Bubble Bobble review
Simple, mindless, bubble-bursting fun

The good:

More variety in gameplay than the arcade version. Fun characters and enemies. Passwords.

The bad:

Lots of graphic flicker/slowdown problems.


Based on an arcade game of the same name, Bubble Bobble's premise is simple-you control a cute little dinosaur who can blow bubbles to trap enemies in, then pop them and collect the goodies left behind. Your goal is to journey through 100 levels and face a big boss waiting at the end.
The graphics are arcade-perfect, relatively simple and clean. It's easy to see everything but when a lot of bubbles get bunched together, which happens often, there are some serious flickering issues and it also results in some slowdown at times. Sound effects are generally on the silly side, between blowing up bubbles and enemies' attacks, plus goofy music associated with plucking up certain items. It's appropriate for the game, though, but most of the music is extremely repetitive. Controls are extremely simple, and although some tricks are a little more complicated, you'll have no problems pulling them off. Gameplay is very simple but given it's a puzzle game of sorts and there are lots of cool power-ups and a couple of very fun minigames, it also is very addictive. There's even a big boss battle at the end, and if you win you get to access the second quest-all 100 levels again, but with different enemies than before! Even more replay value! 2 players can play together, and the password feature is a lifesaver especially once you get past the game's halfway point.
Overall, it's a simple yet fun variation of games like Mario Bros. and Pac-Man, and is surprisingly deep as well. It'll definitely keep you bursting bubbles for hours at a time.

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