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Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

The good:

The Gameplay, Graphics, and audio are great which make this the best so far of the Broken Sword Trilogy, and I myself have played and finished all three games, and this one was the most enjoyable of the three.

The bad:

I felt that there was no real bad points about this game, honest!
They could improve the movie scenes but that doesnt really need improving in my opinion and they could maybe go and improve the control system for the next game as I found this pretty annoying and took me awhile to get used to, compaired to the 'click and go' from the last two games.


I loved the experiance playing this game, the gameplay blew me away and I couldnt get away from playing this game, it had me hooked!
This game has it all for me, action, adventure, romance, puzzles, great gameplay, outstanding graphics and so much more that I will not go into detail with because i dont wanna sit here for the rest of the day!

And one last thing I must add is about the other key feature of this highly entertaining game, the humor, so of it was lame but the other parts were pretty funny, didnt have me rolling on the floor, but kept me entertained at least.

All in all - This game ...


One of the best stratagy games Iv'e ever played!


Sound :8/10-Good But can somtimes loop
Graphics:9/10-Excellent, but If played for long glitchy
Gameplay:10/10-A very exiting Game
Lifespan:10/10-You'll want to play it again and again
Overall:37/40- An extremly good game ,highly recomeded


An Ancient Conspiracy
A Broken code
An Unsolved Murder
The Ultimate Adventure

Broken Sword The Sleeping Dragon represents the next generation in adventure gaming. Once more George and Nico must travel the world,wrestling danger and piccing together the clues that will unravel the secrets of the Sleeping Dragon.


How Many Adventures Can One Patent Lawyer Have?


One of our greatest fears is change. As humans, we crave stability and consistency, and hate having normality altered. It's for this reason I was disturbed to learn that Revolution had chosen to redevelop the engine for Broken Sword into a 3rd person adventure, rather than the point and click system we'd been used to in the previous two games.

Now it's released and I've played through, the question remains - did it work? The answer is yes, it actually turned out pretty successful. The new 3d environments provide a greater immersion in the story and locales than never before, and gone are the...


The sleeping dragon...not really sleeping ?

The good:

Nice touches at graphics, good try at humour at times, nice flow, top story

The bad:

Not very user-friendly (keyboard), a little too short and too easy at times, game not compatible to all users !


If you have enjoyed the first two parts a few years back, you will also enjoy this one. It continues the story of Nico and George on their quest to save the world once more. Note, you do not need to be an adventure nerd to enjoy this. The story is great, some riddles quite difficult (but always logic !) and even funny at times (thinking of George's go at sarcasm).

The only down point is really that it takes some getting used to, only the keyboard and not the point and click strategy (as in the previous releases). The story might also have been stretched a little but that is criticism at its...

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