[edit] Background

Bully is set in a fictional town called Bullworth where players control Jimmy as he struggles to rise through the social ranks of the school system; when Jimmy first arrives at the school he discovers that it's filled with bullies and decides to put an end to it all.

The game is also known as “Canis Canem Edit” is Europe. It was developed and published by Rockstar in 2006 when it was released for the PlayStation 2. The game was later released for the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Android and iOS devices.

[edit] Gameplay

The open world game is played in third-person and the player is able to explore the entire school as they complete a range of linear missions; there are various locations to visit and explore as the game progresses.

The player is expected to attend classes or risk being caught truanting, attending classes will reward the player with special abilities to help them progress through the game, cause mischief and avoid punishment. Items such as Stink Bombs and firecrackers can be crafted by the player and used at any point in the game. In addition to attending class, the player can also befriend NPC's and initiate romantic relationships by kissing them and gifting them items.

Combat also plays a role in the game where the player can use melee attacks and weapons to damage enemies; breaking rules in the game will raise the “Trouble Meter” and causing too much trouble will cause authority figures to look for the player until the meter lowers again.

The “Scholarship Edition” of the game includes a multiplayer where two players can compete for the highest score possible by completing different classes.

[edit] Features

Attend Class – Go to lessons and earn useful skills such as making firecrackers

Form Relationships – Become friends with NPCs or engage in romantic relationships

Trouble Meter – Cause too much trouble and authority figues will start hunting Jimmy down

Various locations – Visit different locations to find useful items and cause mischief

[edit] Players liked:

  • Unique setting with a great atmosphere
  • Good voice acting
  • Fun story and missions

[edit] Players didn't like:

  • Limited multiplayer
  • Combat feels sloppy

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Bully Ships For NA, Banned at Certain UK Stores

UK retail chain takes issue with Bully content

Oct 18, 2006, by Leo Chan | 0 comments

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nasty nappa
Aug 13, 10 12:43pm
a fresh new idea for a game thats fun to play and very amusing Bully
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Feb 26, 10 1:50am
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Nov 27, 09 9:29pm
Need bullworth coverd in marbles and toilet paer you know who to call Bully
Sep 19, 09 1:22am
Rockstar doesn't fail in protraying the gritty school life of a bully. A slightly watered down version of GTA. Bully
Aug 26, 09 2:45pm
Fun but pretty easy to beat Bully
Celes Leonhart
Jun 12, 09 5:20am
Had more fun playing this than I have on most GTA's Bully
May 27, 09 6:46am
Very, very good rockstar title. Bully
Mar 18, 09 1:30am
gta for kids Bully
Mar 6, 09 6:55pm
Finished(Twice) Bully
Feb 12, 09 12:13pm
kick ass! i love this game! GTA as a teen! Bully
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