Burnout Legends (PSP) Cheats

Burnout Legends cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Avoiding a CRASH!!!
To avoid a crash, when you get to a sharp corner DON'T use your turbo. Instead let go of the gas, and also press brake.
Fisrt, in order to drift, when you are coming to a sharp turn, hit the brakes and turn to the tracks direction, then at the last second, as soon as you're facing forward down the track, hit the boost. This is very essential when it comes to Racing, as well as Road Rage.
How to Unlock Compact Series
- Assassin compact: Get at 15 takedowns.
- Compact cop: Get bronze in silver lake or airport T1 & T2 pursuit.
- Dominator compact: Get 10.000 burnout points.
- Gangster legend: Get gold in palma bay legend face-off.
- Legend compact: Get gold in interstate loop legend face-off.
- Random Compact collector: Get gold in silver lake eliminator.
- Tuned compact: Get 5 gold medals.
How to Unlock the Assassin Cars
- Assassin Compact Car: Achieve 15 Takedowns
- Assassin Coupe Car: Achieve 60 Takedowns
- Assassin Muscle Car: Achieve 30 Takedowns
- Assassin Sports Car: Achieve 100 Takedowns
- Assassin Super Car: Achieve 150 Takedowns
How to Unlock the Cop Racer
You must achieve Gold in all Pursuit events.
How to Unlock the Firetruck
You must achieve Gold on all Crash Events.
How to Unlock the Gangster Boss
You must achieve Gold in all Race events.
How to Unlock the Muscle Series
- Assassin Muscle: Get 30 takedowns.
- Classic Legend: Get gold in big sure shore legend face-off.
- Dominator Muscle: Get 25 burnout points.
- Legend J-muscle: Get gold in airport 1 and 2 legend face-off.
- Muscle Cop: Get bronze in harbour town or sunrise valley pursuit.
- Randome Muscle Collector: Get gold in harbour town eliminator.
- Tuned Muscle: Get 20 gold medals.
How to Unlock the Track Mirror Mode
You must get all of the Legend Face-Off cars. This will unlock the Track-Mirror mode in single event.