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The Best Racing Game Out There

The good:

Awesome cars
The ability To takedown other cars...
Easy to steer controls
The different activities(Road Rage, Crash, Racing, Time Laps, etc...)
The level of difficulty Sort of Follows Your Progress(You won't be racing a race that's high level if you've just started, I mean)
The Bads are minimal, and the game is so great, they're easy to look over.

The bad:

Crash and Takedown Cameras
The Lighting Can Be A Bit Dark
Camera Angles While Going Up A Hill
Crash Time


Burnout 3 is definitely the best game involving cars I've ever played. Having a collection of NASCAR and miscellaneous racing games, it was refreshing to get a game that didn't just have three tracks, two cars, and one that had the ability to crash other cars as well. The game has it's faults, but it's a really good game.

It has three different main events(with some smaller extra events): Road Rage, Crash, and Race. Road Rage is definitely my favorite. You can drive through laps and crash other drivers. You keep driving as long as your car can take it. When counted, I can crash 5 times and t...


*sigh* I don't know...


Welcome to the wonderful world of Burnout. The basic objective is simple. You take 4 to 6 pimped out cars and drive at top speed dangerously to earn boost and win. Burnout 1 was a great game with spectacular crashes. In fact, the crashes were so spectacular, Burnout 2 had a CRASH MODE! Burnout 2 was truly one of my favorite games of all time. When I heard about Burnout 3, I was excited. I finally got to play it and I am sorry to say that it really isn't all it's cracked up to be. If you ask me, I think this game is overrated.

First of all, you'll notice the usual Burnout music that rocked ev...


Burnout 3 is the best!

The good:

-Cars range from regulars, to Ferraris to buses!
-Easy, pick-up-and-play controls
-Eye-smashing speed
-Car deformation
-Downtown track!
-Barrels falling off lorries

The bad:

-Takedown camera. You can't control or see your car
-One minor glitch-I once fell through the ground...
-No monster trucks. *Snicker*
-Absolutely nothing else is bad about this game!


I started my Burnout career with Burnout 2, and have been a dedicated fan ever since. When I heard of Burnout 3, I literally jumped for joy! Exactly as Jimmy Eat World's "Just Tonight" says, the less you see the more you want... and I wanted it, baby! I got it for Christmas 2004, and finished it in January, because I was totally addicted... strangely, I have only played for 60 hours now! This feels like a whole new game compared to it's siblings... and with Burnout Revenge coming out in November, looks like my Burnout career won't stop now!


Burnout 3 is great!

The good:

-lots of cars to get
-lots of modes
-lots of levels

The bad:

-start with few cars


I'll start off by saying this game was great! I am not normally a fan of racing games, but when I played Burnout 3, I loved it. Most racing games you can't destroy your car or any thing, but in Takedown, it is a good thing to do. There are lots of modes, one where you aree tryong to make a huge accident. There is also another where you try to take out the cars as fast as possible. Then, you can always do some normal racing, except it isn't really normal. You get points and speed boots for being a bad driver including driving on the wrong side of the road, and smashing another car.

Despite th...


Not what I expected

The good:

1. The Never boring "Crash" Mode.
2. A good soundtrack that gets you in the racing mood.

The bad:

1. The minimal number of cars that you start of with.
2. The fact that the CPU does not try and crash your car like it should.
3. The difficulty of the races.


This game is not bad, but no where near what I expected from all the publicity about this game, Okay there is takedown crashes and all. But the CPU you mostly race against seems to have forgotten the name of this game. I thought I would have hours of fun when I went out and bought this game. Instead I got 3 cars unlocked and hard races, Seriously I am deceived by Electronic Arts.
The only good things I can find about this game is the game mode that never gets boring, Crash. This mode is the single reason I bought burnout 2 and this Crash improved a Little



The good:

- The crashes!!: 5.0

My god the crashes are so realistic it's frightening, windows smash, hoods fly, tyres spin into the air and the sound of it is brilliant too.

- The Graphics 5.0

From the shine on the cars to the glare from the sun. Graphics have been improved a lot since BO2, no pop up like in NFSUG either, the horizon gradually appears.

- The Sound 4.8

Every crash or rev is just like real life, if you use Dolby then it's like being in a real car, especially when a semi-truck sounds his horn as you zoom by at 200M/ph. 0.2 points deducted for the DJ though although thankfully he can be turned off.

- Gameplay 5.0

With loads of different modes from normal Race to Crash mode you're never bored of stuff to do.

- Replay value 5.0

Even if you completed everything in the game it's still fun to come back to it for a quick fix of adrenaline.

- Aftertouch

Even if you crash you can go into slow motion and guide your wreck into the opponents, never a dull moment in BO takedown.

- Did i mention the crashes!!

The bad:

Ehhh...can ruin any relationship.


Burnout 3 is by far the best ever arcade racer. It mightn't have 700 licenced cars like GT4 or the customization like NFSUG, but it doesn't need them, this game beats NFSUG hands down. GT4 is a simulator so it can't be compared to this game.
It's an arcade game, if you want a fast paced adrenaline pumpin' game, then this is for you. If you want something a bit more realistic then get GT4.

Overall: 5.0 Perfection

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