning. That can become an annoyance.

All in all Burnout Revenge is an excellent game so some minor flaws does'nt take much away from the adrenaline rush you get from playing it.
If you enjoy racing for fun then this is the game you need.

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