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The Rise and Fall of Jimmy Hopkins, aged 15


Sliding down stair rails. Bunny-hopping over cars. Attending (and bunking) class. Winning the hearts of girls from every clique. Learning how to fight from a homeless bum behind the school bus. Achieving school domination and having complete power over staff and students alike; just a typical school year.

The first I was aware of Bully as a kid was in the build-up to launch. The game took a huge hit of controversy in the UK due to the ignorant assumption the game promoted bullying and starred you, the titular Bully. Obviously not the case, the game had the misfortune of being renamed Canis ...


Second Time's a Charm

The good:

-Town and School
-Voice Acting
-Side Missions
-Replay Value

The bad:

-Size of School is small
-A Port
-Catch-up AI


Rockstar is a controversial company that makes good games. They are most well-known for the Grand Theft Auto franchise, which has been under heavy scrutiny over the "Hot Coffee" mod that was found in the game years ago. Now after that, they made another controversial game, called "Bully", which had critics thinking this would teach kids to bully others. When it came out, it was a mini version of GTA. No blood, but the kind of violence that would be expected from high schoolers in real life. It still only had a T rating, and wasn't bad. Now, they decide to port it to the other company consol...


Bully Brilliant

The good:

  • Interesting plot
  • New classes
  • Great characters
  • Changing seasons
  • More stuff to do than just missions
  • Interactive Controls

    The bad:

  • Not long enough, could have used more missions
  • Would of liked it if there was a larger school campus and less town
  • Seasons don't change after beating the game
  • No weekends
  • Audio's not great


    The game itself: When I first got this game, I fell in love with it. I loved the fact that it took place at school and it was realistic. You go to class, complete missions, run errands for people, start food fights in the cafeteria, start snow ball fights outside, shove kids in lockers, participate in bike races, go to the carnival and so much more. The most important missions in the game are the missions at the end of each chapter. The last mission of each chapter consists of Jimmy fighting the boss of that chapter, or the "leader" of that clique to gain their respect.

    During these fights, ...

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