Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon review
The sleeping dragon...not really sleeping ?

The good:

Nice touches at graphics, good try at humour at times, nice flow, top story

The bad:

Not very user-friendly (keyboard), a little too short and too easy at times, game not compatible to all users !


If you have enjoyed the first two parts a few years back, you will also enjoy this one. It continues the story of Nico and George on their quest to save the world once more. Note, you do not need to be an adventure nerd to enjoy this. The story is great, some riddles quite difficult (but always logic !) and even funny at times (thinking of George's go at sarcasm).

The only down point is really that it takes some getting used to, only the keyboard and not the point and click strategy (as in the previous releases). The story might also have been stretched a little but that is criticism at its height.

All in all, this is definitely a game worth buying if you like and enjoy solving puzzles using your knowledge of what has happened previously and simple logic. You need to have patience at times but then it wouldn't be adventure and mystery if you didn't agree with such. A job well done !

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