Bully Cheats

Wrestling uniform
Finish Gym 1
Black skate shoes
Walk at least 50 km
Boxing costume
Beat the Boxing or Prep Challenge
Crash helmet
Get 1st in the Kart Race at the carnival
Dunce hat
Turn on all the showers in the boy's locker room
Edna mask
Destroy 19 tombstones during Halloween
Fast food costume
Finish the Burger Joint errand in Bullworth vale
Firefighter's helmet
Pull the fire alarm twenty times
Gnome costume
Smash all the garden gnomes
Gold suit
Buy all the clothing
Green ninja costume
Hit 1,000 targets with projectiles
Grotto Master costume
Collect all G&G cards
Jimmy's Skeleton costume
Finish 'The Candidate' to unlock 'Halloween'
Orderly uniform
Finish 'Finding Johnny Vincent' in chapter 5
Pirate hat
Beat up the pirate on an island near the beach house
Prison uniform
Finish all the detention mini-games
Pumpkinhead mask
Destroy all 27 pumpkins during Halloween
Red ninja costume
Complete 'The Big Prank' during Halloween
Tiny swimsuit
Beat the prep's swim time at the beach
BMX champion costume
Complete a bike race
School mascot costume
Finish 'Nice Outfit' in chapter 4