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Russel SMASH!

The good:

Interesting characters, a diversity of activities, entertaining locations, changing seasons, customizable outfits.

The bad:

Actual game too short, missions slightly repetitive.


If you were ever teased and humiliated in grade school or high school, then this is the perfect revenge game for you!
Each click is represented, the geeks, the jocks, the preps, the greasers and the all-around bullies.
I personally started out the game protecting the geeks and beating up everyone else, but in time you can actually befriend everybody, then pick and choose who you want to push around.

Now, for the game observations;

The characters in this game have CHARACTER, they're well thought-out with their own unique personalities and ways of interacting.
I also thought it was very cool of Ro...


Mediocre at Best

The good:

The Good:

Has GTA's cartoonish feel
Few fun missions

The bad:

The Bad:
Its like a downgraded version of GTA
Missions repetitive
The city of Bullworth isn't at all attractive, for some reason I don't want to explore the city.
Mediocre at best


When I first got this game I thought it would be a great game, I mean after all its Rockstar my hopes on a good game were crushed after 7 or so missions. I realized they were all repetitive, probably the protagonists of Grand Theft Auto games did this when they were in high school.

Fighting in the school was a bitch, because once you attacked one member of the clique every other member of that clique in the area would come over and fight you. And since you sometimes have a size mismatch you can't grapple the bigger guys they just push you out of their way, so all you can do is punch...


Not the best, but good.

The good:

  • Very good animation
  • Bullying others can be funny
  • Some of the weapons can be fun
  • Changes in seasons are realistic
  • Peds and children are knocked-off instead of killed
  • Some missions are creative although few of these

    The bad:

  • The appeal of this game doesn't last that much
  • Can't drive motorized vehicles except go-kart and scooter
  • Not much to explore
  • Some weapons can sometimes look cartoony
  • Storyline is very repetitive


    Well, well...

    When I got this game I was very excited. In fact, as I was seeing the first cutscene/intro I thought this game would be better than GTA:LCS, maybe even better than GTA:SA. So I started playing I looked the realistic animation, and the fact that kids can only be knocked of. It was realistic too that the knocked-out children would groan after knocked out. Along the game, like when I got the slingshot I loved shooting people with it, before I got bored. As I progresses along, I obtained an upgrade of the slingshot, with a zoom and everything on it...it just looked too much and too...

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