Bully Cheats

Unlock Decorations
Picture of Beatrice - Complete "That Bitch" in Chapter I
Russel's shirt - Complete Chapter I
Teddy Bear - Complete "Carnival Date" in Chapter II
Picture of Pinky - Complete "Carnival Date" in Chapter II
Venus Flytrip Head - Complete "Weed Killer" in Chapter II
Picture of Lola kissing Gordo - Complete "Jealous Johnny" in Chapter III
Greaser Jacket - Complete Chapter III
Picture of Lola - Complete "The Tenements" in Chapter III
Grim Reaper - Complete "Funhouse Fun" in Chapter IV
Picture of Mandy - Complete "Discretion Assured" in Chapter IV
Football Jersey - Complete Chapter IV
Burned school banner - Complete "The Gym Is Burning" in Chapter V
Picture of Zoe - Complete "Smash It Up" in Chapter V
Rat in a Jar - Complete "Rats In The Library" in Chapter V
Various Chem Plant Signs - Complete both parts of the mission "Busting In" in Chapter V