Burnout 3: Takedown review

The good:

- The crashes!!: 5.0

My god the crashes are so realistic it's frightening, windows smash, hoods fly, tyres spin into the air and the sound of it is brilliant too.

- The Graphics 5.0

From the shine on the cars to the glare from the sun. Graphics have been improved a lot since BO2, no pop up like in NFSUG either, the horizon gradually appears.

- The Sound 4.8

Every crash or rev is just like real life, if you use Dolby then it's like being in a real car, especially when a semi-truck sounds his horn as you zoom by at 200M/ph. 0.2 points deducted for the DJ though although thankfully he can be turned off.

- Gameplay 5.0

With loads of different modes from normal Race to Crash mode you're never bored of stuff to do.

- Replay value 5.0

Even if you completed everything in the game it's still fun to come back to it for a quick fix of adrenaline.

- Aftertouch

Even if you crash you can go into slow motion and guide your wreck into the opponents, never a dull moment in BO takedown.

- Did i mention the crashes!!

The bad:

Ehhh...can ruin any relationship.


Burnout 3 is by far the best ever arcade racer. It mightn't have 700 licenced cars like GT4 or the customization like NFSUG, but it doesn't need them, this game beats NFSUG hands down. GT4 is a simulator so it can't be compared to this game.
It's an arcade game, if you want a fast paced adrenaline pumpin' game, then this is for you. If you want something a bit more realistic then get GT4.

Overall: 5.0 Perfection

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