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You may find a cheap bed during your travels or buy a bed (any type) from furniture stores. Having at least one bed in the inventory will let your character rest at any mechanic station to pass the time of day. This comes in handy to get victory medals in the arena.
Big Payout
If you need a big influx of cash (legitimately), be sure to visit the Garland Newspaper office across the street from Lobster Inn. After each big story event -- defeating the Killer Elephants, escorting the caravan, winning the UTC, and fighting the Bloody Mantis Gang, speak with the reporter inside, then again with the editor. Once the game clears, speaking with the editor will net you a cool 50,000 uroch, which will state most normal desires in the game.
easy money
play violin in every park because violinis the MOst easy instrument in this worlD!!!!!!!! i hope this help
Finding Coriander
Upon completing the game, you have a task to find Coriander again. Although she's at Seagull Beach, she doesn't appear until you've followed the trail of clues:

Marjoram ... Garland City. Lobster Inn cone. He's in the food shop next to the Lobster Inn.

Fennel ... Garland City. Riverside Hotel cone. He's inside the ballroom of Station Hotel, which is across the street from the trot park.

Rosemary ... Eurydika. Coriander's mother is in the house where you last left her.

Doctor Nutmeg ... Vision Ranch. Speak to the doctor and fight his trot garage while there.

Basil, The Four-Eyed Loser ... Nefro-Nefro Town North of the station is a drain tunnel with Ginger (name only known if you start helping the theater).

Mrs. Echinacea ... Nefro-Nefro Town. Next door neighbor to Connie's old house.

After all these people are talked to (not necessarily in order), you find Coriander at Seagull Beach.
Frame Develop
Develop new frames by having at least two frames to research. Some body frames are developable, as are the basic bird and human legs. Most back frames are upgradable if you have two or more of them (same type) except for the explosion frame.

Very few arm frames are combinable in this manner; the sole exception so far seems to be the Claw Arm and Ball & Chain Arm. You can buy the Claw Arm at the caravan assembly area near the desert. You can buy the Ball & Chain Arm from the Killer Elephant base.
Unlock Bicycle
Go to Fort Raven and dismount your Trot. There is a man near the entrance (walk there) who talks about the evils of trot machines. Agree or remain neutral and he will let you try out his new invention, the bicycle. After you finish the game or use the bicycle several times, return to him and make your argument. You can keep the bicycle if you agree or remain neutral. You can also simply not talk to the inventor again to keep your bicycle.
Unlock Billiards
Unlock the billiards option by playing or practicing a full session of billiards in NefroNefroTown, Garland, or SimSim (Neuhafen Port).
Unlock Boomerang Arm
At Skylark Farms East, there is a river that empties into a low cave. Enter with your trot vehicle to get to Garland Outskirts East. If you enter that map by the river cave, you find a chest with the Boomerang Arm (same one as Ginger's).
Unlock Drill Grill
You can buy the basic parts from various city trot shops. Have a Drill Arm and a Light Grill and develop it anywhere into the Drill Grill, which does damage during rams.
Unlock Excalibur Arm
You must choose to not to join the Bloody Mantis Gang to get this part. After the game is completed, visit Dandelion's workshop and speak with the assistant. This unlocks the door on 3F that leads to Dandelion's bat cave, complete with trot Batmobile. Examine the trot for the Excalibur and an uncommon grill frame.
Unlock Outfits in Album
Wear all the matching pieces of an outfit (e.g. cowboy hat, gloves, boots, etc.) to unlock it in the album.
Unlock Six Wheel Leg
You can buy the basic parts at a city shop. Combine two three wheel frames for the six wheel frame.
Unlock Spike Ball Arm
You can buy the basic parts from most city trot shops, except the Ball & Chain arm, which is from the Killer Elephant Gang base. Combine the Ball & Chain Arm with a Claw Arm for the Spike Ball Arm.
Unlock Throwing Arm
Have a Normal Arm and a Steel Beam (commodity) in the inventory and head to the Killer Elephant Gang's base. Steel Beams are sold in Garland. Head to the GTW Company park point and speak to a big guy standing near a stack of beams. For the arm, speak to the first red gang member inside the base (he will be pointing at the giant trot next to another blue gang member) and he will offer to develop the Throwing Arm for 100 uroch.
Unlock Trot Battle
Fight in five or more arena fights or achieve a D rank to unlock the Trot Battle mode on the title screen.
Unlock Whip Arm
You will need to assemble the Spiked Ball Arm first (see hint on this page). Buy a bolt of Silk (commodity) at Neuhafen's warehouse #3. Combine the Silk and Spike Ball Arm with the Desert Hornet engineer at the Hornet base. The engineer is sitting next to the base's stores (level above the trot garage).
Winning the UTC
Early in the game, you have very little in powerful frames unless you decide to farm dungeons. Use your money in story mode to develop a Large Body by purchasing two Medium Bodies. Develop Large Humanoid Legs by combining two Medium Humanoid Legs. The best melee arms to have around in the arena are the Iron Club (sold in Eurydika) and the Trident Arm, which you find on the Juniper Berry.

If you defeat the Killer Elephant Boss earlier, you can also equip the KE Grill, which gives you a deadlier dash attack.

The UTC occurs after you find the Sailing License for Captain Ciboulette and you attempt to return through Garland. It's advisable to save in a trot shack before hand.

The first fight is easy, but the second one against Fennel is harder since you can barely get close. Try trapping Fennel in a corner with obstacles and then work the Trident over him. If you need a big hit to "lop" off the last bit of life before time runs out, use the Iron Club or dash atack him. Picking up Fennel is almost impossible due to the AI used.

Against Eldar The White Requiem, use the Trident again, but note that the enemy has ten or twelve homing missiles. Also, getting up close may invite Eldar to use his Excalibur Sword arm, which will probably kill your trot in four hits if you have less than 75% life (using the Large Body). Again, the Trident will help with victory once you trap him in a corner. The award is 10,000 uroch, which helps with buying the elegant dress in Nefro-Nefro Town for Coriander.